Ask an escort; Joanna is a blonde teen escort in Pittsburgh, she started working in a massage parlor on 2343 Murray Ave Pittsburgh on her 18th birthday.

How did you get to start working as a massage girl?

My best friend is a Chinese girl who was working in a Pittsburgh massage parlor, she was two years older than me and making a lot of money. I asked the owner when I could start and he told me on my 18th birthday it would be legal for me to become a massage girl. Even though the massage parlor was all Asian girls I got lots of clients wanting me.

What services do you offer to your clients?

Most guys want BBBJ, which is bareback oral, so that's my specialty. We are not supposed to have full sex with clients, so if a guy wants to fuck me I will meet him outside of working and have full intercourse with him then.

Is it common for clients to fall in love with Pittsburgh escorts?

As a child, I always knew I would find love in a bookshop. Or at a café. Or at the train station. Fuelled by an endless supply of 90s sitcoms depicting love as always around the corner, there was no shaking this deep-rooted belief. But then I grew up and, after finally poking my head into the real world, I realised that approaching a stranger and explaining how much they took your breath  away wasn’t quite so romantic without a studio audience. Fast-forward to today and I am in a long-term relationship with an escort I met online and without a single bookshop-themed love story to my name.

This is a common experience for many and one that should be welcomed as the new-and-improved norm. This isn’t to say conventional escorts methods are outdated (for examples, see above) – they just aren’t always realistic. In a world that guarantees  almost as many types of anxiety as there are people, the chance to get to know someone from the comfort of a mobile phone can  offer a sigh of relief. Not everyone is confident enough to strike up a conversation with an escort in Pittsburgh. And likewise, not everyone is keen on being on the receiving end of those overly-confident few.

In the late 1990s and 2000s, sites like xlamma paved the way with their promise of easy relationships for anyone  whose busy life makes it hard to find the time. Since then, the mood has shifted and the stigma surrounding online escorts has seen a  decrease. According to a study, 39% of American heterosexual couples in 2017 claimed they met online,  which is up from just 22% in 2009.

Additionally, a prediction many adult contacts in Pittsburgh will have met online by the year 2037. The researcher behind this study, even claims that babies born to these couples will be referred to as ‘e-babies’. All this points to the same conclusion: online escorts are here to stay.

When they hear the term ‘online escorts’, many people might conjure up the likes of Tinder or Grindr, with their swipe left/swipe right  algorithms and their propensity for short profiles that give little more than the person’s age and favourite song. But this isn’t always  the case. Many sites, such as OKCupid, encourage users to answer personal questions that help build compatibility ratings with others  using the service. That person can then get a sense of whether the one they’re chatting to agrees with them on the important subjects.  If that all sounds too Big Brother for you, just consider the time you could save by learning that information ahead of time.

There is a valid counterargument to this, of course: part of the joy of escorts is meeting people different to you, quietly nudging you  out of your comfort zone. But there is an undeniable appeal in having the power to scope out a potential partner before you invest time  and money, learning just enough about them to decide whether or not you would be compatible. Statistical data shows that the average  age people get married is and it’s possible this shift in escorts habits has something to do with it. By giving Pittsburgh massage parlors the chance to get a feel for someone before committing to a string of dates, their chances of finding a suitable match can greatly increase.

For those still opposed to the age of Pittsburgh escorts, it’s all too easy to fall back on the classic arguments that this approach destroys  people's ability to have genuine, spontaneous conversations–as if using technology to facilitate connections is somehow synonymous  with crippling social anxiety. In reality, the evidence for this is largely unfounded and the argument relies for the most part on  scepticism and hear-say. It is also possible the hesitancy to accept online escorts as a valid means of meeting Asian and Chinese massage girls in Pittsburgh stems from a preference for the Good Old Days –the idea that meeting organically at bars or through friends is the ‘best’ way.

The truth is that escorts have always been at the forefront of change, with each new generation finding ways to challenge what their parents told them was right. The plethora of online escorts sites, with new ones popping up all the time, has given singletons a chance  to take charge of their own love stories. And with sites tailored to each niche within the escorts scene – from LGBTQ-specific sites to escorts for the over-60s – it allows them the freedom to move at their own pace and in a way that works best for them.


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