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Do you feel the Internet has an influence on your love life? Has sexual encounters changed since the arrival of hundreds of escorts in San Bernardino?

I’m your girl. No matter how much I like it or hate it, escort apps have been a long shot in my love life, but still worth a try. I still remember the first time, back in 2006, when I used an escorts website: Badoo.  I was in my 20s and had no idea what that website could have led me to. Was it to meet new people to hang out with? Was it to meet the love of my life? Was it simply for sex? At that point in time, I couldn't really tell. It was new for everyone and extremely engaging. In fact, the online escorts phenomenon has quickly dragged millions of singletons in no time. It is no surprise that the UK alone, has more than seven million people with at least one registered profile in an escort app or website. Tinder being the chart topper.

Game and players:

It’s not that I don’t take my love life seriously, but escorts in Fontana are a bit of a game changer.

You simply need to take your phone, download the app, and in less than a minute, you’re done. Get creative with your profile, look for your best pictures, find a striking note, and post some interesting facts about yourself. You don’t want to sound too lame or too boring. You just want to look your best and draw attention to your profile. The average of time users spend on someone’s profile is less than 5 seconds before deciding if they like it or not.

Who are the players? Maybe 10 years ago it was mainly young adults in their 20s, but today everything has changed. I find it fascinating how escorts apps have a huge impact on people in their 30s and 40s. My mum and dad’s time getting into a relationship in their early 20s has far gone.

The fact is, today both women and men want to further explore the possibilities in their lives. escort apps perfectly bridge the gap in this trend, becoming one of the most common ways of meeting new people.  In this busy era, who has the time to go to a bar and make eye contact? escorts apps will do the job for us with relative ease.

Does it really matter if your boyfriend visits San Bernardino massage girls for hand relief?

I've conducted a survey on my social media account and the results surprised me. Around 60% of people aged between 30 and 50 years replied saying that escorts apps do not work for them anymore.  The truth is, the remaining 40% replied saying that escorts apps have actually worked well for them. In fact, most of these positive cases have also stated that 50% of their first dates led to a second one!

Last year I went to a friend's wedding: they met only a year ago on an escorts website.

The point I’m trying to make is that escorts apps somehow appear to be working, but they have changed the process. By this, I mean, everything that would have taken us months or years, today with technology, is being done in weeks or sometimes days.

Just think about how fast an escorts app works; you can swipe left or right and if you succeed in getting a match, you go straight to the conversation. The average conversations end after a couple of lines, very few carry on for longer and result in the exchange of phone numbers. In a matter of days, or sometimes hours a date is set up - piece of cake really.

For some, this happens so quickly that it can easily become a weekly activity. Yes, you heard me right. escorts apps are so easy to use that to some, it has made escorts an addiction.

Do we use escorts apps and escorts websites to ultimately find our perfect other half?

Well, 40% of participants in my survey admitted that they have used escort apps out of boredom, and more so during these unprecedented times caused by COVID-19. What does this mean? Do people think of escort apps as being a serious way to meet someone, or are they mainly used to ‘hook-up’? It is true that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed plenty of habits and escorts is definitely one of them. Together with Netflix and adult websites, escorts apps have seen a huge increase in downloads. Boredom or hope, more singles (and those in relationships as well) have found themselves navigating through different apps looking for an escape!

Based on the singles’ response to my survey, escorts apps are not as reliable as compared to meeting someone the old fashion way. At least, this applies to people in their 20s and 30s. Things totally change for people over 40s who mainly see escort websites as a committing way to meet a companion.

It appears that the meaning of ‘meeting someone’ on escorts apps changes based on the age of users.

Despite escorts apps not being everybody’s cup of tea, they are definitely getting more popular, and surely there is no intention to stop using them anytime soon.

Singles are keen to try at least once in their life this technological way of escorts, but some of them are more selective with the apps they choose.

If Tinder mainly appeals to younger crowds, adults and especially those in their middle age, would rather engage with ‘more serious’ apps such Ashley Madison or Match.com. The idea of committing to a subscription gives users a guarantee that they are actually looking for love in the right place and not wasting their time.

As a single woman, who’s boyfriend has used escort apps in the past, I can come to a conclusion that free apps are definitely not effective if you are seriously looking to meet someone meaningful in your life. In comparison, escort apps and websites that involve a membership are much more likely to give you a chance to successfully find your next partner.

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