We think we are so liberal about sex and our sexuality nowadays. We eagerly arrange to meet strangers for the sole purpose of hooking up and then happily never see them again just adding them to our list of endless conquests. We visit shops dedicated to the art of self pleasure, we role play and dress up to fulfil erotic fantasies. We arrange threesomes and have multiple sexual partners on the go at the same time. We have sex outdoors, on public transport, some of us like other people watching. We send and receive nudes, we are fluid in our sexuality and don’t like it defined or labelled, we think visiting Toms River escorts is quite tame actually.

We like to think we are so “out there” in fulfilling all these sexual fantasies and at experiencing new and different pleasures. We are so open about every little sordid detail, the retelling of our most recent sexual encounter is at times just as much fun as the act itself. We say we will try anything once “literally, anything,” yet there is still a stigma attached to certain aspects of the sex industry (aspects that even the most sexually adventurous among us) turn our noses up at the prospect of, shudder at the thought of and shame those involved, but why?

What kind of sexy Toms River escorts are the most popular with clients?

We pride ourselves on being free and experimental with this love is fluid attitude. We enjoy going to Amsterdam and gawk at the women in their little shop windows like they are a huge tourist attraction yet when faced with the actual concept of sex work, think it is abhorrent. Now I am as guilty for this viewpoint as anyone. As convoluted as it sounds I recently learned that someone I knew was regularly using prostitutes and was completely shocked at the prospect. “But I thought this was a nice cul-de-sac?” I said appalled, judgmentally peering out the net curtains like a member of the neighbourhood watch society before my insatiable need for more details outweighed my initial disgust. Being miles away from anywhere I would assume to be a red light district I was intrigued, it turns out said neighbour picks up his ladies of the night online. “Kind of like Tinder then?” I asked surprised at the ease of it all. No swiping for ages, no small talk over messages before agreeing to meet and ultimately get laid then never seeing each other again, just getting laid. Therefore isn’t this just the same as a planned and sought after one night stand, the only difference being you get paid or are being billed?

What’s the difference between a call girl in Toms River and an escort?

When I dug a little deeper it turns out the facets of the sex industry that we are most appalled by is where any exchange of money is involved. Is it because people are willing to accept payment for something we would do for free? Take pornography for example, we are happy to watch it, have sex alongside it or giggle at it, we even film ourselves having sex, but the concept of someone getting paid to do all that, for many, is horrifying. We assume all these terrible reasons why someone would choose or have to turn to having sex for a living; they must have a drug problem, or be in terrible debt, homeless, maybe they have come from a broken home? Endless awful situations flash through our minds as we ponder the extremes that would turn ourselves into that kind of work…

Has the stigma attached to the girls that work as Toms River escorts and massage girls now diminishing?

There has always been a stigma attached to the sex industry but through the years many areas have managed to outgrow those initially pinned to them. Stripping for example used to be concealed in a cloud of judgement but now we enjoy watching the likes of Magic Mike and Crazy Horse. We  recognise it as an art and appreciate they are performers with talent not some single mum with a drug problem trying to pay her way through college with daddy issues. Yet the oldest profession, can’t quite seem to shake the judgement. It’s not that some of these judgments aren’t unfounded and never happen but it strikes me as odd that views don’t seem to have changed at all towards certain facets of the sex industry despite how liberal we seem to think we are.

Why are so many local women turning to Toms River escort agencies for employment?

A 2017 article talked to several different sex workers about how and why they got into the profession to try and help eradicate some of this outdated stigma. Fifteen woman who partake in different types of sex work (cam models, porn stars, financial dominatrix), describe how freeing the work is because of the money they earn, the hours they work, in some cases the travel and what it means to their future prospects. Some of them still do it whereas others look back fondly at the memories with no regrets for without the money from their sex work they wouldn’t be where they are now, owning businesses with the financial freedom to do whatever they want. The majority of them are happily married with families of their own who know about their past so if that doesn’t eliminate some of those single mum delusions out there I don’t know what will!

What are the downsides to working as a massage girl in Toms River NJ?

However, there is no smoke without fire. Where it is great that those women and many others have had such positive experiences, not everyone is (and for some of the judgmental people at the back there) those negative experiences are just as we’d imagined them to be. Women and men of all ages trapped and trafficked, abused, addicted to drugs and funding their habit, exposed to sexually transmitted infections, assault, violent customers, rape. This is the stigma that seems to over shadow anything positive we have gleaned from the industry. There is often disputes over the legalisation of sex work. Some take the stand that by legalising it  will make it more prolific and encourage more violence, rape etc. However what is not understood is the protection and security which would be provided to help those struggling in the sex industry if it was legalised, such as regular health check ups and police protection for if/when things turn nasty. Perhaps if it were to be legalised and recognised as actual work then it wouldn’t seem as taboo or as seedy or dirty as we think it is?

The law on sex workers in Toms River NJ is obviously flawed, Isn’t it time to try new things?

So it would appear that despite our freeness and pride in our own (free) sexual escapades, we aren’t  as quick to change our attitude to all aspects of the sex industry as we are to hop to it with someone we met half a Martini ago. Whereby there are still clearly some issues, there are a lot of positive examples from different prostitutes in New Jersey, we would do well to be as open minded towards sex work as we are towards our own sexual exploits. One way to do this would be to research the pros and cons of sex work, listen to  personal experiences, understand what decriminalising it would mean and forming our own opinions rather than recycling ones that are outdated and unjustified.