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A day like no other in my life as a Wilmington escort:

When I received a call from my agency telling me that a woman was interested in my services, I was bewildered. After an uncomfortably long silence over the phone, I instinctively said "No". I don't know why I said it. Probably because awkward silences give me anxiety. Although I'd never been with a woman before, I didn't expect the thought of being with one would bother me at any level. But I guess it did. Then Gloria told me that she had never resorted to "this kind of services", that she really liked, and I quote, the "juvenile flippancy that exuded from my pictures", and had offered double my hourly rate. Fuck it. After all, it's not like I have this extensive list of criteria that all my clients have to meet. I'm not attracted to women, but I'm also not attracted to middle-aged men whose professional success is marriage. And guess what? That's 90% of my clientele. So why decline such a generous offer? I'm in this business for the money and everything that comes with it. The glamor is little to none: there's only one regular client who likes to take me to expensive restaurants and high-end hotels across the country, he says that there's something about my excitement that pleases him on an existential level. The rest of my work is as straightforward as it can be. On a good week I enjoy the sex maybe twice, but I love being paid every single time.

At this point I'd been an escort for almost two years. I knew almost everything about the job. I was fortunate with an escort agency in Wilmington that took good care of me. Not every girl gets that lucky, let me tell you. Knowing that someone had already approved a client before I had to meet him was the main reason I started doing this. I'm a fearful girl. I would never showcase myself on the roadside and enter some stranger's car nor would I arrange a meeting with some random guy over the internet. I value my physical well-being. Apparently way more than my mental state. 

But even though I know I'm safe, I always feel extremely vulnerable for a few moments when first meeting a new client. I don't know why since I've done it dozens of times. It's a feeling of helplessness that grips me as the scheduled hour approaches and lasts until maybe three minutes after we first say "hi". Then I realize that these people are way more vulnerable than I could ever be – most of the time. But it didn't happen with this woman. We set up our meeting in an apartment downtown that my agency bought to lend to us girls. I sat patiently on the bed in the same outfit I had taken those pictures she'd liked with – you'll never get a second chance to make a great first impression, right? – and went over the briefing Gloria had texted me one last time.

"Christina. 39 yo. Works for a Wilmington escort agency . Recently divorced. 1 kid. Wants to experiment with women. You're going to be her first."

When the doorbell rang, I knew I was safe even before peeking through the peephole. I liked that feeling.


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