What forces have fuelled the transformation in Ogden escorts' popularity and social acceptability?

In the early days of finding dates online, when trailblazing escorts sites like backpage first appeared, many single guys were apt to shy away from the notion of visiting online dating, in fact, they was a trend for young men to appear macho with the line “I don’t pay for sex” fearing it too bold a breach from the norm or a venture into areas that real men don’t go. Now it is deemed a feather in ones cap to tell you friends that you fucked a pornstar escort. Let’s not forget that in today’s climate it is very possible to have sex with your favourite porn stars, who are now working as Ogden escorts. These additions to the role of massage girls in Ogden have resulted in a decline in the once-prohibitive stigma surrounding attempts to find a long-term partner online and, in turn, rising numbers of online daters worldwide. And as with any novelty, when user numbers or subscribers reach a critical mass, the novelty becomes the norm. 

What sort of girls are turning to sex work and are becoming escorts in Ogden?

 My friend and I were both going to university, her parents became unemployed after their factory closed down so they had to stop supporting her financially.  When she told me she was thinking about becoming a sex worker and working in Ogden massage parlors, I wasn’t overly shocked. These combined interests, love of money and lots of sex with different men, came together in her mind and she opened an account on an agency website. Meanwhile, I was walking around campus with no money and very little food in the fridge.

The first night of her first day on the job she came back to the room we shared on campus with a host of goodies, alcohol, Chinese food, she stocked up the fridge and she also bought me a new dress; what a friend.

 Fast forward six months and my parents stopped supporting me too. I was in the middle of studying for my master’s degree and worried about the tuition fees and my living expenses. I had enough money from my summer job to last me maybe two months. Meanwhile my friend was earning $1000’s of dollars very night she worked, what the fuck! I’m living like a pauper and she’s living like a princess. I decided there and then that I too was going to become one of the Ogden escorts.

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