The internet has no doubt turned Montgomery AL escorts into the now better known escorts industry. When our parents and grandparents talked about escorts it sounded fun, it was romantic, it was special. Now when we talk about it, it sounds like they are prostitutes. It sounds like a hectic day at an understaffed workplace, sifting through endless male callers who have either already worked there and were terminated, or candidates you fear are too under or over qualified. Remember the days of the slow motion walks on a busy road during the lunch hour? Two potential lovers would lock eyes and the hustle and bustle around them would quieten. They’d stop dead in their tracks, one enthralled by the other's suit, and the other by the others shoulder pads. It became hot, electric. One would take a sharp breath in, then exhale “wow”, the other with a knowing smile would then reply “wow yourself”. They’d exchange a few words, they’d then exchange cards, someone would say “I’ll call you”, and so they did.

They’d go for dinner soon after, they’d drink, they’d laugh, the sex would start off as slightly above average. The love story would continue on like that until they were happily married, had children, gained weight and then resented each other until the bitter end. A classic love story we could all get on board with once upon a time.

However this is a love story occurring in a time I like to call B.I.C (Before Internet Connection). The A.I.C (After Internet Connection) love story has so many more obstacles for the lovers. Let's now set this day in present time, but with no covid. All we need to stay alert of are pickpockets at rush hour. Before the lovers even cross paths we have obstacles.

Obstacle A. Who on earth looks up when they’re walking anymore, aren’t we all just looking at our phones?

Obstacle B. For the most part a lot of people would agree they feel that massage girls in Montgomery are the sexiest girls. On your precious 1 hour lunch break, do you think you will make time to hit on a stranger or let a stranger hit on you?

Obstacle C. In this AIC day and age are you even letting someone hit on you on the street without thinking they are a maniac, a serial adulterer or someone with nothing better to do than visit a blonde escort in Montgomery.

Now let's say all of the above obstacles have crossed the young lovers minds (AIC) and still they wish to engage in this romantic exchange... They exchange names, they find one another on all social media platforms and the vetting begins. Interviews are no longer done in person, but on the phone, and with no actual input from the prospective candidate.

So, you’ve met the potential ideal candidate for your vacancy in the position of Partner during your lunch hour, now what are their qualifications? BIC the qualifications were:

  1. Looked good in person 
  2. Good job (as seen on business card) 
  3. A little bit of chemistry 
  4. We’ll figure out the rest later on our date. 

AIC, absolutely not! AIC you cannot dare meet a person unless they are perfect on all their social media platforms. If you look like a snack on Instagram, but a sugar free granola bar on Facebook, you’re at risk of not appearing to be a desirable candidate. Questions prospective employers will have for themselves…

  1. How many followers do they have? 
  2. How often do their parents comment on their social media? 
  3. Do they take too many selfies? 
  4. Do they ever visit massage girls in Alabama?
  5. Did they post anything about the BLM movement? 
  6. Did they post too much about the BLM movement? 
  7. Does he always take a picture with his arm in shot so we can see that weird tattoo he got for his nan? 
  8. Does she post makeup tutorials on LinkedIn even though she works in customer services? 

These are all judgements that a lot of people may think are valid and necessary, but little do a lot of us AIC-ers know, we could be standing in the way of our own love stories. Sure it is good to have some background knowledge on the Craigslist adult personals in Montgomery, but should we be scrolling back to 2010 and judging people on the statuses and hair cuts they had back then? Would we not rather have organic conversations with these people, and begin to learn about their lives before us that way?

Let's not beat around the bush here. Escorts in Montgomery are the sexiest girls in Alabama and had to be more fun than where we currently are; “The Industry”. AIC, it would appear we now think we know people before we have even had a full face to face conversation with them. We judge, we assume, we give people standards to adhere by that we would never live up to ourselves. We screenshot and send on to get further validation from our colleagues, we judge some more, while the same is being done to us.

Yes, BIC when it was only “the game”, a lot of people were being played, but at least people were playing. People were having fun. Granted there was also a lot more adultery. Gone are the days of ‘popping out for some smokes’ and returning 3 years later, only to have been living 3 miles down the road with your other family.

My point is we shouldn’t be shooting down our opportunities to be meeting people before we’ve even met them. That customer service girl posting makeup tutorials on LinkedIn could be working on a genuine make up business. And that guy with the weird nan tattoo, well, don’t you want to hear the story from him? It just might make you fall in love.