Isn’t it about time that “working girls” such as escorts, Providence RI massage girls and indeed prostitutes were made legal and given protection under the law?

The Hook-up culture, however, is not a new phenomenon characterizing the 21st century  neither is it an invention of the Providence escorts, even though many mainstream escort  apps such as xlamma and Edusa are popular for facilitating the hook-up arrangements of today’s  society. An encounter which is sexual in nature but without the commitment of a relationship or  emotional bonding has existed throughout history with different names and societal attitudes  towards it. The oldest profession in the world, prostitution, is in fact a form of casual hook-up  with the exception that most of the women who practised prostitution in the past did it as a  source of income, whereas many others were born into it, therefore with limited options to  escape their fates. In the past, stigma was attached to the topic of hook-ups with most of the  burden of blames falling on the women’s shoulders.

Hook-ups of the 21st century on the other hand, are more mutually beneficial to both men and  women (or whichever gender each party belongs to) and are nothing but a choice that otherwise  financially stable individuals make to respond to their primal urges. So, how come people have become so open towards the hook-up culture that arranging for a  sexual encounter with an Asain massage girl in Providence RI is as normal as setting up any other appointment?

Shifts in sexual behaviours and attitudes towards sexual practices initiated in the 1920s; with  the availability of automobiles and increases in outdoor entertainments such as movie theatres,  adolescents earned the opportunity to stay away from their parental homes for longer periods  of time and spend more time with their peers and social circles, thus also exploring sexuality  more freely and outside of marital bonding. Historically, feminist movements, legalisation and  availability of birth control and changes in abortion laws of early 1960s also contributed to the  sexual liberation and normalisation of the hook-up culture.

If a woman wants to sell her body for sex isn’t it her choice?

Women’s choices have played a major role in the shift of attitudes surrounding sexuality in the  society. Following the feministic movements and open discussions involving abortion laws,  birth controls, women’s rights to equal opportunities and the wide-spread slogans of “my body  my choice” which have dominated the social media platforms in the past few years, women gained self-ownership of their bodies and became more vocal about their sexuality,  experiences, and preferences. When women became free, men became freer. Escorts in Providence RI and massage parlors turned  this change of attitudes into a successful business by catering to our primal instincts of connection and mating and offered women with a “tool” to express their newly gained freedom. In other words, it can be said that online escorts and hook-up sites empowered women as well as gay men and gave them access to what heterosexual men have always had access to – the freedom to make choices without being patronised by the society.

If a woman becomes an escort isn’t that the same as being a Providence prostitute?

Just because something has been normalised in the society it does not mean that the majority accepts it; it only means that the majority tolerates the behaviour more than they ever tolerated it before. The same could be said for the attitude towards the hook-up culture. Many users of the escort sites such as xlamma, and so on do not necessarily agree with or accept the hookup culture but they play along so they are not left out of the game. We live in a type of society  where one needs to give their body first for their heart to even be considered as that has become  the subconscious norm that fuels the escorts world and one must conform to it in order to find  a suitable partner for themselves.

Do men really need to visit massage parlors in Providence RI for a quick BJ?

While the craving to connect to another human is ingrained in our DNA, the constant chiming  of cell phones, the vibrant colours of games, apps, music, videos, always keep us stimulated  and pumped with dopamine making it harder for us to leave our phones and seek interaction with “real” humans. The technological advancement of the last few decades has trained us to seek comfort,  effortlessness, and convenience in everything including romantic relationships. More than ever  before we are connected to each other but also more than ever before we are lonely. We are  constantly made to realise how complex the world is, how self-focused the individuals are, and  how invisible we are in this ever changing world in which permanence is nothing but an illusion,  therefore seeking comfort in the ephemeral, in the short-lived, effortless pleasures seems to be  the only way out.

When it comes to the primal instincts that drive us and influence our daily life choices, very  little has changed since the beginning of times. At the very core of all that we do there is the  interplay of 3 important factors – survival, dominance, reproduction. With the process of  reproduction being one of the most pleasurable of all, normalisation of hook-ups is the  approved and legalised version of cocaine to the western world.

Availability of pornstar escorts in Providence is in combination with loneliness, stress, lack of traditional  moral values, need for self-validation and lack of self-worth also makes the society more  inclined towards casual hook-ups. In fact, many use it as a way to “feel better”, or de-stress  themselves or add that extra hint of joy to their lives. We don’t know if people truly are more accepting towards craigslist adult personal ads in Providence RI or the surge in  the escorts and hook up industry is a reflection of humans succumbing into what has been sold  to them as something they need in order to live happier, freer and more fulfilled lives which in  turn, has stopped one from pointing finger at the other because now they are all in the same  boat? After all, when everyone is guilty of the same crime, there is no crime.


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