How has the Internet accelerated the growth of girls wanting to work in the Paterson escort agency business?

Listen up, readers! It’s something most adults do, think about, talk about, dream about, read  about, worry about, can’t get enough of and quite frankly, this list could go on. That’s right, my  fellow horny comrades. Sex is a given topic that you probably heard of in school, perhaps in  biology class or your friend casually snickering when he or she heard the word ‘vagina’. We grow  up and start kissing, exchanging saliva with strangers or crushes and sometimes land up in their bed, exploring your fantasies you never even knew you fantasised of until now. Why is it  controversial when people openly talk about sex, various positions or how orgasms don’t always  happen? The good news is that we’re going the right direction. Living in the city has opened my  eyes to seeing how engaged people are in sexual discussions and loving the idea that they can  casually have sex without judgment. However, one ‘taboo’ topic that still deserves its own  discussion and respect is the sex industry.

Unlike ten years ago, young men openly boast about the experiences they have had with escorts and massage girls in Paterson NJ, is this a good thing?

We watch porn. Let’s just accept that fact that we have watched or watch it for sexual gratification  or perhaps learning something new. Albeit some genres are fairly outspoken and can put a  negative perspective of what sex can be like (especially young with viewers) but porn is a major  contributor to the sex industry and for a good reason. 40 million people watch porn regularly in  the U.S, three quarters of men watch it too! (According to polls).  How do you like them apples? Whether you’re an open-minded lover or conservative republican,  sex and porn star escorts in Paterson NJ has been on their minds and actions at some point. As we move forward in our  modern lives of convenient escorts apps, we now step into an even more technological sex world  where at a click of a button, we can find our local hook-up within minutes. Upon this, we can  chose from various porn categories for free, be more open-minded and experimental following a new generation where taboo topics are a ‘new norm’ and understand that sex is bloody great and  we don’t need to hide behind the facts. Society is opening their minds to differing topics and the  sex industry is growing.

The sex industry, like music, food, technology or finance, has various sectors one could look at  working in. We’ve discussed porn but how about being a webcam girl. Charging viewers fees to  view you live. You might take off your bra, tease a little bit and earn the same amount of money that your bartending friend earns in a week. You might go even further and please yourself in front  of your viewers, perhaps earning even more money whilst gaining regular viewers who will pay  you just for you to say their name. All I have to say to these women is how much respect I have  for them. I see nothing wrong in this career choice as long as they’re safe and happy doing so.  The confidence to do it is mind-blowing to most people. This is becoming a normal aspect of the  industry as well as the infamous escort services. You don’t even have to sleep with the men that  pay you hundreds of pounds. You may just have to have a three course meal at The Ritz once a  week, slip on a black dress and be courteous; perhaps a little naughty to keep self-esteem up in  some scenarios. The more people I speak to about this career, seem to agree with me that as long  as the parties involved are professional, happy and safe, who the hell are we to judge people who want to find adult personals in Paterson?!

If a man wants to try something new sexually, isn’t it better to try with Paterson escorts before trying with his wife or girlfriend?

When it comes down to money, citizens of the world consider ideas of earning to avoid a stuck  job, long working hours or to pay extra debt off. As a former student, knowing that I have to pay  back around 50 grand for my student loan, makes my stomach churn in so many directions. It is  becoming more and more obvious why the sex industry is a route a lot of people, especially  women, are taking up offers on. They enlightened our minds when they shared that the porn industry is worth over one billion dollars. Adult stars can earn anywhere from $300 for one  ‘straight’ scene or over $1000 for a woman to have sex with another woman. Impressive figures  huh? Many understand, including myself, that it’s not for everyone as well as reiterating the  general statement that whatever gets uploaded onto the internet, stays on the internet.  It’s a topic full of debate when it comes to acceptance over a topic that induces human nature  with a mix of unsubtle, sexual fantasies. As we grasp a new world of forever changing  perspectives, the sex industry has started to open more people’s minds. The fact is humans will  judge most things. With any career you set your mind to, someone will judge you. We can’t make  everyone happy so why not explore an avenue you know you can succeed in. As a woman who  supports equality, massage girls in Paterson deserve more rights and more respect. There are dark sides to the  industry that we learn through media or documentaries (Thanks, Louis Theroux) however in those  same documentaries and coverage, we also see the positives and how accepting the industry can  really be. Like I said at the beginning of this tirade, sex is on our minds. Women watch porn too.  People are horny. We watch the BDSM escorts in Paterson and categories on Pornhub even if we don’t own a flogger or  get too shy to buy a sex toy from Ann Summers. There should be more respect for sex industry  professionals and more importantly, getting rid of judgment on sex in general. Be safe.


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