If a married man visits a massage girl or an escort in Omaha, is it considered cheating?

Affairs are, on the whole, relatively frowned upon. They’re hardly something that greetings cards are made for. ‘Congratulations on your new affair!’ ‘Commiserations on the deterioration of your marriage – but happy affair day!’ Let’s not dress it up; affairs come with a shedload of negative connotations. This is what makes the whole concept of massage parlors so bold, so daring and so very brilliant.

Like most successful businesses, Omaha massage parlors simply exist to supply a demand. Last year, the company claimed to have a database of 60 million members, which approximately equates to the entire population of England and Scotland. That’s a lot of people seeking ‘discreet relations’. Their appeal is global, however, with members hiding away in over 50 countries on Earth. Only a fool or a saint would decline to take advantage of a clientele of such magnitude.

So, what are the intricacies of massage parlors which make them so attractive for thrill-seeking adulterers? Let’s start with the name. Omaha escorts, allegedly named so because of the popularity of the two names across North America, screams incitement, mischief, and a whole degree of debauchery. I can’t help but think that if the business had been called Omaha escort agency girls it would have been liquidated within two weeks of existence. For a leader of a mundane life or a victim of an unloving relationship, discovering the provocative massage parlors in Omaha would spawn instant curiosity.

In contrast to its less-than-subtle, eyebrow-raising slogan, Omaha escorts, and call girls to pride themselves on the mystery and privacy of its services. As stated in big bold letters on the website’s home page; ‘discretion matters’. While it doesn’t go as far as spelling out ‘we understand your partner can absolutely, under no circumstances find out about you being here’, it’s clear that they’ve considered the needs and concerns of a potential consumer. Unlike Tinder or other profile-based platforms, an Omaha massage parlors account is kept completely independent of other social networks. They even encourage you to use a brand new, unique email address to register, just so your account confirmation email doesn’t get picked up by your partner among their eBay receipts and LinkedIn invitations. Your profile’s photos can be blurred, masked, or marked as private, and then, the golden ticket accounts can be completely deleted once the site has fulfilled its purpose. It costs $19 to do so, but that’s cheaper than a divorce settlement, right?

You can see why people may have an issue with the site and everything it stands for. But in reality, their problem is with its clientele, not the site. massage parlors don’t encourage or convince people to have affairs. They merely provide the platform for people’s inevitable temptations. Last year, the company claimed that they “help create up to one million affairs every month”. Unfortunately, yet fortunately for Omaha escorts, affairs are part and parcel of adult life in the modern world. These ‘one million affairs every month’ would still be sought after if massage parlors didn’t exist. Their instigators would instead simply head to a pub, a strip club, or, for the more old-fashioned among them, advertise themselves in the personal columns of a newspaper as lovers of piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I wonder if Rupert Holmes took as much flack for sensationalizing affairs as massage parlors undoubtedly do today?

Another extremely important detail to point out is that the site is not just for extra-marital affairs. You aren’t required to present your marriage certificate upon registration as proof of your adulterous intentions. Single people simply looking for discreet relations are equally welcome. After all, not everyone is comfortable under the prying eyes of nosy colleagues while trying to chat up their office crush at the photocopier. Similarly, sites like Tinder are so popular nowadays that almost every swiping session is littered with mutual friends, exes, co-workers; people you simply don’t want to come across in your escorts sphere. On massage parlors, you can be as discreet as you like for as long as you like. The office gossip will be oblivious to your disposable-time activities. Furthermore, as we are over a fifth of the way into the 21st century, polyamory, AKA consensual non-monogamy, is an ever-increasing and less-stigmatized practice that massage parlors can enhance and cater for.

Also, sound the bonus alarm, because if you happen to be a female seeking a male companion, massage parlors and all their features are completely free. Call it old-fashioned, but in this situation, the man does all the work/cash splashing. If you’re not a heterosexual woman, however, there are charges for the site’s services once you’ve registered.

Found in Canada, made in the realms of unhappy marriages across the world. massage parlors certainly make for a controversial business model. After all, ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’ takes pride of place in black and white as one of the Ten Commandments. However, many people take more notice of The Daily Mail’s agony aunt page than the Old Testament. The reality is if you’re safe in the comfort of a happy, blissful marriage, why waste your time mulling over the ethics of a site that won’t ever bear meaning in your life? Just like people have always dated before the invention of Omaha escorts, people have always created before the invention of the world’s biggest ‘cheating site’. massage parlors merely filled a gap in the market. And 60 million people, some with an arguably questionable moral compass, are delighted that they did.


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