Ask An Escort; Trisha has been an escort in Gatineau for almost 5 years now:


How did you become one of the most successful escorts in Gatineau?

My husband served in Afghanistan with the Marines and was wounded for life over there. Of course, we get some compensation from the government but it was never enough and still isn’t. We have 3 kids to feed, so I was forced to start doing something. Add to this, my husband was wounded in a way that means we can no longer have an active sex life. I didn't want to have an affair so, me becoming an erotic massage girl was sort of an idea that we came up with together. It kills two-birds-with-one-stone. 


Do you remember your first booking and did you let the client have sex with you?

Yes, I still see the guy to this day, actually. He's a lovely chap. Married with two kids but she doesn't pay him much attention, I don't think. I've been seeing him maybe once a month for over 6 years now. He's probably paid me enough to buy several medium-sized family cars over the years. I'm an independent escort in Gatineau now and he still keeps coming to see me after I left the escort agency.


Did you have any sexual encounters with your first booking?

Yes, the full-works. He wanted full intimacy. I'm glad that he did too. When I was first starting, some of the experienced girls there told me that guys sometimes don't want a full sexual encounter. I was praying that this guy did. I wanted to get the first one out of the way - like ripping a plaster off super-quick. I just wanted to get it done so that I could see there was nothing to fear. So yeah, I lost my Gatineau escort girls virginity with my first client. 


How did it feel the first time having sex for money?

Easy! I couldn't believe I'd made that much money for such a simple thing. It made me wonder why I'd slogged away in an office job through my 20s and 30s. We'd be in a much better financial situation today if I'd just got on my back and spread my legs sooner. Backpage escorts in Gatineau are seriously easy money for any girl that's not held back by judgments or insecurities. 


After being an escort in Gatineau for so long, do you still enjoy sex?

Most escorts I know still enjoy sex, and I'm no different. It's one of the reasons I started doing it and agreed with my husband, remember. So yes, I do get a nice little fix from it and it's nice to satisfy and be satisfied by a man. If I didn't enjoy it, I don't know if I could keep doing it - although the money is crazy good, as I've said. 


What is the most requested service you get from clients at your Gatineau escort agencies?

A lot of guys do like me to play the dominant role. I think that's maybe because I'm a bit older. I know a lot of the younger girls get requests for the ''girlfriend experience''. I get that too. But, yeah, definitely a lot of guys are requesting me to be a dom and punish them. We get lots of toys out and have some fun. 


Are there any Shemale escorts in Gatineau?

At present, I don't personally know any shemales at the Gatineau massage parlours where I have friends (I'm an independent escort now and work from a private apartment). However, in my 6 years in the game, I have come across some female escorts in Gatineau, yes. 


Do you regret this career choice at all?

I regret not becoming a Gatineau escort earlier in life. So, no. I love it. Back when I was at university I actually did some nightclub podium dancing and I remember getting my tits out a few times. That was the closest I got to backpage for many years. I should've pursued it more - because I even loved doing that. I should've got the hint. Anyway, the last 6 years have been fantastic and I now serve a niche in the mature market. I don't see myself giving this up soon.


What should a girl do if she's looking to become a female escort in Gatineau?

Get in your local escort directory and gather some contact details for the various escort agencies and massage parlours there. Make some calls, do some visits and pick an agency that you feel comfortable with. I think that's so important. There are some bad eggs out there so you don't want to let that taint your whole view of the industry. The massage parlour I started at was fantastic and the people there are still my friends today. Pick the right place to work at and you'll see just how easy and fun this work is. Also, try to get some mentors - girls who've got some experience and can look after you. The faster you learn, the faster you'll earn. 


Would you let your daughter become an escort?

Yes, absolutely. Especially if she wanted to become a Gatineau escort because I know the best places for her to work and the best people to get connected with. This is an empowering industry for young women as long as you maintain control of your time, your money and your body. The moment you start saying yes to things you aren't comfortable with is when it becomes a slippery slope. So, yes, I'd strongly encourage my daughter to do it and I'd coach her how to get the most cash possible out of her time. 


What's next for you? How long will you continue being a sexy blonde escort in Gatineau?

No sign of me stopping. I'm still horny and my husband and I still have relatively young children to look after. Car payments need to be made and the mortgage won't pay itself. I'll keep going for as long as there are men willing to pay for the privilege of touching my body, basically. That's how I see it. Why stop? What else am I going to do that pays so well?


Are sugar babies asking for money from their sugar daddies the same as Gatineau escorts asking for money from their clients?

