Are you married and  having sexual encounters with Largo escorts?

Yes, you read that right, your eyes aren’t deluding you and your glasses are perfectly clean. Now that you know you didn’t miss a word, I’ll ask you again, are you married? Then YOU should be having an affair with an escort or massage girl.

You know the saying “you can’t eat your cake and have it”? Well, who says you can’t?

How about we start with the hypocrisy and unnecessary expectations required of those who are married. If I’m being honest, no sane person would willingly choose to commit the absolute rest of their lives to one person. There are over 7 billion humans on this earth, and you would allow little butterflies here and there to tell you it’s okay to choose one human for the rest of your life? But then again, who says you have to choose one human for the rest of your life just because you are getting married to them? Who are we kidding, monogamy is only a myth forcefully practiced by those who live their lives in silent misery and frustration and blindly believe their spouse is too.

Dear married people, I’m here to tell you two things;

  1. Your spouse is having an affair and you should be too
  2. If they are not, they are as miserable as you are and you both should do better and here’s why.

You simply cannot make a good spouse if you are frustrated, and not having raunchy, blowing-off-steam passionate sex with a teen escort in Largo, which I’m certain you are not having because the butterflies have left you to your new reality, the spark is gone, and the excitement has disappeared as if it was never there. Life has kicked in, priorities have changed, and familiarity has indeed set in.

What then do you do? Do you continue to live the rest of your life in misery, boring and scheduled 2 minutes sex, familiar routines and occasional take out? Or do you risk giving it all up, going into a bar or some gathering, hoping to meet someone to recreate the spark with, convincing yourself for once, the universe will support you and it won’t come back blowing up in your face?

How about I tell you the universe already answered your questions, and you can have options, recreate this spark, get back the excitement, reenergize to become a better partner to your spouse and never have it blow up in your face…. No, it’s not impossible, it’s massage parlors!

What’s wrong with an extra marital affair with Craigslist adult contacts in Largo? if no one gets hurt? What’s wrong with finding a Largo massage girl that takes the edge off you, someone to remind you how much you love and enjoy hot sex, the type that comes with foreplays and last more than 2 minutes, remind you it’s not a chore you have to get over with or even completely avoid, someone to laugh with and owe no responsibility but discretion.

Being a 24-year-old lady, I’ve come to realize one of the sexiest and most adventurous relationships are the discrete ones where neither party owes each other anything, it’s fun, casual, exciting and just vibes.  Simply one day at a time. What this does is keep you alive, have a reason to giggle like some high school kid every now and then, and the best part? Every successful affair makes you a better partner. You learn new skills, new styles, new positions to take home to your partner. Think about it this way, you slept with about 50 people before getting married, you learnt different styles from these people and must have done all of those with your spouse. Don’t you think it’s about damn time you went out shopping for new tricks to blow your partner off their minds and have them indirectly thank you for whatever you must be doing out there? You get this from those you meet on Largo massage parlors, you refuel and go back home to be the best spouse possible. Your self-confidence is revived, you master new activities, the things you try in your affair remind you of your courtship days with your partner and it makes you interested in doing it with them all over again, you take the lessons learnt from your affair and use it to build something stronger in your marriage.

The best part? Human psychology is wired to prefer and place a higher value on things we do not own or things we cannot do. You could start an affair, only to realize you only wanted to because you thought you couldn’t. And when you get it out of your system, it only reaffirms how much you want your partner. You go back to them knowing you do not want to lose them, and no one has to ever know you stepped out in the first place, all thanks to massage parlors!

Again, there are times life throws new people in our paths, people who might get us more, understand us better, reason the way we do, bring out parts of us we never knew existed and easier to talk to, and right before you allow yourself the privilege of enjoying this unsolicited gift, you remember you once said “I DO” to someone and you tell yourself you have no right to enjoy it. You absolutely do, you have every right to do whoever or whatever makes you happy, yes, you are a wife, husband, father or mother but before any of these, you are human and it is absolutely within your needs and rights to crave wild, sweaty, passionate, breath taking, passing out sex with Largo escorts and definitely with more than one human for the rest of your life.

So, how about you solicit this gift with other people who are looking for the same things. No commitments, no responsibilities, no worries, just a life easing experience that puts no one at risk. Now what is wrong with that?

With the number of men that actually have extra marital affairs with escorts in Largo and risk losing it all, it’s only a wonder how no one had the courage and audacity before 2001 to provide such a platform where you can be who you have and need to be without any worries or hiccups.

And if you need any other reason to be convinced the massage parlors in Largo, the escorts in Largo and the horny adult personals available is what you need to fix your failing marriage, here’s one; it’s been two decades, and the site is not only still “standing” but has given millions of subscribers a home to not only be themselves but find themselves and at no risk whatsoever.

I’ll leave you with the idea massage parlors revolves around; “Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in private”


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