Why are so many students in California turning to sex workers by becoming escorts and call girls in Fresno? We've all been there at uni. It's months end, rent is due, and you're down to a few packets of super noodles in the cupboard. It's questionable if you'll be able to scrape enough together for the next social to stop you going mad. What do you do? Well, you could ask their parents for a boost. Or you could see if you could squeeze another shift in at your part-time job. Your friend seems to be doing pretty well for themselves, you're not sure where they get the money but they've always got enough. Maybe you could ask them, but you might not like the answer. According to Savethestudent.org, roughly 3-5% of students have turned to Fresno escort agencies to simply keep themselves afloat at uni. When you consider the average number of students in 2018/19 was 4.4 million, that's a staggering 220,000 students. And those are just the ones that admitted it. Other studies have estimated it may be as high as 500,000! Undergrad and post-grad, young or old, students from every background are looking to find ways to get them through their course. The government and universities aren't helping, but why are escort services on the rise?

Should the colleges do more to help stop students from entering this line of work? Over 50% of students feel they can't afford the cost of living. Let that sink in. 1.2 million people like you and me worrying if they're going to be turfed out of their overpriced accommodation. 1.2 million students worrying if they're going to starve or be kicked off their high cost/low-value course. It's no wonder the mental health of students is in crisis. On top of volumes of work, you have a shifty landlord breathing down your neck every hour of the day. That Masters course you're on doesn't leave nearly enough time to work a job and do the coursework, the salary you get certainly doesn't cover the basics. Forget about having any money if you're living in the capital. In our spare time, we can get, we all turn to socials. They're such an integral part of the culture. They're escapism, a necessary thing to stop us all going mad. But if all your money is going on rent and food, and you can't get any more shifts/a job in the first place. What're you going to do? Enter the escort agency in Fresno, you need that money, there is plenty of work, the money is better than anything else that is available, so why not?.

Sex sells is a well-known phrase, is the media portraying call girls as glamorous and socially acceptable the reason so many Fresno escorts are being recruited from local California colleges and universities? It's the unfortunate truth, but it always has. There are a reason call girls in Cali is known as the oldest profession, and in our modern culture, its shockingly easy to get into. Social media and Hollywood have glamorized the escort industry, putting out the image of supermodels that'll take a bang for your bucks. It's not hard to find, this form of work has been straight up advertised to students. In places such as LA, NY, and Las Vegas there are sites dedicated to providing student escorts to sell their services. For a cut of the profits, they vet the clientele as a form of safety net. In return, escorts get to choose as and when they work, offering a work/study balance that isn't hindered by restrictive course layouts. Sure, you might have to degrade yourself for an hour or so, but at least you'll have enough to eat. And from the sounds of it, it pays well. Many student escorts in Fresno have reported earning up to $9000+ a month, well over $100 an hour if they're willing to cross the line into the fetishist side of things. Compare that pay to a minimum wage shift style job, and it's not hard to see why many students choose this option. Why settle for the basic poverty if there's a dirty ladder that you can use to climb out. Despite all the physical costs that come with it, safety, sexual, and mental health, the numbers are only increasing. Who can you turn to stop it? No one's going to tell their parents or friends about their shameful double life. It begs the question though, why is this becoming a problem in the first place?

What's the point of grants and loans if students have to become Fresno escorts or work in CA massage parlors to get through their education? Well, very simply put, they're there to make sure you can get through higher education and join the rest of us in the masquerade of functioning adults. You'd think then that these would offer us enough cash to ensure we didn't starve while we study. The government, in all their infinite wisdom, decided it'd be a grand idea back in the early 2010s to cut back on maintenance loans and grants. Did they ask the landlords to cut back the rent? Hell no! They fully expected parents to help cover the cost of supporting their children without even thinking about how they'd do this. Come form a low-income family, guess you'll just have to find your own funding. You're a mature or part-time student, well good luck finding the course, to begin with. It is astonishing how little the government has done to curb student poverty, and the universities are just as much at fault here. 2 in 5 students felt they had no aid from their universities at all, others wished that they'd had better financial education leading up to uni. Not every student has savings or daddy's wallet to back them up. Turning the tide with students unable to keep temporary jobs, many of them being in the hospitality or catering sector. No job = no furlough pay. The universities aren't helping them cover it (take a look at the dancing Dean). Why wouldn't you turn to online Fresno escorts if it meant you could live? But it's making people take notice. Come to the end of the student year, there may very well be a downpour of horror stories on the myriad ways students kept themselves afloat. There is hope that the ticking time bomb can be avoided, but only if the government and universities get their collective thumbs out their ass.

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