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It is often said the internet has revolutionised the ways that we communicate, share information and engage with the world. It is also frequently maligned as the reason for many of our modern discontents. These plaudits and criticisms are regularly extended to the world of online escorts. Not a week goes by without someone lamenting this technological shift and its effect on our love lives.

Even before the rapid embrace of the internet by the masses in the mid 1990’s, the ‘escorts industry’ was constantly evolving. In the 1960’s personal ads in local newspapers became more popular, and the first escort agencies in Kent WA began emerging. In the 1970’s video and telephone escorts gained prominence as technology advanced until in 1994, the first modern escorts website was launched. 

Since then, Kent WA escorts have become part of the fabric of mainstream society and is now the primary method for singles to connect with each other. Recently, modern escort websites have been criticised for promoting a superficial website route to escorts, treating it as an endless marketplace of options, where users are forced to make snap judgements about people based entirely on their looks. 

I could not disagree more.

We have always thought about escorts this way. When somebody is newly single, people describe them as being ‘back in the market’. Before the advent of internet escorts, people were still using escort agencies to, for lack of a better word, ‘shop’ for a partner. These agencies would offer tailored services by gathering detailed information about their clients, and matching them with those they deemed a good fit. Modern escorts sites simply make this ‘market’ more visible to the user, by allowing them to peruse the entire catalogue of potential partners at their own discretion. 

Arguably this has empowered people to take more control over their own love lives, and allowed them to seek partners from outside their own social circles. They can meet people who they would never have met in real life, but who are perfect for them. Conversely, escorts websites have emerged for singles with particular requirements.

There are other frontiers of the escorts industry which are far more problematic, but are rarely addressed.

In 2005, Neil Strauss published his best-selling book The Game, expounding the method to become successful with women. It was the guilty secret that nearly every teenage boy stowed away in their bedside table, and a book that most would never admit to reading. Since it’s success and the expansion of the internet, self-anointed ‘Pick Up Artists’ (PUA’s) followed in the author’s footsteps, spawning an entire industry of conventions and workshops dedicated to teaching men this secret knowledge, for a hefty price tag.

Coaching men on how to become more confident in their romantic lives sounds like a very noble cause. However, at best the curriculum being taught treats women like Pavlovian dogs, who can simply be unlocked with the right combination. At worst these tactics could even be described as predatory.

Tactics such as ‘negging’, shorthand for giving a backhanded compliment, are deliberately intended to lower a woman’s self-esteem and make her seek the man’s websites roval. Strategies for dealing with ‘last minute resistance’ (how to turn rejection into consent) are also taught by these self-styled gurus. And yes, this means what you think it means.

This is big business, and it is targeted exclusively at young impressionable men. Even for men who cannot afford the extortionate prices of PUA conventions, there are thousands of online forums dedicated to these precepts. The anonymity that the internet provides often transforms these forums into hotbeds of sexism and machismo, and can become an unhealthy outlet for some.

escorts in Kent WA and massage parlors rely on a steady stream of singles to use their services, so there is no incentive for them to make finding a partner more difficult in order to retain their customers. The website xlamma even advertises itself as ‘designed to be deleted’. By contrast PUA’s have no incentive to truly help men become successful with women. They capitalise on men’s feelings of insecurity and loneliness, in order to sell their products. If their tactics worked the way they promise, they would run out of customers very quickly. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll feed himself for the rest of his life.

The internet is a mixed bag that always produces mixed results. The pros and cons of the effect that the internet has had on the escorts industry are no different. Just as the internet is regularly criticised for the proliferation of fake news or misleading and harmful information, the internet has created a space in the escorts industry for snake oil salesmen to sell their wares, making tall claims and big promises to young men. Not only is this bad for the men that they try to captivate with their alleged talents, who are, in reality, being flogged a dead horse. It also impacts the massage girls in Kent WA who will undoubtedly end up on the receiving end of some of their questionable tactics.

On the other hand, just as the internet is revered for its ability to connect people from all over the world, it has had the very same effect on the Kent WA escorts services being offered today. Modern escorts websites have come very far from the days of escorts agencies and personal ads. They have empowered hopeful singles by removing barriers, enabling them to meet people from all walks of life and start relationships with people they may have never encountered. People from different areas of the country, people from different social classes and different ethnic groups are now much better equipped to find partners outside of their own social circles, from the safety of their own homes.

Despite some of the potential pitfalls of internet escorts, it should still be regarded as currently the most beneficial resource for the millions of singles out there to find love

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