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It is clear that man is a rational animal which seeks to evolve in order to improve aspects of his daily life. Since the dawn of the history, that rudimentary human who discovered that he can walk in two feet, who created the wheel, discovered fire, invented fabrics to protect himself from the cold, built houses, weapons, languages, in short, an incalculable number of advances, till to this days that technology is part of our normal life and if anyone is outside this, is living a incomplete reality.

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As a part of a new normality that we are living, the internet get through the life of people in almost everything that surrounds them, and the escorts industry does not escape this reality. Over the years, all the suffering single hearts dream to find someone to spend some time with or maybe their soul mate and have a big wedding,  be part of a long table in a Christmas dinner, have children and “live happy forever”, but that is not a big new, ¿Isn't it? So, the obvious question looms:  ¿How does the internet affect the escorts industry?

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As we are referring to human beings, we know that there are always exceptions to the rule, but in general terms, can find positive and negative aspects. Within the positive, we can include that perhaps for those who are extremely shy it is a good tool to overcome that difficult first step and, perhaps, start a fruitful and dreamy relationship. It is not strange for us to meet people who have started to contact each other through an online escorts application.

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But: If we look at the other side of the coin, the other part of the same history? And here comes the negative. Virtual interaction des humanizes people. The internet escorts industry reinforced by social media networks lead in many cases to confusion. As everything is so des personalized, it is common for false expectations created, based on virtual appearances, which rarely resemble real life. It's normal to listen different histories about people in all around the world that they are really in love with someone who they are chatting to, because they have a lot of things in common, share music, politics, a lot of ideas and after the face to face context they can´t believe how wrong they were. In some cases the distance between the real and the virtual person is too much, one is so far to the other, even they are literally the opposite. Psychological issues come into play that have nothing to do with the world of networks: sexual connections between adult personal in Lakeland FL, looks, smiles, inner feelings cannot be modified by the internet (for the moment).  The risk of deception is commonplace and a high number of people who have used escorts have been very disappointed. You can lie in absolutely everything you want and create another “you” to introduce you but in a real context that disappears.

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Also the escorts game has changed about the internet. Online communications cuts out our non-verbal communication which makes up forty percent of human communication. Every time we get a notification we get a little buzz of excitement. Hiding the real intentions is part of a strategic game that we start playing behind a screen and it has a little bit of pain and pleasure. Many studies have shown that one “notification” causes a little spike of dopamine that is the brain’s feel good drug. We divest ourselves of effective responsibility through a virtual game in which we can be talking to hundreds of potential partners and in the same way we are part of a network of potential partners of who knows how many people. If you like someone, and they don't like you, then on to the next one and try to do my best next time. It is a kind of virtual game. It's A competition with ourselves (and others) to see how many conquests we can reach at the end of the day.  In fact, it is also a topic between friends or work partners in a daily conversation. Doesn't it seem like a chapter of Black Mirror or any futuristic movie?

The internet has changed forever the concept of thousands of human activities, and, obviously, there is a big business behind all these escort sites. They give you a little taste of this “wonderful” virtual world that you can handle in your hand, on your mobile, but to have a complete view of all the benefits, you must be a “premium user” and for that, guess what: you have to pay. I mean, an online date can not only be a great disappointment but also a waste of money!  To mention a single case, the escorts application called xlamma has had a profit of more than one thousand dollars during the year 2019.

Even statistically escorts in Lakeland FL have not been of great help either:  studies found that taking the United States as a reference, forty percent of the population under evaluation uses these networks, but little more than seven percent have achieved a healthy and stable relationship through them.

In conclusion, and resuming the concept of avoiding falling into the great generalizations, we can say that escort sites can be useful in some specific cases, but there are a lot of negative consequences for most people. Empower us in situations that in real life are unsustainable.  Make us believe we are invincible and strong but inside a fragile and unstable virtual shell that can be easily broken in a real context, and in another order of priorities, it can mean losing money in vain.

After all this mentioned here in the article, I ask you: Where are you in relation to this new industry of web escorts?  Do you think they are useful in your life? Would you recommend these Lakeland call girls to someone who is looking for a partner?