So who are the women that not only do consider this life, but go on to become Cedar Rapids escorts? 

Like many other paths and careers, there is not just one type of person that would choose to be a female escort or Cedar Rapids IA call girls. Gone are the days when being an escort is considered the same as Cedar Rapids prostitutes, escorts provide an essential service to the local community, especially the male members who may be lonely and widowed.  This choice seems in fact to be a temporary fix for many girls who are 18+ and are trying to make some money alongside their studying at university. The cost of tuition fees and overall student life is so high that many people have to take one or more part-time jobs to be able to afford it. For some female students then, the choice is a no-brainer: why doing six-hour-long night shifts at a supermarket or fast food chain when they could charge much more money for meeting a client for sex? This, for them, is not a degrading choice: escorts are in fact often considered a very different kettle of fish from Cedar Rapids prostitutes who work on the streets. The job is considered safer and more profitable. The women should be well-kept and good looking but also intelligent and entertaining. Escorting itself is not just the act of having sex with a client, but often comprises a whole, more intimate experience of sharing a meal and conversing together, before actually having any sexual encounters, and even then it is not part of the job description. Escorts are paid for their time only, if the escort chooses to have sexual intercourse, oral sex, spanking, or BDSM with the male client it is up to her.  Many university-educated girl see nothing wrong with this activity and do not attach the same stigma prostitution has to life as an escort. To them, being female escorts in Cedar Rapids is an attractive and lucrative sideline and a way to break-out of a dead end existence.

What's best, an independent escort or a girl from a Cedar Rapids agency escort?

Some women choose to be independent female escorts in Cedar Rapids IA out of choice. Often struggling with addiction or finding themselves alone, without means to provide for themselves, these women pursue working as an escort as their only choice to earn some ready cash. This is perhaps the sadder aspect of life as an escort, as these women do not have the resources to transform this life into a business or to run a thorough check on their clients, often ending up in dangerous situations and experiencing abuse. In this case, the line between prostitution and escorting is extremely blurred, a far cry from the glamorous lifestyle one can read about on online ads. The best advice is to start life as an escort with a reputable escort agency, yes you have to pay some of your hard earned money to the agency, but they do carry-out checks on clients and you have someone watching your back in case there is any trouble. Once you have been in life for a while and know the business better you can then choose to go independent or work as a massage in Cedar Rapids IA.

Are escort agencies in Cedar Rapids targeting female college students with the offer of a glamorous lifestyle together with high earnings to encourage students to become call girls?

Escort agencies in Iowa, in particular, are easier to reach and sign up for than ever before, and many offer benefits such as letting the escort set their own appointments and providing private transport to and from clients. Escorts falls under the sex work umbrella, although this does not always necessarily involve being sexually intimate with a client. Escorts are companions, paid for their company and time. This usually involves going on dates or spending time with the client, potentially leading to sex. Students who haven't engaged with sex work before might choose an escort agency as a starting point, as a number of higher-end agencies have guaranteed rates as well as safety measures, hand-picked clients and support on offer for their employees. Many conventional jobs simply aren't an option for students, demanding too many regular hours that students cannot sacrifice and a minimum wage that isn't enough to support their education and daily lives. Quite often these so-called better occupations, more reputable on first inspection, but sometimes with an adverse payback, simply don't exist and are more difficult to obtain than many people seem to think.

Is there a negative side to working as female escorts in Cedar Rapids?

There is a glaring lack of support for women who engage in sex work, largely due to lack of opportunities outside of the sex industry and social care not having enough staff. This can lead to college girls becoming sex workers and feeling isolated and unable to ask for help when they need it. Though sex work may be fitting for some students, there may also be girls for whom sex work is harming, their mental and physical health and their educational performance may suffer. Students are equally deserving of support in both of these scenarios. The most important thing universities can do is educate; to help break down the stigma of sex workers in Cedar Rapids, so that students in need of support do not feel like it is something they need to hide or play-down. 

Why are so many young men visiting Cedar Rapids escorts rather than meeting girls in the traditional way?

When there’s an Asian massage girl in Cedar Rapids ready to give you the most erotic blowjob it’s very hard for a young man to resist. The appeal of Cedar Rapids escorts is fairly easy to understand. There’s an awkwardness in trying to meet a stranger out in the real world, with escorts and call girls there’s no small talk about jobs, pets or hobbies, and you get to browse through your options in the comfort of your own home wearing anything from dungarees to four day old pyjamas. It’s like online shopping for the sexiest girls in Iowa but your basket is filled with prospective partners and a few options for a rainy day. Cedar Rapids escorts used to revolve around a bit of luck and social engineering now it’s down to algorithms and scrolling on your phone. There used to be a certain stigma attached to telling someone that you met your partner on an escort site. I’ll never forget a friend of mine sheepishly saying that he met his wife when she was working as a massage girl in Cedar Rapids when I asked. Since then it seems like couples are okay with saying that they met online as it’s become more normal. That goes for most things in society, if something is new it can come across as exciting but also weird to a degree until it’s been around for long enough and people become more accepting of it.

Are lower income families more likely to have a son or daughter at university that will engage in sex work and likely become a prostitute in Cedar Rapids?

Today, the old terminology has been gentrified as the social and class distinction of the sex worker has changed. The working-class person whose choice of work was limited by poverty, plying her trade on the street corner fifty years ago has evolved as women's rights and a social revolution opened the doors of the profession to people of different classes and backgrounds.  The services of Cedar Rapids prostitutes once found on the notice board of a local telephone box, where a card for a Cedar Rapids massage parlor or Asian escorts in Cedar Rapids was, in reality, advertising sex workers, is today found on social networking sites such as Tinder in equally disguised, but quite blatant advertisements. So easy to use for the tech-savvy teen generation where all one needs is a Facebook account to get going. In the '80s, the term 'sex worker' gave Cedar Rapids prostitutes a less stigmatised label and allowed the terminology to be multi-gender. The traditional Cedar Rapids escorts morphed from a glamorous lady, engaged to accompany a usually male client to the opera, dinner or special event into a euphemism for a prostitute. The client was paying for the pleasure of the time of the escort, who was expected to be sophisticated, erudite and educated and where sex was not expected to be part of the service. In today's world, the word has been adopted by a generation seeking to leave the stigma of the term 'prostitute' in the gutter with its connotations of fastback street liaisons and curb side pick-ups.

Is there a difference between escorts and Cedar Rapids prostitutes?

Referring to a woman that sells sex as a prostitute today is a somewhat derogatory term, calling a sex worker an escort has, to a degree, sanitised the oldest profession. Female escorts in Cedar Rapids are happy to promote themselves as escorts rather than Cedar Rapids prostitutes. It could be argued that the difference is negligible but to the escort and punter the openness of the trade is refreshing. Twenty years ago clients would not be forthcoming about visiting prostitutes in Iowa, but in todays online, social media society, clients are happy to review escorts they have seen and openly discuss the different attributes of escorts and prostitutes they have visited.



The USA is focused on eliminating sex trafficking, by passing laws that make prostitution difficult to function. Currently the perspective on brothels is that they encourage the sex industry to thrive, and accommodate modern day slavery, violence, and exploitation.