How are escorts in Cincinnati paying their way to graduation? Everyone knows University is expensive these days. Crippling debt? Check. Measly maintenance loans? Definitely. So, is it any wonder students are turning to more exotic ways of making money? Why slave away working in a café at the weekend, when you can make $2000 in one evening? The financial perks of working as an escort for a student seem undeniable, and with such a vast amount of young people on social media platforms, it appears the opportunities for such work quite literally just slide into their DM's.

What is an escort? The first thing any Cincinnati escort will rush to tell you is that they are not a prostitute. Prostitution is simply the act of exchanging sex for money. An escort, however, is under no obligation to have sex with their client. Instead, the client will essentially pay for the company, whether it be through going on dinner dates or pretending to have a girlfriend at family gatherings. It is completely up to the escort whether they wish to have sex with a client at any given time they meet.

Are escort agencies in Cincinnati actively recruiting university students in Ohio? So, with that out of the way, why University students in particular? Well, we have covered the financial side of things – students as a collective group are renowned for not having much money. But there must be another reason? One idea is that students are undoubtedly in 'experimental' periods of their life. University can be an exploratory period for many young people as without parental supervision for the first time, venturing into the unknown provides excitement. Like many students experiment with drugs, their sexual orientation, and hairstyles, why not try escorting as a new and interesting job to delve into. It certainly would fund many nights out with friends. University students harbor a curiosity and zest for life which can be refreshing for those looking for company for the night, and who is complaining if they have got the bill?

Is it just the lure of easy money that is attracting so many students to become Cincinnati escorts? Uni, the parties, hangovers, never-ending assignments, and most importantly… lack of cash. Surely there has to be an easier way? With accommodation costs and tuition fees on the increase, it is not surprising that students are struggling to make ends meet. Based on figures from Website Save the Student, more than 1 in 10 students are using their bodies for Sex work, Webcamming, Sugar Dating to make extra cash. Escort agencies in Cincinnati are recruiting Women aged 18-40 online via Social Media, and University Student pages, with freshers, always targeted first.

Why are students working as Escorts? The media reports that the lack of traditional retail jobs are pushing students into sex work. With reports of some Cincinnati escorts earning up to $1000 per night, it pays more than a minimum wage job and offers shopping sprees rather than financial stress. Students will be debt-free and can work fewer hours to fit around studies, perfect for a busy student lifestyle. Female students are being targeted on Social Media via tempting posts offering lucrative pay and flexible work, but escort work is also popular with male students.

What type of person becomes a Cincinnati escort? According to some reports, both young girls and boys are becoming escorts. As reported by The Tab Website, a Female student from Ohio says that she became an escort as it was difficult to manage a minimum wage job and get her assignments done on time, so had to find a way to balance both. This was when she decided to become an escort, as encouraged by her friends. This experience provided her with funds to buy materials and travel, which has enriched her degree. She describes it as "fun and addictive" and it tends to be men up to age 45, rather than the stereotypical "old men". Meetings are not always sexual and she finds it "empowering and enjoyable", stating that her confidence has "soared" since working in the industry. She says that most people are accepting of her work and some find it fascinating, adding that "Girls should not let the stigma attached to it bother you, and if you want to do it, bloody do it".

The role of Tech and Social Media in students' lives has created many new and exciting ways for part-time income, so what is the difference between a sugar baby and a Cincinnati escort? The emergence of Sugar Daddy Websites such a Seeking Arrangement. offer incentives for Students such as expensive designer goods, lavish gifts, and meals, in return for companionship or sexual activity. Social Media platform Instagram also hosts an abundance of "Sugar Daddy" profiles looking for potential "Sugar Babies". This factor combined with the ease of Smart Phones and Apps, particularly favored by Millennials has enabled sex work to explode online.

What is the difference between an escort and a prostitute? Often people think of an escort and a prostitute as the same thing, although there seems to be a perception that Cincinnati prostitutes are streetwalkers who are lower class, and are regarded as "Derogatory" rather than "classy". Whereas escorts are sometimes considered as more having more self-respect, with better quality services, aimed at the higher class clientele. While an escort provides time for payment, not always sexual, a Prostitute aims to get paid for sexual acts. A prostitute will only provide acts based on the level of money they can get, whereas escorts do not just offer sexual acts, they could accompany the client to a restaurant or Theatre, depending on the requirements and agreement. Escorts generally use Websites or Apps to arrange appointments, whereas Prostitutes gain business via the streets. While not always the case, Prostitutes may have substance addiction problems and aim to make as much money as possible to fund these habits, whereas escorts may become accustomed to being able to afford lavish material goods, which would often be out of reach of the average student.

Should Universities do more to help stop students from becoming sex workers? According to an eminent Professor at Ohio University, claims that "If somebody is doing Sexual work and it is not harming them physically, it should not be an issue". What is the difference between doing sexually explicit acts and working in a bar"? However, this point of view has horrified campaigners. According to campaigners, they state that Universities should be doing more to support students considering sex work, accusing some institutions of ignoring the situation. Universities may be worried about the "bad press" associated with Sex workers. However, the National Union of Students (NUS) has tried to offer support networks to Sex workers and promote awareness. It seems that more and more students are attracted to Sex work as a way of funding their degree and unless University fees and living costs decrease, some students see no alternative. On the flip side, some actually enjoy working in the industry and think that there should be less prejudice. The future of student sex work remains to be seen.

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