How has the internet changed the escorts industry?

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s (yes I am a millennial in my early 30s) if you wanted to engage in a conversation with someone or socialize or even date you approached them but I was a really young kid and not an adult so escorts was clearly prohibited at that time for me.

There are many escort applications nowadays, to mention a few and although these escort agencies in Florida might be effective especially now in the times we are living in, I am going to talk about the benefits and downsides of the internet.

The internet was officially born in the year 1983 which commenced with emails. Over twenty years later many more platforms have come to fruition: Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, escorts sites of course and many many more.

Meeting people online has its advantages such as aiding adult contacts in Port St. Lucie who struggle with confidence like myself and of course meeting people across the globe, it is a stepping stone to freely talking to someone you might have never ever met in person if the internet was not in existence and most importantly deciding if you want to further the relationship by meeting face to face.

Now let’s talk about the downsides to online meet ups and in my own opinion the biggest one of them all is not everyone online is who they portray, there have been cases of people chatting with someone on the internet only to find out the hard way the person was either a forty year old man pretending to be a fifteen year old boy chatting to a teenager/pre-teen or a twenty year old black male pretending to be a sixty year old white male chatting to middle aged women usually white to take advantage of her desperation to have a meaningful relationship and swindle them.

I remember watching a tv show called Hansen vs predator a very very long time ago, both parties were aware of who they were talking to or at least one of them was so here comes the twist, the predator was the target so a grown up woman in her late teens pretended to be a really young kid to deceive the pedophile so yes the internet can be extremely misleading and yes they succeeded in which was a great thing because these Port St. Lucie massage parlors who they were chatting with were vulnerable and not matured enough to be fully aware of their actions.

FYI We can come in contact with people in real life situations who are just not who you think they are but we are talking about the internet. The internet has changed the escorts in Port St. Lucie industry in terms of we can feign many stories to impress whoever we are chatting with either with pictures of various destinations we have supposedly visited and yes you guessed it: fake profile pictures compared to just seeing someone you like in person and approaching them and just starting a conversation and you know who you are actually talking to: you are seeing the actual face of the person not a profile picture except you are video calling but call me old skool but I prefer saving you the stress of just holding your phone all the time especially if you are multitasking at that time and have to be carrying the phone around.

We all need to just put our devices away and just engage with massage girls in Port St. Lucie face to face, I miss the good old days of writing letters and postcards, receive friends and family calls on landlines without having knowledge of who was calling until caller id was invented (but maybe there was a reason for that), approaching someone you desire to talk to: either someone on in the cafe or any other public Port St. Lucie instead of sliding into one’s dms you know after probably googling them or whatever it is we do nowadays to find someone therefore instead of making things so complex, we can just walk up to the person and start a conversation on a common ground.

For example you are waiting in line while waiting to order your favourite cup of coffee from Starbucks and you can just ask the person behind you what do they recommend here even if you already know what you want or you can do that with the person serving you which I am a little bit better at than just talking to a stranger in the queue: what will you recommend and then you go further while they are preparing your order: How long they have been working here, do they like it there and more questions will eventually come up. You will be surprised how much people like to talk mostly about themselves except they are cold and distant then I suggest just order and head out.

It is not a tendency it might turn into anything but you never know right?? I like this quote. I definitely need to put that into practice myself but it’s definitely a long journey and hopefully I will get there before I am 40. Another thing about the Internet and escorts sites is most people just utilise them as a means to hook up so not for a long lasting or a meaningful relationship and sometimes it doesn’t play out that way because engaging sexually with someone can lead to more because a bond has been formed so I might be speaking from the standpoint of a Christian which I am, relationships should start out with communication (getting to know each other)>escorts (courtship)>marriage>sex and many many more.

Real life connections that are built on a solid foundation of communication are much more feasible because it builds confidence, drives one to break out of their shell and encourages connection that goes beyond the physical but what do I know, I am just a millennial right?