Can a relationship with an escort in Laredo Texas ever replace the need for a long term girlfriend?

If a genuine relationship is what you are looking for, do not go onto escorts. If you want to find love, do not go on escorts. escorts relationships are meaningless sexscapades. Perhaps this intrigues you because you want more sex? Or maybe this disgusts you because you know someone in a seemingly meaningful escorts relationships and my contention is offensive. Alas the truth is not in between; escorts is ultimately the tool of orgasmic escapism; a world where the physical is everything underpinned by a grotesque swipe function. People do not seek love at the end of their thumb as they go left, then right on the face of their phones; rather they ask who is the most sufficient sexual conquest for themselves like foodies picking pizza toppings because the picture looks good on the menu.

Laredo escorts particularly encourage the sexualisation of women; a 2016 study into user activity on escorts showed that married men visit escorts at least once a month . There is no someone for everyone present here; rather escorts is a free all for women to collect as many aroused men as possible as ego boosters thereby creating the expectation and illusion to women that they should get lots of matches immediately and the absence of this indicates something wrong with them; I don’t surmise it takes an expert to identify that this mindset cannot be particularly helpful nor healthy. Regarding men, the study goes on to detail that “a little effort in grooming profiles especially for male users goes a long way in attracting attention” . Male users, and indeed it is this notion of massage parlors in Laredo Texasthat bothers me, must pass a litmus test of sorts to be deemed acceptable to these women who the escorts app has arbitrarily yet consciously pressured to collect as many matches as possible in any way possible; the pressure for matches for all genders leads to users upping the sex appeal of their profile. It is in this very regard that one might surmise the use of escorts as being for the purpose of meaningless sexcapades.

It is also important to note that escorts do not discriminate between those who are currently in a relationship, and those who are not; in this way escorts become about a “hook up” encounter as opposed to creating a relationship. In essence when one swipes right on escorts, they have no assurances about the relationship status of the mystery match and this leads me to a 2018 study on this very salient issue. This study conveys that there could be as many as 25% of escorts users already in a committed relationship whilst on escorts in Laredo. So, what can we infer from this information? Arguably the non-user is kinder perhaps more in touch and looking for something with a little more substance than a escorts user; as detailed the escorts user is more expressive and “open to new experiences”. If indeed this is the case then the quest for something new could explain the previously mentioned large collection of matches that women receive on escorts; the goal being not to be with one person but with what is new, and then what is new following that.

Stating that escorts relationships are meaningless sexcapades is a bold statement; however, I believe to be one that deep down many agree with despite the probability of some outlier results to the contrary. Maybe there are couples who have formed strong relationships having met on escorts and that should be applauded, but this is not in my view what escorts are designed for nor what escorts encourage. A study conducted in Texas revealed from their research that “participants with higher sociosexuality reported a higher motivation to use Laredo escorts for casual sex”. They go further to lament how “participants with higher sexual disgust sensitivity reported less motivation for casual sex” (Ibid). We already discovered earlier the possibility of 25% of escorts users already being in relationships; this study from Turkey adds further to notion of there being a high number of escorts users already in relationships using the app to look for further sex. Indeed, the study from Turkey also identifies the reality of escorts users with low sexual disgust sensitivity having high motivation for casual sex.

This article is not designed to deter people from using the app but to recognise what the app is in essence about and what it encourages. These selected studies add weight to the argument that escorts relationships are meaningless sexcapades. If this is what one is after, perhaps adult contacts in Laredo are for you.

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