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Xlamma and relationships with New Rochelle escorts, two words that, on the face of it,  just don’t belong together in the same  sentence. They are like oil and water, orange juice and toothpaste. They are so far  apart in the minds of most people that when you hear that question asked ‘How’d  you first meet?’ and the answer is “xlamma” it’s met with a suppressed chuckle. Why? Because everyone can see xlamma for exactly what it is. A fuck menu. Now the brains who brought the app to life might take offence and insist that  people are forming real, deep and lasting relationships through the algorithm. And  they’ll take huge steps to bust the myths that have grown up around the world’s  busiest ‘escorts’ app.

Are New Rochelle escorts there just for sex, or do they offer a valuable service to the male community?

But we all still know, if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck, it is a duck  (and we're swiping left). And so xlamma is simply a platform for the shaggers of the world to meet up with the female escorts in New Rochelle, because spending the whole night takes too much time out of  this 100mph life in which we now live. It’s no secret that the majority of xlamma users are aged between 18-34, they are  Generation Z and Millennials. They are legions of young people brought up on a  steady stream of instant gratification. It doesn't matter if that is feeding a desire for  clothes, trainers, TV shows or food. Whatever it is they want, they’re not prepared  to wait, and can’t understand why anyone would expect them to. And that attitude extends to sex and relationships. And it’s why Generation Z  and xlamma is a marriage made in heaven.

They might have exactly the same relationship with their Just Eat order as they  have with their xlamma hook up. The similarities aren’t just to be sniggered at. Picture the scene….there you are, Netflix on in the background, you’re not really paying attention to The Last Dance because, meh, and instead you’re gazing almost  myopically at the mobile that has become the extension to your right hand.

You look at the first photo. Mmm, I´d maybe like a bit of that. What's next?  Whoa that looks hot. Or this one looks super tasty. You are salivating at the thought.  Yep, that’s the one for me, and less than two miles away! And so it is that you’ve  ordered a kebab. And while I´m waiting, I´ll have a quick look at xlamma, see if there are any Thai girls or Japanese massage in New Rochelle there, just in the meantime. The algorithms must be very similar, certainly  the result is. What can you have on a plate, quick and easy with a minimum of fuss  and all within a small radius?

Now this isn’t being cynical for the sake of it. The numbers back it up. When  asked a few thousand young people why they used xlamma only 4%  reckoned they were looking for a lasting relationship. Those 4%, who knows,  maybe they’ll find it, and the best of luck to them in their quest for love. But people  will still snigger when they ask how they first met.

More than a fifth (22%) weren’t messing about. They knew exactly why they  had xlamma on their phone and were busy looking for that hook up, an easy, no  strings shag with a like-minded person. They’ll include those who are now described as having big dick energy, supremely confident in themselves, what  they’re about and what they want. Maybe some are in the business of holding sex interviews, to weed out those potential partners who just don’t exude the chem istry or have what it takes between the sheets. Others will just be aromantic, nonplussed as to why anyone would find a hookup in any other way. And if the numbers stack up, that amounts to 10M around the world who have xlamma sussed.

But what about the rest, and there are a lot of them. Around 45% told Whats goodly that all they were doing on the app was confidence-boosting procrastination. Anyone armed with even the most basic armchair psychology could see how  messed up that really could be for some people.

Millions of slaves to right and left swipes, their very self-esteem and self-worth  depending on the paws of a bunch of people who don’t know them, don’t care  about them and won’t be considering their feelings. I’m not saying everyone on xlamma is an ex-craigslist adult personals in New Rochelle. But within every stratum of life they exist and behind the  glistening mask of online escorts there are plenty of them, that’s for sure. Never mind trying to find a relationship on xlamma, the relationship these  people need to improve is that with themselves. Within the glamasphere all that  really matters is the physical. That’s how we’re choosing our snacks and that’s why  there is an endless stream of New Rochelle massage girls popping up on our screens. But when you’re feeding that all you’re doing is objectifying yourself and, ultimately, that’s  never going to make you feel better about yourself.

Look, the line of people queuing up to disagree with this view might run into  the tens of millions. After all, millions of people around the world continue to swipe away, at  the rate of an incredible 1000’s of swipes per day. And it is far and away the top escorts  app on the market, with 6M paying for its premium and gold services, raking in  $1.15bn last year alone.

But many of them are kidding themselves, unless they see xlamma for what it is. If you’re looking for Mr Right Now then great, if it’s Mr Right you’re chasing, forget  it.


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