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Is it legal for an escort to give sexual services to their clients?

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What sexual services can an escort provide that a wife can't? OWO, CIM, ATM?

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How has the internet changed the escorts in Kissimmee?

Not so long ago, escorts weren't even really a thing. Marriage before the 1900s was often an unemotional convention, more to do with safeguarding both finances and family as opposed to anything particularly romantic.

At the turn of the 20th century, however, the notion of sex with escorts before marriage became a little more familiar. To better get to know one another, ahead of any kind of commitment, couples would be seen to go out on dates.

These changing attitudes were probably happening as a result of the growing focus on consumerism. Regardless of all that, the intention was still to marry soon after a relatively short courtship.

These days, it can take couples years of escorts before the idea of such serious commitment is even brought up. And as attitudes towards escorts have evolved and changed, so too has the world we all live in.

Perhaps there is no greater modern invention than the internet. Indeed it’s impact has affected the way we live in almost every conceivable way. So it makes sense that, much like everything else, the internet has changed the escorts industry.

Let’s look at how!

Long Distance

Prior to the internet, long distance escorts were hardly a common occurrence. Yet, through handwritten letters and yearning souls, it did happen from time to time.

Famously, Czech author Franz Kafka conducted a five year relationship, largely at a distance, with Felice Bauer. The couple only actually met up on a handful of different occasions but instead enjoyed their relationship – which led to two engagements but no marriage – via hundreds of passionate letters.

These days, long distance relationships are much more common. And whereas Kafka met Bauer in person before any hint of romance had been formed, it has become more normal for modern lovers to engage in long distance relationships before they have even met in person.

In part this is thanks to the ability to send and receive as many messages as we like at the touch of a button. The pre-internet age relied on letters or telephone calls, which don’t quite share the same immediacy, frequency or convenience as we can achieve digitally. Now though, our constant online presence means we can share, not only images of ourselves, but a considerable representation of our whole personalities. Which therefore makes it easier for strangers to greatly understand and know one another without physically meeting.

And of course, for those who do meet in person but then, for whatever reason, are forced apart for a significant amount of time, the internet allows them to maintain an already formed relationship. Texts, calls, emails, pictures, tweets, memes, nudes – whatever it is, the internet allows for constant contact; albeit of the virtual kind.

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The idea of organising a date with someone, without having met them in person yet, is nothing new. Long before the internet, lonely individuals might have taken out personal adverts in newspapers, offering a little information about themselves and what kind of partner they are seeking – a hopeful endeavour at best.

The invention of the internet has streamlined that concept to no end. Whilst everything these days seems to be run through apps, before smartphones were a thing, websites did all the heavy lifting. The first online escorts websites popped up in the early 90s and before long they began to target certain demographics.

Whereas taking out an advert in a paper in order to find love was about as precise as blindly throwing a dart at a map of the world, new online escorts sites now meant individuals could seek for their perfect match with a little more specificity. In 1997, JDate launched a escorts service targeted at Jewish singles; eHarmony then came about for those seeking long-term relationships; 2001 provided us with Christian Mingle; and Ashley Madison came about in 2002 offering a service for those seeking extramarital relationships. This list goes on and on and gets as niche as you could imagine.

However, as modern technology has evolved, the game too has been changed once more. As apps have become integral to how we live, they have become a key tool in modern escorts. Just like we saw with escorts websites of the past, there are specific escorts apps for those with certain desires. While apps have certainly made that kind of romance more efficient, their most profound impact on escorts is best represented in apps like Tinder.

Tinder is free to use and available for anyone over the age of 18. It works best for those with an eye on the short term but, as is often the case with any kind of relationship, can lead to something more meaningful. Mindlessly you can turn on the app, swipe until you match with someone, and then organise a date with them. For some, it can be as casual as ordering a pizza.

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Once upon a time this kind of approach to escorts would have been unheard of. Escorts would have occured with the sole intention of leading to marriage. Even when escorts became more common, it was mostly straight, white men who could go on as many dates as they liked. But apps like Tinder, and Grinder (for the LGBTQ+ community), allow anyone, of any gender and sexuality, to seek out as many partners as they want.

The internet has opened the door for everyone to enter into the escorts game. Love is no longer reserved for handsome Harry and perfect Penelope – who met in high school and were ever so popular – it’s there for anyone, at any time, from any distance. Sure it might not work out the first time, but you can just open up another app and try again.

As for the escorts industry itself, despite the drastic changes over the years, things surely couldn't be any better. It’s quite simple really: the more people who are escorts, the more money there is to be made.