It is estimated that a high percentage of clients who visit escorts are married. So why do married men visit Kingston escorts? 

Imagine eating the same sandwich for the rest of your life. So you ask for mayonnaise for a change but the waitress just stares back at you in disgust as if you’ve insulted the chef. From then on you’re mechanically masticating, staring out the window, fantasising about devouring that chick wrap sold across the road. To put it in layman's terms the relationship has got stale and there’s hardly any communication between the couple. So what does any sensible man do in this predicament to make their wife happy again? That’s right they think about their own needs instead and pay for an escort! Can some men be that self-centred? He believes that some guys cheat because they are sociopaths, they have trouble with emotions and just think about their own drives and needs. Then there are sex addicts who were injured during childhood who act out in all kinds of ways which are hurtful to themselves and other people.


Is it better for a married man to book Kingston escorts rather than embark on an illicit affair with another married woman through a website such as Ashley Madison where their motto is ‘life's short have an affair’? 

'WHAT?' you might say, when first hearing of, the extra-marital-affair themed dating site whose mantra is, plainly: Life is short. Have an affair. 'An affair?' you might then say, and justifiably ask who in their right mind would condone that, let alone make a business out of it. And hey, I agree with you. But let's look at this objectively. Ashley Madison was founded in 2001 and has grown into a successful enterprise. Whatever your moral objections, the site appeals to a great number of people, which makes the question worth asking.


What type of girls are attracted to a life as a sex worker and starts in Kingston massage parlours?

Although making a quick sum of money, the increase of university fees and the thought of impending debt would be reason enough to take up escorting, studies has found that unfortunately, the reason most girls start escorting is to be able to afford the everyday things essential for living. Essentially, the cost of living is simply too high for these students, and maintenance loans are not covering it, which is why around 5% of UK students are using escorting to finance their time at university. And although some escorts are ardent about the positives of their work, there still remains an element of danger in their line of work, as well as the stigma associated with the idea of escorting. Perhaps this is why a lot of the people who will, in an offhand way when they can’t afford a night out, say things like, ‘I wouldn’t mind sleeping with someone for a bit of money’, won’t actually consider escorting as a feasible option, and will opt for a more traditional part-time job. Now, what is wrong with the traditional part-time job, working a few evenings per week babysitting or in a pub? This is the preferred choice of many students, but sometimes trying to juggle a demanding university course alongside a part-time job and a social life can seem impossible! Furthermore the disparity between the national minimum wage and the localised living wage can mean that even students with jobs are struggling to meet their monthly rent and bill costs. Additionally the rise of zero hour contracts and specific university rulings, either limiting the number of hours a student can work per week or even banning part-time work, means that students can’t earn enough per week to live on. Therefore, the reason more and more university students are becoming escorts in Kingston or using sex work to fund their time at university is the same reason people have always been escorts; The price of living is simply too high for the average person, and the measures in place to help, aren’t enough to cover it. Meaning a lot of these students are forced to undertake potentially dangerous and stigmatised work to make ends meet. 

Are there Kingston escorts on hook-up sites such as Tinder/Hinge posing as girls looking for a date? 

Selfish, sick and twisted as the idea may first seem, does it serve some sort of good? At least it's honest and upfront, I suppose. These are my first thoughts as I land on the site and scroll up and down its lengthy homepage. There's no pretending here. And I suppose, if you're going to go behind your partner's back and have an affair, the least you can do is be honest with yourself. You're not a bad person. You're just living for the moment, seeking some much-needed excitement in your life, making up for the fun you missed out on during university while you were too busy studying, or the adventure you planned in your early 20s but never embarked on. At least Ashley Madison embraces 'living for the moment', and encourages its members to celebrate who they are and what they want, rather than pretend otherwise. Then I think of the Friends episode. You know the one - Joey insists on reminding Phoebe there's 'no such thing as a selfless good deed.' And the most brutal thing about this? It's 100% true. Whether it's tidying your room or helping an old lady across the street, every good thing we do validates us in some way. They group together in our minds, and act as our sense of self-worth.


Can visiting Kingston massage parlours ever replace the need for a girlfriend?

Usually, these things are heroic – even if just in a small way, Asian massage girls in Kingston are always willing and up for a good time. Waking up early, doing push-ups, going to work, chopping vegetables. They all serve a kind of greater good, and are often thought of as sacrificing the present for the future. Generally, the higher the number of difficult, impressive and sacrificial duties we perform, the more experienced, competent and all-round better a person we become. This is part of why adopting responsibility is such a fundamental part of building a meaningful life. The problem with Kingston massage girls, of course, is that they get boring. People are people. We have off days, we get distracted, we spend days scrolling through Facebook and avoiding the report that should be on our boss' desk by five pm. 


Is it possible to form a true relationship with Kingston escorts or massage girls?

We all need to be selfish at times, otherwise the routine sacrifices we make can begin to seem meaningless. But selfishness is a spectrum, right? Consider the following acts: Eating the last custard cream even though your partner asked nicely if they could have it. Setting fire to your neighbour's fence because you think it's ugly. These are both selfish acts, but one is considerably worse than the other. (They can just build a new fence, right?) So the case to be made is: yes, be selfish. Go ahead, take some time for yourself.


What changed everyone’s viewpoints on the girls that work in Kingston massage parlours and escort agencies?

Honestly, Kingston escorts have become more accepted because of feminism and women's empowerment. Feminism is the belief in social, economic and political equality of the sexes. Institutions committed to women’s rights and interests represent feminism worldwide. Overall, feminism has been great for giving women a fair playing field and empowering women to take control of their bodies.


Similarly, feminists have continued to the push sex work because it is very profitable for women and many women enjoy expressing themselves through sexuality. In their eyes, if sex work is accepted and properly regulated, women would benefit the most.


Feminists also believe that sex work can allow human beings to safely explore sexual desires in a way social norms of monogamous relationships and heterosexuality don’t allow. The whole concept stems from every human being having a right to decide about their own body.


In addition to receiving support from feminists, the sex industry has found support from the LGBTQ community. This community support for sex workers in Kingston stems from their connection at the Stonewall riots. People remembered the 1969 Stonewall riots, mainly riots as a launch of the current LGBTQ rights movement, but transgender women of color and sex workers led this uprising.


 Both groups during their protest insisted that the police shouldn’t have the right to tell consenting adults what to do with their bodies. Also, people must remember that there weren’t many economic options from gay people at the time, so many of the participants in this riot sold sex as their occupation. Therefore, if you look back, sex workers took part in most of the iconic gay uprisings during that era.


Contrary to the LGBTQ movement, sex work is still a crime in most places in Canada Now, people are asking if governments should decriminalize escorts in Ontario.