What do lesbians think about married men who visit escorts in Sarasota FL?

xlamma. A site for bored, judgemental, misogynistic men looking of ways to destroy their marriage and lonely, sex deprived escorts and massage girls in Sarasota trying to seek out a ‘good time’ whilst their partners are at work. Don’t get me wrong, I found a lot of single profiles roaming the pages wanting to “initiate contact” during my research. This meant creating a false identity to be able to find genuinely positive reasons as to why xlamma should even exist in the first place. My first thoughts on the site was that it was a place for horny, selfish, married people  who only have one thing on their mind, however, as I delved further into the site (risky move) I realised that there may be a hint of decency behind their reasons. Children. Finance. Judgement. Those are the only 3 fathomable reasons as to why these people would even consider intercourse with another soul that isn’t the one they signed their life to.

Children. The one word that can make each person feel an overwhelming sense of emotion upon hearing it yet no one knows whether they should be filled with love or filled with regret, this can carry on throughout their childhood and eventually it can be reflected in a lot of peoples’ marriage. A sense of tiredness, lifelessness and a lack of communication can lead to their spouse seeking a new companion, as an affair is more straightforward than getting a divorce and then you have the issue of the children. Who gets custody? Who gets the house? Who gets to explain to them why you are separating? You will be made to look like the villain in the story for breaking your spouse's heart and they’ll remember that for the rest of their lives, but what if you could have all of the intimacy and passion of a real relationship without having to go through the pain and suffering of losing your family. Sounds tempting right? Two lives, one filled with fire and romance and one filled with cohesion and structure. In the end, the children are the ones who suffer the most when divorce occurs, they take on the feelings of both parents and grow up feeling as if it was their fault, you wouldn’t ever want to wish those feelings upon your child, an affair is the only option.

If money grew on trees, there would be no issues surrounding divorce. But it doesn’t. We live in a world where it costs more to divorce the person who hurt you than it does to build a life with them. You could probably afford a house with the money it costs you to leave them, so then it comes down to one question.

So why do so many married men hire Sarasota escort agency girls for an afternoon of sexual lust?

Do you separate from them and go back to live with your parents, or do you try and ‘work things out’ when every night all you can think about is your partner with another suitor? It’s unfortunately a battle that must be had in this day and age because financial issues are a major factor in why people have affairs. When there’s money problems, there’s arguments, when there’s arguments, there’s pain and when there’s pain, there’s falling out of love with each other, so you try and re-spark the romance, right? Wrong. The majority of people will go seeking that attraction elsewhere, meeting new partners to converse with in secret, whilst keeping the financial issues under control and maintaining some sort of relationship with your spouse. When the arguments get too much, the figures in the bank aren’t adding up and the sofa is no longer comfortable to sleep on, an affair is the only option.

Does modern Love include being unfaithful with Sarasota escorts and massage parlor girls?

Social Anxiety disorder. Its definition is an intense or overpowering fear of being judged by others. As crazy as it sounds, it is one of the most common reasons as to why many of the users on xlamma, have created a profile. The secrecy of the website is the most enticing characteristic, everything is private until you allow them to be seen, you have control over who is able to view your photos and your details, you hold the power and you are shown that as soon as you open up their site. A woman holding a finger to her lips, what screams Secret more than that? Whilst conducting my research, it dawned on me that judgement is and always will be, part of our society. You will get judged no matter what you do but can you imagine the discernment you would face if people found out you were having an affair, that you were single at age 40 or that you had separated from your partner, without getting a divorce finalised, and had already moved on to your next admirer. xlamma is a place where no one can judge you because they either understand your situation or they themselves are also a victim to the fear of getting judged, it is a way to stay anonymous but to seek your hearts pleasures simultaneously. The fear of being judged is powerful and overwhelming, it can consume you and your life entirely, so to prevent that from happening, to prevent your soul being eaten, an affair is the only option.

Do escorts in Sarasota adopt the catfishing techniques that dating site profiles do?

One fake profile and 6 anonymous messages to an account with no pictures and a famously well-known name, lead me to find my answers. I don’t know the story behind every person on the website, I am unable to comment or make assumptions based on the fact that they have created a profile on a site that’s target market is married people because they may have a family, they may have financial issues or they may just fear being judged. This doesn’t mean what they are doing is right, they are sending a message to have an affair or to cheat on their partner maybe just for some ‘fun’ but sometimes there may be reasons behind it, sometimes an affair could be the only option.



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