Should escorts in Kildare and Kildare massage parlours be a legally recognised business?

Let’s be real people. Sex rules the world. Whatever your preference, everybody craves it, and people do outrageous things in order to partake in some sort of sexual activity, even if it’s just watching. Not too long ago, sex was and to some cultures, still is amongst the most taboo of subjects. This was during a time where even talking about sex was a most deplorable act, and if you dared to actual have sexual intercourse with Kildare escorts before marriage, you were seen as lesser and disowned from your family. This strict mindset was the norm less than 80 years ago. So how did we get from wanting to erode a girls clitoris for the discouragement of sex, to the sex industry as whole becoming easily worth over  €100 billion? 

If a man wants to try something new sexually, isn’t it better to try with Kildare escorts before trying with his wife?

Before we answer these questions about the sex industry, we need to know how sex as a whole became so widely accepted. Escorts in Ireland are women who do sexual acts for financial gain. And so obviously, this can take form in many different ways.

What’s the most requested service that Kildare escorts are asked to perform for their clients?

There’s many from the bible to quote from that condemns sex before marriage. And so if you were to indulge in such an act, it would be seen as directly disobeying orders of the almighty and therefore you associate yourself with the devil. Of course, as with many things back then, if you were a woman, it would be considerably worse for you. This viewpoint was intensified by the two main things associated with sex out of wedlock. Adultery has the power to break a family down and turn innocent children of a wholesome family into criminals due to psychological trauma and a broken household. 

Isn’t it about time that sex workers such as escorts, Kildare massage girls were made legal and given protection under the law?

With all this being said, becoming a sex worker meant to other people that you were benefitting off of the downfall of others. So we now know the main reason why sex was such a vile subject to touch upon, why did it ever change? Surely the issues that sex outside of wedlock brought back then is still prevalent now? So why is the sex industry so big and why on earth is it more openly talked about? 

The demand for sex workers has never changed throughout society, If Kildare escorts, escort agencies and massage girls were taxed wouldn’t that bring more money into the system? 

Before, the only opinion or viewpoint you had access to was your family, your friends and the media. This made it very easy to control the general public's thoughts. Once the internet came around, you had instant access to forums talking about specific subjects. Anonymous people telling their embarrassing true stories, and a whole of a lot more information on local Craigslist adult contacts in Kildare. Anything you wanted to know, the internet had countless opinions and perspectives on it. So how does this relate back to sex and the people that benefit from this now affluent industry? Amongst the millions of anonymous forums and conversations that took place at the start of the internet's creation, sex was a hot topic due to the constant suppression of natural urges because of religion and societal norms. People wanted to know if they were the only one feeling certain emotions. And so slowly, as people started to realise that sex is an urge felt by all, and that people have there own preferences and guilty fetishes, the blindfold was taken off. 

If a new centralised and regulated brothels and massage parlours in Kildare were available wouldn’t it eliminate the problem of street prostitution? 

And just like anything with a demand, people found a way to monetise it through live sex cams, porn and many more mediums. Of course, they knew that sex sells before the birth of the internet, due to playboy magazines and rock music lyrics, but this was like putting gas on an already burning fire. Before the internet, sex workers such as playboy models were the closest thing to respected Kildare escort agency girls, but were still not seen as real people. Merely beautiful women who “like to have fun”.Amongst certain communities such as religious groups, sex is still seen as wrong. And if you find yourself doing sexual favours for monetary gain, you would most definitely be disowned from your community, and bring shame upon your family in the eyes of their close friends. However, as the years are going by, and the launch of social media platforms such as Only Fans are on the rise, becoming a massage girl in Kildare is becoming less and less taboo which, in my opinion, is a good thing. People should be able to do what makes them feel fulfilled and happy, and if that’s doing sexual acts to pay the bills. In this article, I covered why sex workers were once frowned upon and how that is changing. But as with everything, it isn’t all roses. There are still people who use this budding industry in a sick and twisted way, such as distributing underage pornography, or even uploading escorts with clients footage to porn powerhouses such as 

Is the reason students are turning to Kildare escort agencies because of debt?

