Why are so many students signing on with Tallahassee escort agencies?

With tuition fees now at more than $12k a year, student life comes with a hefty price tag – and that's before you factor in the cost of living. Sky high rental costs put added pressure on students, with some turning to escorting to help make ends meet. But are economic concerns the only factor driving students to this alternative line of work?  Reasons why so many students are signing on with escort agencies:

It pays well

Escorting is an extremely lucrative business: some students claim earnings of up to $1000 in just one night. When you think of how many bar shifts that equates to, it's plain to see why escorting holds such allure for those wanting quick and easy cash.

No "Bank of Mum and Dad"

Some students feel they have no option but to sign on with Tallahassee escort agencies simply to fund their studies. Mature students in particular often have less recourse to the "Bank of Mum and Dad" and need to meet their costs independently – in whatever way possible. It's flexible.

Fitting retail or restaurant shift work around a university timetable can be difficult. Escort agencies and Tallahassee massage parlors allow students to work whenever they have a window, whether that's in between lectures, on midweek evenings or at weekends.

Agencies actively recruit students. It's not just students looking to sign on with agencies; agencies actively recruit students to add to their books. Young, attractive and intelligent, students are often sought-after by clients and therefore by the agencies serving them.

Why is there an Increase in Students Signing on with Escort Agencies in Tallahassee?

In light of the rising cost of higher education, many students turn to part time work to supplement their living expenses. However, recent studies show an increasing number of young people seeking employment through ‘adult work’, particularly escort services.

The average student spends $1106.62 a month - $37 more than in 2018. Of the 3385 students polled, 79% “struggled to make ends meet”. 69% believed that their maintenance loan was not enough to meet their needs, with a majority of each installment spent on accommodation.

This leaves little (if any at all) for essential expenses such as food, bills, transport or course materials. Whilst part time work is available through a variety of means, why are more university students choosing escort agencies over more traditional forms of student employment?

A surprising find from the National Student Money survey revealed that 4% of respondents had been employed in some form of sex work. The manner of jobs ranged from intimate photos and webcamming sessions, to prostitution and selling used items of clothing. Of that figure, 6% had tried working as Tallahassee escorts and 7% had been paid to sleep with someone. One student interviewed for the survey shared their view looking back on their experience as an escort:

Whilst the overall 4% might appear small on paper, it doubles the figures from 2017. On a broader scale, if this percentage were applied to the HESA count of undergrads alone, it would account for over 70,000 people.

So, what makes becoming escorts in Tallahassee such a lucrative option for students?

There are seemingly attractive perks: flexible hours allow students to balance their work and studies through term time. The boost to one’s confidence when booked by regulars or multiple clients could also be a contributing factor, not to mention the potential excitement of living a double life.

The pay is also undeniably persuasive, with most agencies offering escorts at a starting price of over $100 per hour. Some Tallahassee escorts are paid for their company and conversation. But is this a safe line of work, particularly for students looking for a part time job and not a full-time profession?

Most established escort agencies in Florida screen clients and have safeguarding policies to protect their employees. Independent escorts are also advised to do the same for their own safety. The price for said safety is about a 30% commission taken by the agency, which prompts escorts to become self-employed to save their earnings. In a 2018 article in The Independent, a former Tallahassee massage girl claimed that Indeed, many sources offering advice on becoming an escort warn that sexual favours are an ever-present part of the job description.

The threat of STIs prompts the need for extra vigilance from both clients and willing escorts. From the glamorisation on TV and positive experiences written online, this hazard often goes unreported to showcase the monetary benefits instead.

The Internet also plays a contributing role in the growth of the Tallahassee escorts. Online booking systems and catalogues provide a dizzying variety of people to choose from all looking for Craigslist adult contacts in Tallahassee. As a potential escort, finding an agency and signing up can be completed quickly and from the comfort of your home. Networking, screening clients and organising your schedule are all possible via a smartphone or laptop.

Social media has also made its mark, with personal ads and details readily posted online to attract a wider clientele girls are also flocking to work in Tallahassee massage parlors. This, however, is a double-edged sword, as anyone can be found whether they like it or not.

With a paycheck that exceeds retail, bar or cleaning work, the appeal of escort work is growing despite the risks involved. With a growing number of young people looking to work as escorts in Tallahassee as a quick and easy solution to their financial struggles, Universities and student loan providers would do well to examine how far their finance options go to keep students happy and safe.

Escorts in Tallahassee were asked if they would return to sex work?

Most of the escorts and massage girls in Tallahassee said that if I needed to they would do it again, as it can be a quick and relatively easy way to make money.” The option to return finds its appeal in its ease of finding regular work and comparatively easy money.


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