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Donna is a Casper WY Dominatrix, she specializes in all things fetish, from body worship to hardcore domination. Although Donna is 56 years old she is one of the most financially successful adult entertainers in Wyoming.


How did you start in the sex worker business?

I’ve been in this business in one way or another for over thirty years. In that time I’ve been married and divorced 4 times, had numerous offers of marriage and have been the mistress/escort to congressmen and police commissioners in Massachusetts. I started as a masseuse working in a Casper WY massage parlor, the money was good and the sexual side of things was easy, basically, in those days a guy just wanted a handjob, it’s different now. I then started doing a few days a week seeing clients from a Casper WY escort agency and progressed to what I am today.


What type of services do your clients want these days?

Well, it’s really not a case of what they want, it’s really about what I will provide. I am a very exclusive dominatrix, I only allow clients to see me after they have performed certain tasks, one of which is production of their wealth. I only see rich men who are over 60 now.


What is the criteria for a client to become a regular client of a Casper WY escort agency?

They have to become a pay-pig, which means, whether I see them or not they will transfer a sum of money into my account on a regular basis, if they fail to do this they will never even get to lick or worship my feet.  


Are there many dominatrices in Casper WY?

There are a few, many of them are younger girls who really don’t know the true essence of what a man wants from his mistress, he wants to be totally at her mercy, the fact that men pay me just so I will set them a weekly task is something these younger girls have no idea about, but maybe they will learn.


Why are so many young men visiting Casper WY escorts?

The term "online escorts" has been around for decades now. Gaining friction in the mid to late '90s in Hollywood with movies such as "You've got mail" starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. For a long time, there was a certain negative stigma related to online escorts. It was mocked, if you couldn't meet a person in real life then you would turn to online escorts as a last resort. Nowadays, I think it has done a complete 360 and is almost the only way to date. Inherently, humans crave affection, companionship and deep-connection. Finding your perfect match in a romantic partner is hard. Opening up to online escorts services gives you a world of opportunities, literally. Compared to relying on a chance meeting of someone new in your hometown. Then there is also the awkwardness of only bumping into people you already know or grew up with, forcing you to move away to find love. 


Is hiring an escort in Casper WY easier than catfishing for girls on hook-up sites?

One of the main things that put people off online escorts is a term called "Catfishing". Catfishing is when someone puts up photographs of someone else pretending to be that person. They then lure you into a relationship with this fictional persona. This has caused thousands of heartbreaks across the globe. How can you fall in love with someone that you have never actually met in person? Exactly, this is how desperate some people are for affection and a sense of deep connection. Whenever the internet is involved, unfortunately, there is always going to be scammers around. People who take advantage of others. You just have to be cautious in how you approach online escorts. If you meet someone online who you feel attracted to, make sure that you have met them in person or at least video called them to confirm their identity. That way you will safeguard yourself from falling for a catfish. 


Are the Casper WY escort agency girls easy to approach?

Now can you find a long-term partner, future husband or wife with online escorts? I would say, "Absolutely". Not only are you broadening your pool of potential partners by going online, but you also can find people with similar interests much quicker than say speed escorts. You have a huge database of other people's profiles, you can see what they look like, what their interests are, what they want out of a relationship and much more. There is a lot more information available there then what you could ever acquire from meeting people in real life. There are so many positives, what about some of the negatives. The negatives are well basically, people lie. They may say on their profile that they are single when in fact they are married. They may say that they love animals and, on the weekend, shoot them for fun. That's the major downside. You have to sometimes find out the hard way about whether or not someone is lying to you. The same red flags apply with online escorts, look out for the red flags. 


Are escorts sites the new normal for singles to form permanent long-lasting relationships’? 

Well, yes. We live in a digital age. We can do everything online, our shopping, pay our bills, work and even go on virtual travel tours anywhere in the world. As the world becomes more accessible and digital. We as people have become more introverted. How many times have you seen someone you know glued to their mobile phone? We are so connected yet so disconnected. People nowadays are losing touch on how to communicate face to face. Quite frankly, I think most singles are terrified to speak to a potential date. To approach someone that they have never met before and struck up a conversation. As for the generations previous to us, they had to, otherwise, well none of us would exist. Speaking to someone online is easier and far less daunting. 


Is it possible for a client to fall in love with a Casper WY escort?

I believe you can find the love of your life with an online escort in Casper WY. There are so many different escort sites, it's important to choose the one that suits you and what you want out of a relationship. There are sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies/mummies. Sites for swingers and orgies. Sites for millionaires and of course regular escorts sites for people in search of a future husband/wife. It is incredibly important that you do your research on what escorts site is right for you. Once you have found someone that you click with online, there are lots of ways you can connect with them on a deeper level before meeting them in person. For instance, you can play games online together and chat, this can be fun and also break the mundane small talk. In any relationship, you must have things in common. This site does not promote human trafficking or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for craigslist adult personals in Casper WY to advertise or sell sex in return for money. Escorts in Casper WY are paid for their time as a companion only. 


What’s the difference between a massage girl and an online escort in Casper WY?

Whether you are online escorts or just visiting Casper WY massage parlors, you do have to be prepared to get your heartbroken. This sounds horrible, but as they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Keep your standards high and don't settle for less than what you deserve. According to Pew Research, 62% of online daters believe that relationships that started online are just as successful as those that met in person. That's pretty good odds so why not give it a go. Everyone wants to find love. 2020 has been a year filled with the unexpected. If global lockdowns have taught us anything, it's the importance of spending time with our loved ones. Due to the pandemic, more and more people are working from home. This will mean it will become even harder to date by finding someone in person. Online escorts will be the only option for a lot of single people looking for permanent long-lasting relationships. There will always be pros and cons to online escorts. In the end, if you meet the love of your life, it is more than worth it.

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