Why are university students signing on with LA escort agencies? The average university student spends $907 per month with 79% of students worrying about money or making ends meet the National student money survey, with the average student loan allowing for only $840 a month. So, how do students go about solving this? For most, the answer is simple: a part-time job alongside studies. For others though, the answer may be slightly more out of the ordinary.

Do all students who work for escort agencies and massage parlors offer sexual services? Escort agencies in Los Angeles are recently becoming much more frequently heard of and at the same time way less of a taboo subject, with things such as 'onlyfans.com' and using 'sugar daddies' becoming a way of earning (often a lot of) additional income. On top of this, it gives students the opportunity to use what they have naturally; banter, intelligence, and specialized knowledge. Traditionally, being an escort in LA basically comes down to arranged sex and sometimes with a lot of risks involved. More recently it is becoming a modern and less risky way of socializing with people who you couldn't normally and in places where you may never get the chance to visit. It is no longer just sex with old married men or a form of glorified prostitution. It is way more and both parties involved usually have a lot of control and privacy within the arrangements.

Is becoming a massage girl in Los Angeles a better option than dating older married men in LA? One way to think of it may be 'babysitting' rich and intelligent professionals who simply don't have the time for dating or meeting people in social environments. A lot of thirty-something-year-olds on six-figure salaries who want intelligent conversation over a super pricey high-end dinner. Students are happy to do this. Students love nice food, as much as it is often a rarity, and getting paid to work in a massage parlor in LA  for a couple of hours over dinner is ideal. One date is way more glamorous than making the same amount of money (or less) by working 50 hours at their local McDonalds. Although the latter would, too, cover your dinner. So what we've established is that students are poor and escorts are often earning a lot for little effort - so does this make it attractive to students? I would like to say of course it does, but there is still a lot of stigmas attached to escort services and even the trendy idea of being a 'sugar baby'. For most, it doesn't scream 'making your parents proud' and actually, I expect this sort of work isn't what you would be discussing with your Dad and Nanny at the dinner table during your reading week. However, students are a group, if there were to be one, who is renowned for constantly overcoming hurdles, overcoming social norms or expectations and for thinking outside the box. Students of this era may really and truly be the ones who can begin to diminish the taboo and fear attached to 'bits on the side' in this sort of way. Then again, they may just keep their money-making hobby a secret, and who could blame them. Really, everything points towards students who sign on with escort services being tactful and utilizing their spare time really wisely. Who are we to comment when these are the students who will probably finish with not only better degrees due to more time spent in the library than their part-time job, but also with lots of money saved up for that iconic trip around Thailand and Cambodia, which seems to be all the rage in delaying 'adulting' at the moment.

Apart from brunch bars and bunga bunga, what is the best adult entertainment in Los Angeles? LA is the place to be for all your entertainment needs whether its day or night inside or outside. Residents explore the best escorts and call girls in Hollywood to offer to all those 18-35-year olds living in the area looking for a good time. If it's brunch you want to start your weekend, then head to the trendy Breakfast Bar on Rodeo Drive to experience seventies-style brunch. Get there early and don't miss out, long queues of twenty-somethings are a regular part of the LA scene on a Saturday or Sunday late morning.

Where can I meet the sexy escorts in LA? Staying in LA you'll be spoilt for choice for a great night out with its many cocktail bars and pubs to choose from.  If it's a late-night you are looking for head to Be at One or join in the weekend fun at Tequila Mockingbird and party until 2 am while DJs play the biggest party anthems in town. A short walk away is the many bars and restaurants. There's Bar One, The Bank, and if you are celebrating and looking for a big night out head to the newest cocktail waitresses and of course the beautiful escorts in Los Angeles where you can join in the fun with singing waiters and waitresses and dancing on the tables. If you are looking for more culture with theatre and arts check out the LA Arts Centre situated in a listed building not far. This venue is a hub for drama, dance, and discussions. It also has a bar and café with homemade grub. If it's outside entertainment you are looking for then there are the many green spaces within easy reach. There are Common massage parlors with its café and tennis courts and of course the parks with its boating lake, banana bikes, pitch and putt and go ape climbing. Lastly, if you want a really fun quirky night out check out the Bunga Bunga bar named after the notorious parties held by Italy's former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, - this party venue is famous for its pizzas, karaoke, erotic escorts, expensive high-end call girls and live entertainment.