Are there escorts in Lakewood NJ that specialize in foot fetishes?

The wonderful world of foot fetishes, otherwise known as  podophilia, has a cult-like following of loyal and devoted fans who pay big bucks to  literally worship at the feet of mainly women.  Although this subculture might seem odd to most, the wealthy, faceless feet it is creating  is hard proof that well pedicured feet are in high demand. Foot fetish models boasting tens of thousands of followers use social media and websites  such as Instagram and xlamma to post pictures and videos of their feet, and use these  platforms as a marketplace to sell their highly coveted old socks and trainers for  hundreds of pounds. While some might be quick to judge these women, foot models are helping blur the  boundary between sex worker and entrepreneur. Not only are they making a fortune, they  are also helping to empower the rest of the female gender. Women can sell images of  their bodies without being overtly sexual and in some cases without even showing their  face.  

Isn’t it about time that society legalized the sex workers, massage girls and Lakewood escorts?

Not to mention, by being 100% online, it also offers a far safer alternative to sex workers  compared to more conventional independent sex work, whilst still leaving customers  satisfied. So on the surface the world of online foot fetishes, seems like a modern and safe  alternative for women to sell their bodies on their own terms completely anonymously.  But is this type of business venture healthy? Or is it just another way women continue to  be exploited? The revolution of customisable, exclusive, homegrown pornography originated from  extremely popular sites such as xlamma, which sees creators posting NSFW pictures  and videos hidden behind paywalls and monthly subscriptions. The creators often use all  forms of social media and will also have huge followings on Instagram or Twitter, where  they will tease and entice their followers to their most risqué content on xlamma. 

What type of women are turning to Lakewood escort agencies for their income?

The allure and success of xlamma comes from the relatively low 20% cut it takes off the  creators earnings. This, combined with a hungry audience quickly tiring of conventional  porn and desiring more exclusive and customised content for their fetishes, has created  an online boom and revolutionised the sex industry. Whilst a tiny percentage of online sex industry creators lead a somewhat modern fairytale  life, sites like xlamma are heavily criticised for allowing men to exploit often young,  vulnerable women, who use these sites as a last resort. If the female creators wish to make a decent living from working as a female escort in Lakewood, they are often forced to do  more and more extreme, humiliating custom content for their paying ”fans”, interacting  through DMs, or exclusive pay per view content.  

Besides the degrading content, the creators can end up developing close, personal  relationships with their fans, which doesn’t always end well. Stories of extortion, stalking  and leaking of personal information have been reported by girls using the sites across the  world. Forcing some girls to change their number or stop using the site altogether. Although xlamma claims that the safety of its creators is a top priority. The site claims it  offers help and advice for new users on how to stay safe, however admits, the site is only  for adults and that the final responsibility is their own. So this new way of finding massage parlors in Lakewood is allowing its fans and viewers to get even more personal and  intimate with the creators they enjoy. However when we view the industry from the side of the consumer. 

Is it healthy for the predominantly male “fans” to have these sorts of relationships with massage girls in Lakewood NJ?

What are escorts teaching us about real, loving, consenting relationships? when the only thing  they need for sexual gratification is decent wifi and PayPal.  Although the concept of charging usually quite expensive fees for exclusive pictures and  videos of your nudity, sounds like a great way to empower women, it is argued that this  principal in fact encourages the dehumanisation and objectifies sex workers as just a  product instead of a human being. Whether you love it or hate it, the world of homegrown porn, is not going anywhere.  Questions surrounding ethics, sexism, and adult contacts in Lakewood NJ will always be raised, but when  there is so much money to be made so easily, there will always be willing participants, and  people willing to pay them.