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To some there can never be an upside to married people dating, let alone a married dating community. There are too many historical, cultural, and emotional barriers for this activity to become the norm. That said, whether you believe in extramarital dating or not, there are many reasons for extramarital dating websites to exist. Since time began, married people have had extramarital affairs for all sorts of different reasons. It may be a mistake to believe quote percentages of people having affairs as they don’t always answer surveys honestly. Also, some married women don’t regard kissing as having an affair, it’s just kissing. I’ve found this to be especially true in my own personal life, particularly among women with high moral standards. While initially surprised I realised these women were simply being realistic about achieving100% fidelity and being attracted to just one person throughout their married life. So AshleyMadison is not corrupting anyone nor is it encouraging any immoral behaviour. Ashley Madison is simply providing a service to a community that Is already out there. Also, you don’t have to be married to use Ashley Madison, you could be in a long term relationship, or about to leave one. So with the moral indignation dealt with, let's get onto the need that Ashley Madison is meeting.

Whether married, single, or in a relationship, finding or meeting new people is often the biggest obstacle. This holds true whether you’re starting an affair, dating, or having a one night stand. Ashley Madison tackles this problem by providing a wide choice of like-minded people to choose from, all in an environment free from moral judgments. It’s a discreet service, and you can screen people to check if they announce their activities over social media. Surely the type of people you’d want to rule out for personal and professional reasons alike. Ashley Madison is not uniquely for heterosexuals either, it’s not just heterosexuals who have affairs after all. You could be a married woman who fancies an affair with a gay married woman instead of another man. As it’s essentially a married dating website, both you and your husband/wife can have profiles, or you can create a profile without your partner's knowledge, it’s really up to you, no judgments. 

As with any kind of dating, common-sense rules apply, Ashley Madison is merely an introduction service, anything after that is up to you and happens offline. Anyone can try out Ashley Madison for free with a Guest Membership, it’s safer to do this with a new discreet email address, not a personal or business one. If you’re a woman who is seeking men there is no membership fee, for other membership categories fees are charged when you start to communicate with other members. That said, only do this when you are happy with your profile, take care when choosing the photos to upload yourself, the quality of your profile will directly affect the amount of interest you do or don’t get on the site.

Dip your toe in the water, take your time, think about the type of person you wish to attract, and tailor your profile based on that. Look at other profiles you like or feel an affinity with to help you create yours. If you’ve used singles dating websites before you may find a married dating website has members with higher expectations, not just about the type of people they want to meet, but also when it comes to discretion. There’s a real need for people who are married to be able to trust the service they use. So at all times, you should act in a manner that shows respect for the marital status and confidentiality of members. Discretion and trust are key criteria on a married dating website and will directly affect your ability to meet people. Credit card billing is also discrete and anonymous and for extra anonymity, you can use gift cards bought from retailers.

Ashley Madison realizes that some people using the site may never have had an affair before and offer facilities to get to know someone gradually. So once your profile is set up and you’re happy with it, the theme of dipping your toe in the water continues. You could choose to start with a chat room discussion then graduate to a telephone call or two. The key is to give yourself enough time and information to decide if you want to meet someone. In the same way that you can use a new nonpersonal email address, you may care to have a 2 nd mobile number to use for discreet liaisons. Don’t forget that there‘s a mobile access fee for those wanting to use the service on mobile but it’s not mandatory. For extra security avoid using the website via public internet access points as their security cannot be guaranteed, they are outside the control of security precautions such as transaction encryption. You may also want to avoid using the website on a shared computer system or leave your browsing history/password intact. The Implications of being discovered using a singles website can go from embarrassment to nothing at all, using a married dating website and being discovered could cost someone their marriage, so take care. 

In summary, the strength of Ashley Madison is that it caters to those wanting a very discreet liaison or affair, as well as those desiring more carefree uninhibited one night stands. In all cases, there is no judgment and it’s important to make clear to other members what your expectations are BEFORE any meeting. Whether gay, straight, or from any other denomination race, Ashley Madison and the massage girls in Basildon are your playgrounds for extramarital affairs or discreet liaisons.