When you think of the struggles of student life, money problems are first to spring to mind. Most strapped for cash students know the feeling of having your card rejected for a round of pints, turning shamefully to your friend to pay your bill. The sad truth is that our iconic student years are synonymous with being broke and penniless. Many turn to part-time work to ease their financial worries from bar work to shop assistant earning  €50 a shift. This endless cycle of study and evening work can run down students, with little compensation at minimum wage. However, more students are now turning to the lucrative industry of escorts services to fund their lifestyle. 

Is being an escort in Kildare just another term for prostitution? 

The answer is no. Kildare prostitutes exclusively sex in exchange for money. Escort services, on the other hand, involve companionship to meals, dates and even glamorous events. Only if both parties are comfortable would sex be involved, think high-end sex worker. With the younger generation taking a more open-minded approach to sex and flexible working, escorting is providing a lucrative alternative to the busy part-time working student lifestyle. In fact, many student escorts are those studying more intensive degrees such as medicine as it allows them to spend more time on their course. Kildare escorts can earn  €1,000 in an evening, the monthly salary of their bar-tending counterparts. With escorting and the rise of adult services platforms such as, the younger generation are finding more lucrative ways to fund their lifestyle while creating more freedom at the same time.

Should Ireland universities do more to help stop students from becoming escorts in Kildare? 

Results from a 2017 survey of US teens conclude the same jobs are as popular as ever: Firefighter, astronaut, teacher, artist. 'Sex worker' doesn't get a look in. It doesn't even make the top 50. And yet, last year one in 25 undergraduates revealed they had, or had attempted to, engage in sex work to mitigate financial insecurities. That's twice as many as in 2017. Since the tuition fee hike of 2010 and the difficulty of entering the job market as a full-time student, more and more students are seeking to pay their course fees by entering the marketplace of sex.

The question universities now face is whether they should take measures to prevent it. That question is two questions hiding in the same trench coat: why and how?

First of all, it's necessary to note 'sex work' (given grubby connotations by conservative media outlets and hand-wringing liberal think-pieces alike) rarely has anything to do with pimps and street corners. The gamut of sex work includes working for an Kildare escort agency, web-camming, stripping, sugaring, selling nudes on social media or through OnlyFans accounts. The money made by sex workers is mostly not controlled by pimps nor siphoned off by other exploiters. In the true capitalist sense, young men and women who make money from their bodies are small business owners who shouldn't be restricted by the very institutions they are trying to pay. I should pin my colours to the mast before I'm branded either an uptight zealot or a cog in a system of exploitation. Like most people, I have between viewing escorts and call girls In Kildare as victims or empowered entrepreneurs. The good news is, that's not for me or you to decide. And it certainly isn't for universities, who are now run on the basis of profit, to piously stand in the way of anyone selling nudes in exchange for higher education. Which brings us to a truth we all knew: the students who do sex work have generally poorer backgrounds than the same academic elite who propose damning them for it. "Our service has an increased market value," they cry, "but we get to decide how you pay for it."

Are universities in Ireland aware that some of their students are turning to sex work to fund their courses?

This is the final form of the popular hypocrisy around sex work. If a university can't control its fees, it can't control how those fees are paid. If universities were united in their concern about sex work, it is within their power to agree to lower fees across the board, demand government funding to replace it in a unified putsch, and make courses affordable for the students they hope to attract. Instead, they bluster: "Sex work puts students on a path to vulnerability. If it becomes their career, they may need to settle for increasingly powerless roles and surrender to exploitation." Universities: if you care about the effects of sex work on student welfare, come together. If you are truly concerned that it harms the pastoral wellbeing of your customers, make a stand. The duty is yours. Until then, bluster only goes so far. It's the old saying: Don't hate the player, hate the game. And if you agreed to the rules of the game, there's no moral foundation to restrict the player.

Are the universities to blame for the increase in young students turning to Kildare escorts?  

You heard me. The question isn't whether universities will restrict how their courses are funded. The question is whether they are concerned enough to confront the reasons students are becoming call girls in Kildare. And so far we've seen no courage behind their conviction. So if you're not prepared to face down the Johnson government, please keep your concern to yourself. If you really want to help subsidise education, my OnlyFans details are available on request. Then ask yourself: Who's really to blame?

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