Has sexual liberation gone too far?

“Sex work” is a broad term which refers to performing sexual services in exchange for money: this includes but is not limited to Modesto escorts, stripping, and pornography. Historically, the sex industry has not been a respected industry, and many still view it with derision – this often manifests in not only lack of respect towards the industry as a whole, but towards sex workers themselves.  However, with the advent of third-wave feminism and the sexual liberation movement in the 1980s and 90s, attitudes towards non-conventional forms of sex became more positive, and this included sex work.  But while sex positivity may initially seem like a universally forward-thinking mindset, the sex industry remains a touchy subject within feminist circles.  Now more than ever, as feminism enters the mainstream and sex positivity is all the rage (all while acts such as soliciting sex in public remain illegal) society’s contradictory perception of massage girls in Modesto is becoming increasingly relevant.

It should go without saying that Modesto escorts ought to be treated with respect – most progressive individuals, regardless of their attitudes towards the sex industry as a whole, would agree with this.  However, differing perspectives within feminism, and indeed within society in general, have hugely different opinions on the act of sex work itself. Radical feminism tends to criticise sex work, due to the attitude that it (particularly prostitution) is a form of violence against women, the majority of whom have been forced into this life either through circumstance, coercion, or otherwise unfortunate circumstances. Meanwhile, liberal feminism takes a more positive outlook, considering the ways in which sex work is empowering, both financially and otherwise, and allows for women to make their own choices about what they do with their bodies, which is the crux of the sex-positive movement. While this debate has been going on for decades, the more recent coining of the derogatory terms whorephobia and SWERF (sex worker exclusionary radical feminist) by liberal feminists suggests a cultural shift of positivity towards the sex industry, and contempt towards those who oppose it.

However, conflating respect towards sex workers with respect towards the sex industry can be dangerous, as the industry itself remains extremely toxic.  The issue with liberal feminism emphasising that entering the sex industry is a choice is that it fails to recognise that it is usually not the first choice for women (though of course there are exceptions). Working for a Modesto escort agency can be dangerous, and women of lower social classes are usually the targets of this danger – while wealthier women may make a positive decision to engage in sex work, their financial freedom allows for them to be more discerning with clients and hence have a safer and healthier experience than those at the bottom of the ladder.  Brushing escorts in Modesto off as a “choice” neglects to consider the myriad societal issues that lead to many people joining the sex industry, and the difficulties they face once they are employed within this industry.  The threat of violence (both sexual and non-sexual) is an extremely large concern for sex workers, particularly prostitutes, a large majority of whom are either assaulted or threatened with assault while working in the industry.  The treatment of people of colour, as well as trans people (particularly trans women) in the industry is also a huge concern – this ranges from fetishization to increased likelihood of violence inflicted towards these individuals.  While these attitudes often begin in porn, they soon spread into prostitution as well, as attitudes of clients begin to be formed by the porn they consume, therefore putting a greater number of Modesto escorts at risk.  These issues make the concept of financial empowerment within the sex industry seem like cold comfort: porn is famously one of the only industries where women earn more money than their male counterparts, and it should be deeply concerning that women are required to have sex on camera in order to make more money than men. Even when women are entering this industry willingly and enjoying their work, issues like this point to a broader societal issue of objectification which should not be celebrated.

This speaks to the issues of the sex positive movement in general, even outside of discussions about sex work.  An increasing culture of sex positivity can create the expectation of constant sexual availability, where sexual freedom by contacting local adult contacts in Modesto begins to equate to promiscuity.  If increased sex (and entirely positive attitudes towards sex) becomes an expectation, then this can create its own pressures, particularly on women – and if these attitudes spread so that the sex industry is viewed as positively as other forms of sex, then we run the risk of ignoring real societal issues in favour of emphasising women’s right to choose, without closely examining the social constructs in place which may negatively influence these apparent choices.  The safety of individuals within the sex industry (and the sex-positive movement in general) is paramount, and acting as though sex work is a positive thing and therefore the industry itself must be a positive thing, is a naïve approach to the situation.  Society’s viewpoint towards women working as Modesto prostitutes has definitely shifted over time, and for the better: no matter what your opinion on sex work, the workers themselves deserve respect, and this appears to be the attitude society is beginning to move towards, even if some consider the work itself to be degrading.  But there are systemic issues that simply cannot be pushed aside in this debate, and so while attitudes towards massage parlors in Modesto should absolutely continue to develop in a positive manner, the same probably ought not to be said for attitudes towards the sex industry itself.

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