Life as a Dayton escort: who are the women choosing this path? 

When browsing the internet, it’s not unusual to find ads encouraging women to become escorts or call girls in Dayton. Normally, they feature a beautiful, young woman and an enthusiastic tagline like “I used to work two jobs, working fourteen hours a day and still struggle to make ends meet, now I have a six-figure salary for only a few hours of work a week!”. Sounds good, right? It would not be unrealistic to think that many women and indeed teenage girls 18+, when reading such an advert would pause and consider for a minute the better life they could live, should they become Dayton escorts. Could they do it, being paid thousands of dollars everyday for sex with different men? After thinking about it for a few seconds, many would come to the conclusion that, as appealing as it might sound, that would not be the life for them. Many, but not all. For those that take the plunge and contact a Dayton escort agency or a massage parlor the rewards can be considerable. If any girls reading this are interested in starting life as a call girl in Ohio they would be wise to consider the independent escort route. As an independent escort in Dayton you can work when you want and choose which clients to have sex with and which ones not to.


How I became a Dayton escort; Cheryl’s story.


How did you start as one of the escorts in Ohio?

I was studying English at Ohio University, living on campus. My parents are not wealthy by any means so I had to fund my own lifestyle, which was tough. I got part-time jobs at local bars, waiting on tables. One of the regular customers who visited the bar was the owner of a local escort agency in Dayton. One evening we got talking and to cut a long story short he dropped his business card on the bar and said if I ever wanted to make some real money to give him a call, so I did. Even though I knew it could involve having sex with clients I thought, what the fuck!


So you took the plunge and started working as one of the Dayton escorts?

Yeah, I was getting deeper in debt, my credit cards were maxed-out, I couldn’t keep asking my parents to bail me out. I always knew that men were interested in me sexually because I had loads of offers for dates with older guys in the bar, which I always turned down, and glad that I did because a couple of my regular clients at the Dayton massage parlor were guys that I remembered from the jobs that I had in certain bars.


Do you remember your first booking as a call girl in Dayton?

Like it was yesterday. The guy that hired me had seen my pictures on my profile page on the escort agencies website.  He liked young blonde Daytonescorts to accompany him to dinner functions. I knew that he wanted to fuck me from the minute we meet, which was good because I knew that he would leave the boring function straight after the dinner.


Did you have any sex with with your first client, if so, how far did you go?

Absolutely, he told me I was one of the most beautiful Dayton escorts that he had ever been with. After the dinner we went back to his hotel room and I got paid $500 for an evening of erotic sex, which lasted just for half an hour. I actually got paid $500 for 30 minutes of sex, in fact the sexual intercourse part only lasted about 4 minutes the rest was kissing, letting him fondle my breasts and sucking his cock for a while. It really was the easiest money I have ever made. I would recommend working for Dayton escort agencies as a first step for any girl that wants to start in the sex worker business.


How did you feel after the first time you had sex for money, did you feel as though you are now one of the Dayton prostitutes?

I was buzzing on the thought that I had become one of the Dayton call girls and that I could make so much money for having sex with men. Before, I would let guys fuck me for nothing. Fucking for money was empowering. I realised that working as female escorts in Dayton was something that I enjoyed. I no longer had to suffer the despair of having no money, no nice clothes and as an added bonus I discovered that having sex with lots of different strangers is quite a turn-on.


Do you still enjoy sex with the Dayton clients?

More than ever. I don’t think that an escort, a call girl, or the girls that work in Dayton massage parlors could do the job if they didn’t like to have sex with lots of men. In fact, I would go one step further; I get quite disappointed if a client doesn’t want to end the booking without wanting to fuck me.


What is the most requested service that clients in Ohio want sexually?

Nearly all guys want a real girlfriend experience with Dayton escorts. They want to feel that the girl they are with, even if she is twenty years younger than him, is receptive to his charms and that she does fancy him So, with the GFE service there is lots of kissing, oral sex and full intercourse. 


As Dayton call girls, how many clients do you usually see in a week?

 Like most young female escorts in Dayton I am always in demand, I limit my days now to four days a week and I only see five clients maximum a day. But I can make three to four thousand dollars a week in that time frame. 


Do you ever regret leaving Ohio university for a career as an escort in Dayton?

I sometimes think about what would I have become had I graduated. But the truth is I love my life as Dayton call girls. I’ve met loads of nice guys and also the other girls at my escort agency have become my best friends. When you’re in this business you tend to stick to other working girls who understand the nature of the job. I can’t imagine what my old friends at school would think of me if they knew the career path I had chosen, that I was now working as Dayton prostitutes do, only by another name.  


Holly is a beautiful blonde call girl in Ohio, she Ohiod working as a call girl while at University. Not only does Holly work as a call girl, she also broadcasts as an adult webcam model. 


Are there many Dayton escorts who also work as webcam models?

Oh yes, it’s a great way to get to know potential clients. You’d be surprised at how many guys view me on webcam and ask if they can visit me, I’ve had guys invite me to Europe, Dubai and lots of other places. 


Which do you prefer, being a webcam model or escorts in Dayton?

There’re both well paid, I have regular guys on both platforms. With the webcam modelling on Chaturbate, I sometimes have over 10,000 guys watching me from all over the world, if there are enough of my followers online I can make a couple of thousand dollars for a single broadcast, and I don’t have to leave my bedroom. There again, I can make the same in an evening with just two clients. So it’s good to have a choice. Today there are many avenues for girls to make a decent living in the sex worker scene, whether your selling photo sets, making videos of being a call girl, promoting yourself as a sugar baby. With the online presence that exists now there is no limit to the different areas that a girl has to make money in the sex business.


Would you recommend a girl to enter the sex business in Ohio?

Look, if a girl is prepared to sell her body for sex them she is going to do it anyway. Whether as an escort, webcam model,  Stripper, lap dancer or walking the streets as Dayton prostitutes do.  Maybe I’m working in Ohio massage parlors or whatever else. My only recommendation would be to treat it as a business, don’t squander your money because, just like a sportsman, there is only a limited time frame in which to make serious money, after you get to a certain age, around thirty, guys want the new younger models. So make your money while you are a sexy, hot, erotic female Dayton escort and invest it into some legitimate business for when you retire.


Where do most of your punters come from?

The Internet, if you’re not an online escort you are not going to get many calls or bookings. I work with an escort agency three days a week and then with Chaturbate as a webcam model two days a week. I used to have a profile on backpage escorts in Dayton before they disappeared, but now I advertise on edusa and xlamma  


Do all of your Dayton clients expect to have sexual relationships with you?

I would say 99 percent of guys expect to have some form of intimacy with Dayton escorts that they hire. In fact, I’ve only ever had a couple of clients who took me out to dinner and then said goodnight. In some ways I was quite disappointed when that happened. I mean, there I was all dressed for sex, stockings suspenders, high heels and exotic lingerie only for the guy to not want to have sex with me. That can be quite hurtful to a working girl. 


Why are so many college girls signing on with Dayton escort agencies?


It seems abundantly clear through history that a lot of men seek power and have a need to control the chaos of life. Men who seek out sex workers, whether in strip clubs, prostitutes or through escorts, show they are looking for an interaction that isn’t substantial, one that isn’t stressful and doesn’t symbolise everyday pressures. Seeing an escort agency girl in Ohio is an escape into fantasy, they get to have attention savoured only on themselves. Mundane issues slide into another life, seeing an escort is like having all their private and animalistic desires answered without shame.