Sugaring, in particular, has experienced quite a growth in popularity among students. As part of a standard sugaring service, a wealthy (typically older, and most often male) participant (known as a sugar 'daddy/mommy') treats a less well-off (typically younger, attractive and most often female) sugar baby to regular dates, along with material compensation either per meet or in the form of a monthly 'allowance' in an ongoing contact (known as an 'arrangement'). Allowances can range from paying a few energy bills to sums of money which could blow any bartending wage out of the water. Websites bringing together sugar parents and babies - bright with images of suited silver foxes draped in glamourous young women, advertising 'elite' dating and 'mentoring' - look and feel much the same as the average dating website, with catalogues of profiles to choose from. There's even a market for the Girlfriend Experience', a type of arrangement which prioritises 'genuine' romantic connection over solely sexual hook-ups, offering role-playing as a couple, complete with dates, flirting and emotional support – intimacy on demand, for a price. Some offer opportunities for international travel, as 'successful' members seek beautiful teen escorts in Gatineau for all-expenses-paid trips to exotic places. So rather than just the appeal of easy cash (and a lot of it), diverse sex work avenues such as sugaring are presented as offering a whole lot more: the mystique of a rich, older 'sponsor', empowerment, and even the ability to be your own boss, managing your own time, commitments – and boundaries. 


Do all escorts in Gatineau offer sexual services to their clients?

Such forms of online and web-facilitated sex work may not involve standing on street corners, but behind the glamour and self-proclaimed perks still lies a great deal of risk. The variety of options available gives the illusion of control where the student, as the provider, chooses the services they provide and the level of engagement. However, Gatineau escorts only have to offer sexual encounters if they feel comfortable and related activities are still part of an unregulated industry, where easy money comes at a cost – whether repetitional, emotional or physical damage. For one, once a name and face are up on a site, the internet has a very long memory. A couple of embarrassing, drunken photos on social media might be forgiven by a future employer, but a student's webcam session deep throating a banana, readily available on a webcam platforms, might not be so easy to overlook. Transporting arrangements out of the virtual world and into reality has its own catalogue of risks. Although it might seem like interacting with clients online initially would provide more of an opportunity to vet and clearly establish boundaries before a first meeting, there is still no way to guarantee who you might be speaking to, with a very literal screen to hide behind. Sites hosting activities such as sugaring often claim to screen religiously for escorting activity and identity fraud, but there's only so much a website can do to risk checking potential clients. Online, it's very easy to lie about who you are and how much money you're willing to pay – and many do. As the industry is unregulated, operating in a very grey legal area, there is no obligation for clients to stick to any contract, whether regarding boundaries or payments. At the very least, there is the phenomenon of the 'Splenda daddy' – 'fake sugar' clients who enjoy the service but refuse to pay. At worst, amplified by the power of the purse strings, coercion might push potential sugar babies into doing something they don't want to do. 


Can a marriage remain monogamous with so many sexy Gatineau escorts and Asian girls working in Quebec massage parlours on offer?

Monogamy as a cornerstone of a healthy marriage - often the only cornerstone - is now an outdated concept. Many people are in polyamorous situations, with multiple partners, many couples enjoy threesomes or ‘open’ relationships, and there are now several shows on Netflix that feature ‘thruples’ (monogamous’ relationships of three people). People exist on a spectrum, and we all have different needs that change over time. What is important for a relationship is trust, communication and compromise. massage parlours in Gatineau, like all other internet services, is just that - a service. If you or your partner is willing to break the relationship’s trust, fail to communicate or compromise - shutting down massage parlours (or indeed, all dating sites) will do nothing to prevent that. 


If a married man visits Gatineau escorts is he cheating on his wife?

Men don’t see it that way, they see visiting an escort as just a bit of mild relief, a bit of harmless fun and it doesn’t interfere with their marriage. It must be better for a man to have sex with an escort rather than have an affair with a woman that likes the him. With an escort there are no strings attached. Obviously the wife wouldn’t see it in the same light. For the wife a man that visits a working girl of any description, be they; escorts, massage parlour girls or a local prostitute, the wife of a husband that partakes in the services of these women will undoubtably be suing for divorce.


Where can I find the best teen escorts in Gatineau?

The escort sites specialising in teen escorts can be found on xlamma. Search for teenage 18+ escorts in Gatineau to find 100’s of local, ethnically diverse escorts and massage girls offering erotic services to the clients.


Why do married men visit massage parlours in Gatineau?

The answer to this question can be many and varied. But usually, it's not the wife's fault. Many times it stems from repressed sexual desires in the husband, or unmet sexual needs. But if his sexual needs aren't met, why doesn't he speak up? Men are funny creatures. They are rarely open and vulnerable about their sexual needs and desires, and this is a problem. But their inability to be open isn't unfounded. The husband doesn't want to risk the stability of the relationship with his wife over something as trivial as sex with Gatineau escorts or massage girls, so he'd prefer to pay for it. And maintain a modicum of stability and the status quo with his wife.

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