Why are Lincoln escorts so popular with single men to form permanent long-term relationships?

There is a big question about online escorts, escorts sites and escorts apps - are they more efficient? Are they more efficient that the previous initial face-to-face meet singletons would ‘traditionally’ go through to find happy and healthy long-term relationships?

Because this is what the whole search is about. It is easy to find anyone online, however, the struggle lays upon finding the right type of relationship, the one that makes you so happy it doesn’t bring a shudder of shame to reply to your grandparents/parents/friends you found him/her/they on a escorts site (let’s face it, even millennials pretentiously smirk at their fellow singletons who found love online and not ‘naturally’ out there.)

For an obscure reason, online escorts has had a stigmatised image of being a last resort rather than a normal option, whilst it can be a norm just like escorts agency or matchmaking agency. It's without surprise that online escorts and escorts apps have always had a less ‘natural’ and ‘occasional’ reputation, and it actually baffled me to realise that millennials and the generation Z (those born between late 90s and early 2000s), found escorts in Lincoln as to meet someone.

Talking about personal experience, I had my over judging doubts about escorts sites, I am already a ‘snowflake millennial’, let’s try not to fall too deep into the phone-glued-to-my-hand cliché. Phones and the internet already rule over almost every aspect of our life, we want to pretend we still have our love life and our feelings on the run in the wild and not confined and mingled with billions of analysing data. But you don’t control that much who or what you meet out there, and when it is at the power of your thumb, it just makes it all easier.

Plus, we all know this, adult contacts in Lincoln, that met online and praise the fact they would have never met without online connection – so why not give it a go, and find wife swappers in Lincoln or women who are into dogging in Nebraska most of the sites or apps are free anyway. Some sites even go to the extent of promising guaranteed relationships.

Hinge has an interesting and most likely efficient marketing headline to draw people to use their platforms rather than Badoo, Tinder, Bumble etc…First they titled themselves the ‘relationship app’, claiming to be of a higher, less superficial standard than Tinder; and second, they make this promise ‘Hinge – the escorts app designed to be deleted.’

That is an enticing promise, and for having personally experienced many escorts apps and try myself on its ‘catalogues’, I admit that I’d go for a quick swipe on Tinder but have a thoughtful search on xlamma. After all, I’ve met one previous boyfriend and my current long-life partner.

Lincoln escorts and its long-term relationship success aspect already became a subject of focus over a decade ago. From 2005, the University of Chicago had begun a seven-year study analysing marriages sprouting from online and offline relationships, sampling around 19 000 people. They found out 6 percent of ‘online’ marriage would break up, compared to 7.6 percent with ‘offline’ marriage.

What could explain a better ‘online’ success then?

The great aspect with online escorts is it’s intentional, you become more in control of what you want. Liz Colizza, Head of marriage counselling company Lasting, explained that the variety of choice empowers singleton to find an ‘equal partner’ rather than settling for someone who would be average and not a match, and thanks to this virtual power, online relationships would be more likely set for success.

Because in the end, massage parlors in Lincoln let people choose according to their selective standards, sometimes particular or high, in a wide pool of prospective partners, who even if they are not swiped right, will themselves find the fitting shoe in another pool. It’s a ruthless fast-swirling pool, but with a higher success prospect than pub and bar crawling until one’s liver gives up.

Another more recent study by the University uncovered that escorts in Lincoln that started through online escorts were less likely to conclude after a year compared to couples who didn’t meet online. If that is not tantalizing enough to have your try online, keep in mind that most relationships and 1 in 6 marriages actually start online as well – and those numbers will likely rise throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

So far, the winning matching champion is Tinder according to the Knot 2019 Jewelry and Engagement study, as it is responsible for matching around 30 percent of engaged couples who found each other online.

However, there isn’t a set strategy or recipe to succeed in finding the right match at first swipe or first click on escorts sites, it is either a matter of luck, or perseverance and patience, or just relying on the matching algorithm.

Escorts sites helped people choose according to their own liking without being influenced by external or social factors. As you can imagine back in the day without the internet, one would be more likely to find his matching pair if they belong to their social circle or cultural background.

According to an analysis by the Pew Research Center in 2019, online escorts contributed to a rise in interracial marriage and intercultural relationships, with three in ten persons saying their partner met online is of different race or ethnicity.

Not only did Lincoln escorts become the new rising long-term relationship opportunity over the past decade, but it has fostered intercultural and interracial mix, and surely when the global coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown end, new data and figures will show booming cases of fresh relationship.


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