From local young men to the older generation, everyone visits Santa Clarita escorts, so why the hypocrisy?

It has long been considered the world’s oldest profession, prostitutes in Santa Clarita CA, but has public perception towards prostitution and other vocations associated with what can loosely be termed “ the sex industry “ changed radically over the course of history?

From the staggering depravity of Caligula’s Rome to the notorious moral corruption of the French pre –revolutionary Court, the sexual psyche of society is never far from the public eye. True, seventeenth century courtesans may not be seen as sex workers in California, but the very nature of their opulent and privileged lifestyle would hinge to a large extent on their participation in a licentious and debauched existence facilitated by their peers.

Although the general public would not have been comprehensively aware of this decadence, gossip mongering amongst servants and staff would have filtered down to the common citizens and peasant classes’ who would, in all likelihood, have merely shaken their collective heads and marvelled at the whims and  rites of passage of the upper crust of society and the Nobility.

Mary Magdalene is arguably the most famous prostitute in history and yet her attendance at the Crucifixion and involvement in subsequent events ( she is reputed to be the first person to whom Jesus appeared  after the Resurrection ) has led to her being an object of reverence in Western Society, reinvented to the point of being canonised by the Roman Catholic Church and recognised as a saint in the Anglican, Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran churches.

Could this said reverence be an indication of our need for the “ feel good “factor, the harlot made good, the whore with a heart of gold? Perhaps an indication of the inherent need that many of us feel for the power of redemption?

Has your view point changed towards entering the escort industry?

sex workers have to overcome the inherently negative labels, is something that affects all women in the escort industry. We have been told that sex workers are bad people, often accused to be spreading diseases and high on drugs. The overall lifestyle of sex workers is unsafe. But lately in the past few years there has been a lot of shows and YouTube lifestyle video’s that have been going into the life of sex workers, making their life’s look. Lot more glamorous and saver than we thought, with a lot of money, rules and no drugs.

Have you ever thought about becoming Santa Clarita escorts?

Even now with covid you can do escort industry online at home in your own safety, you don’t have to leave the house to go to a strip club, you can even do online glamour modelling at home and webcam work, making this a safer place to work with and a work at home job. Why use the term Santa Clarita escort rather than “prostitute”? The term sex worker recognizes that sex work is work. Prostitution, on the other hand, has connotations of criminality and immorality. Once people learnt this and it has become more normalised in our everyday lives, with all the tv programs and YouTube videos, having confident strong women talking about the escort industry has changed the view point towards the escort industry, I personally think it has neutralized the escort industry, within teens now days and even some adults.

Human trafficking is an egregious human rights violation involving the threat or use of force, Sex work, on the other hand, is a consensual transaction between adults, where the act of selling or buying sexual services is not a violation of human rights. The fact that sex work is work does not mean that it is good work, or empowering work, or harmless work. However, sex work is not inherently harmful and definitely if you do it at home, some are agnostic about their work but find that it offers flexibility or good pay.

Personally, I feel over the years the viewpoints have changed towards sex workers and massage girls in Santa Clarita CA from getting hate for being dirty and unsafe to glamour’s and empowering, even a lot of sex workers clubs owners have come out with statements on what the rules are for sex work, most clubs like strip clubs don’t let the clients touch the works and also can be removed.

Media has been found to contribute to the construction, reproduction, and social stigmas associated with the escort industry. This lets them tell their own stories, showing how much they get paid and what lifestyle they live, when viewing this it shocked people and changed there viewpoint on sex working.

Selling skills involves also certain right to the person of the worker during employment in a similar way to gaining control of the body when having sex, I personally think to younger woman this is when they see Craigslist adult contacts in Santa Clarita CA a strong independent woman who is in charge of their self’s, rather than someone who is dirty and unsafe, The lack of acceptance of sex and race that are viewed negatively leads to the lack of acceptance also in the public life.

Supply of sex workers seems to be matched by increased demand in many parts of the world. Working for the escort industry can lead to a wealthy lifestyle and a good increase of money compared to a nine to five job, you can earn thousands a night, with Instagramers and Youtubers showing this has changed the viewpoint of peoples though.

There are many ideological influences on the escort industry and these vary by country and culture, but the growth of sex as a commodity is reflected in the increased use of sexual images in advertising. Sex work through the enactment of the Prostitution Reform Act. Many opponents to this legislation predicted that there would be increasing numbers of people entering a massage parlor in Santa Clarita, especially in the street-based sector. This shows that clearly sex sales. 

Sex work can be very profitable for women, and many women may enjoy work that allows them to creatively express their sexuality Sex work can allow human beings a way to safely explore their sexual desires in ways they cannot through the current social norm.

Many Santa Clarita escorts earn a living by exerting a strong aspect of their personality. Managers are paid for their leadership abilities, teachers for their patience, and waiters for their extroversion. Why, then, is it wrong for a prostitute to profit from her sexuality?

In the year 2020 escort industry doesn’t always mean going to the club to sell your body now days there are a lot of escorts in Santa Clarita that are online, this has made it a lot safer way to work in the sex entertainment, it also has shown the population of the escort industry changing its safety means there is more people entering, there is a lot of ways to work in the escort industry online and some of these don’t even include taking your clothes of, some escort industry’s just involve selling items and advertising, if you did want to take your clothes off but your worried about your safety there are even apps where you get paid to take nudes, this is a much safer way to work In the escort industry and it shows that peoples viewpoints are changing to more of a positive way towards the escort industry.

Over all I think peoples view point has changed towards the industry and the industry is changing to make peoples life safer when working with them, I personally do not think it is taboo to talk about sex in everyday life making the escort industry more neutralised, if you got it flaunt it, but remember you need to stay save your body your rules.

So would you enter the escort industry?