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How has society's attitude change towards the women that are involved in the sex industry?

There is proof that the internet has been successful for millions of people in the short and long term, and for many online escorts in Saint Paul Minnesota is just another channel for finding sex. It is easy to see the appeal. The pool of potential partners from escorts is vast to the point of overwhelming. It saves time and money. In just your day-to-day experience, who could you reasonably make an intimate connection with beyond your friendship circle, beyond your workplace, beyond your weekend outings, or beyond embarrassing family match-making attempts at the annual barbecue? Online escorts have destroyed the social and physical barriers limiting the options for romance. Yes, even the role of friends in setting up romance is being displaced, which is one of the most unexpected impacts of online escorts according to most.

Even in just 2009, people were still using friends to help set up online escorts profiles. Now, with mobile phones providing an instant and very personal user experience, the role of friends as matchmakers is being passed over.

This social barrier breakdown has had huge success in particular for LGBT adults, where the percentage of relationships that started online skew highest, up to 70% in America. This is even over the 18-to-29 year old demographic. In 2014, were the first to make 22 genders and 13 sexual orientations available on their app, which led to an explosion in popularity.

Many apps have a niche to narrow down for easier connections as the potential for partners is so overwhelming: For queer women, for relentlessly busy people, for people named Christian (okay, for religious escorts). Some go even further down to the level of hobbyists and other personal identifiers.

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Once on the site, matching is down to the algorithms. Unlike in the 90s, information is abundant – people are connecting their public profiles to their Instagram and Twitter pages. The adult contacts in St Paul MI scene are still full of strangers, but now they are strangers with a product description. They share their history and their choice selfies showing that one angle they insist is their best side. There’s an unspoken promise of a new level of safety and something to talk about on that first date. The worries of how to meet someone become who to meet out of all these prospects, allowing people to reflect more on what their ideal partner would be by their interests, their personality and their looks.However, an environment of strangers can lead to a problem that has plagued social media since it started - the dehumanising effect.

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The language of female escorts in Saint Paul tells its own story. Terms like, OWO, GFE, PSE and CIM which sound like terrible B-Movies, are actually for people disappearing without a trace midway through courting. There’s the recent ‘Breadcrumbing’, people seeking gratuitous bites of attention with no intention of actually escorting. Just returning to flirt when things are going slow for them.

And there’s the ever-present threat of ‘Catfishing’, where people construct entirely fictional profiles for scamming purposes. In Pew’s research, 71% of online daters say it is common for people to lie on their profiles to appear more desirable, meaning it has been experienced by a massive majority. So, while women receive the abundance of attention over men in online escorts, they also receive the abundance of harassment.

Notifications and swipes provide a dopamine rush, and many apps like Tinder are successful because of their gamification. One question continues to arise about internet escorts and the industry: does it make people less keen to commit, knowing that there is such a large pool of potential partners out there? There are even Asian massage girls in Saint Paul that are open and up-front about being specifically for extramarital affairs.

Is there not a contradiction in an industry touting the success of delivering long-term relationships when its own financial success is banking on people continuing to date?

While the initial part of the Saint Paul call girls and escorts game can certainly cause choice paralysis in some, the research into long term relationships does not seem to point that way, at least for now. In America, which has a booming escorts industry, marriages from internet escorts are rated slightly happier and less likely to break-up after a year together.


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