Would you say that society’s viewpoint has changed towards women  entering the Syracuse escorts scene? The question is what is classified as the ‘sex industry’? People often just think sex industry equals female or  gay prostitutes in Syracuse where you run the chance of catching HIV. However, there’s so much more to the industry.  Did you know that a simple thing such a selling pictures of your feet is classified as working in the sex  industry? I only found this out myself a couple of days ago. So many websites offer to pay for pictures of your  feet or you doing cam recordings of you putting nail polish on your toes to fulfil the desires of those users  with feet fetish. Would you classify that as working in the sex industry if you are a foot or maybe even a hand  model? Some may think but that’s not even a sexy part of the body it's just a foot or hand. So, this is a rather  subjective question.

If women were to visit male escorts in the same way that men visit female escorts in Syracuse, how would society view that? Ask a feminist who thinks a woman should be able to do whatever they want with their own body that  question and they will tell you that if you are in the sex industry people often think that you are forced into it  or being pimped out but it just isn’t always the case. Sex positivists argue that what is considered intimacy  and or sexual acts should be decided by the woman. For example, former sex worker, activist, and writer,  Maggie McNeil, argues that there are many professions that may be described as intimate (i.e., nurses,  gynecologists, child care professionals) and that all women, including sex workers and Syracuse prostitutes, should be  able to choose what is considered intimate and what is not.

Why are so many students working as Syracuse escorts? A student doing a part time pole dancing job in a nightclub to fund her studies will often do it of her own  accord. This may not necessarily just be for the money but because she may be a dance student and  actually it's helping her practise her moves and build confidence.  

What other types of revenue can sex workers and especially Syracuse massage girls engage in? Is selling your used underwear entering the sex industry? You aren’t performing any sexual acts but you do  know that somebody out there could be performing sexual acts with your item of clothing as they find it such  a turn on. I have sold many of my used sports bras. It never once crossed my mind that I was entering  the sex industry. I just thought I no longer fit these items so I will sell them on and make a little bit of money  back from somebody who wants them. I don’t necessarily associate sports bras as being a sexy item of  clothing but they are bras. So am I entering the sex industry without even realising?

Do escort sites encourage women to enter the sex worker business? The expansion of the internet has changed the sex industry. Smooci, a booking platform for escorts launched  earlier this year. Smooci representative Sarah Ryland denied the app was encouraging prostitution in Syracuse. “So both  parties benefit from being able to maintain their own privacy, but at the same time ensure that everything  that’s done is done with integrity and is done in a way that means that everybody involved is happy, safe and  respected.” Platforms like xlamma are legal, but the question is, is new tech like this creating a new  generation of sex workers and influencing people who may have never considered the profession before?  Will this make those struggling financially to think maybe I can do this for easy money to pay my mortgage,  find craigslist adult personals in Syracuse or fund my studies?

How easy is it to find Syracuse escorts that are near me? The flip side is that many of those against the sex industry often think that even if you choose to enter it of  your own accord it is immoral but who is to tell you what is moral and immoral right? We all have our own  opinions and thoughts on everything else in life so what makes this any different? So the bottom line is  society will always be divided towards people entering the sex industry depending on who you speak to. This  is just basic human nature to have different viewpoints. Depending on what the individual you speak to has  experienced in their life they will have a different viewpoint to the next person. An escort who just attends  functions with you but does not partake in sexual acts may tell you she is not working in the sex industry.  Whereas two different feet models may have different viewpoints. One may tell you yes they feel they are  working in the sex industry by selling pictures of their feet because they know a guy is going to jerk off to it  but another foot model may tell you well its just a picture of your feet, not like it’s a sexy part of the body, you  see adverts with feet in them for wax or nail polish adverts so what’s the big deal. The biggest problem with  people entering the sex industry is the stigma that is attached to it, which I think will be very hard to shift.


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