Ask An Escort; Trisha is a 42-year-old escort in Southend for almost 5 years now:

How did you become one of the best mature escorts in Southend? My husband served in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines and was wounded for life over there. Of course, we get some compensation from the government but it was never enough and still isn't - we have 3 kids to feed. So I was forced to start doing something. Add to this, my husband was wounded in a way that means we can no longer have an active sex life. I didn't want to have an affair so, me becoming an erotic massage girl was sort of an idea that we came up with together. It kills two-birds-with-one-stone.

Do you remember your first booking? Yes, I still see the guy to this day, actually. He's a lovely chap. Married with two kids but she doesn't pay him much attention, I don't think. I've been seeing him maybe once a month for over 6 years now. He's probably paid me enough to buy several medium-sized family cars over the years. I'm an independent escort now and he still keeps coming to see me after I left the escort agency.

Did you have any sexual encounters with your first booking? Yes, the full-works. He wanted full intimacy. I'm glad that he did too. When I was first starting, some of the experienced girls there told me that guys sometimes don't want a full sexual encounter. I was praying that this guy did. I wanted to get the first one out of the way - like ripping a plaster off super-quick. I just wanted to get it done so that I could see there was nothing to fear. So yeah, I lost my Essex escort girl cherry with my first client.

How did it feel the first time having sex for money? Easy! I couldn't believe I'd made that much money for such a simple thing. It made me wonder why I'd slogged away in an office job through my 20s and 30s. We'd be in a much better financial situation today if I'd just got on my back and spread my legs sooner. Adultwork escorts are seriously easy money for any girl that's not held back by judgments or insecurities.

After being an escort in Essex for so long, do you still enjoy sex? Most escorts I know still enjoy sex, and I'm no different. It's one of the reasons I started doing it and agreed with my husband, remember. So yes, I do get a nice little fix from it and it's nice to satisfy and be satisfied by a man. If I didn't enjoy it, I don't know if I could keep doing it - although the money is crazy good, as I've said.

What is the most requested service you get from clients at your Essex escorts agency? A lot of guys do like me to play the dominant role. I think that's maybe because I'm a bit older. I know a lot of the younger girls get requests for the ''girlfriend experience''. I get that too. But, yeah, definitely a lot of guys requesting me to be a dom and punish them. We get lots of toys out and have some fun.

Are there any Shemale escorts in Essex? At present, I don't personally know any shemales at the Essex massage parlours where I have friends (I'm an independent escort now remember and work from a private apartment). However, in my 6 years in the game, I have come across some shemale escorts in Essex, yes.

Do you regret this career choice at all? I regret not becoming an Essex escort earlier in life. So, no. I love it. Back when I was at university I actually did some nightclub podium dancing and I remember getting my tits out a few times. That was the closest I got to adultwork for many years. I should've pursued it more - because I even loved doing that. I should've got the hint. Anyway, the last 6 years have been fantastic and I now serve a niche in the mature market. I don't see myself giving this up soon.

What should a girl do if she's looking to become a female escort in Essex? Get in your local escort directory and gather some contact details for the various escort agencies and massage parlours there. Make some calls, do some visits and pick an agency that you feel comfortable with. I think that's so important. There are some bad eggs out there so you don't want to let that taint your whole view of the industry. The massage parlour I started at was fantastic and the people there are still my friends today. Pick the right place to work at and you'll see just how easy and fun this work is. Also, try to get some mentors - girls who've got some experience and can look after you. The faster you learn, the faster you'll earn.

Would you let your daughter become an escort? Yes, absolutely. Especially if she wanted to become an Essex escort because I know the best places for her to work and the best people to get connected with. This is an empowering industry for young women as long as you maintain control of your time, your money and your body. The moment you start saying yes to things you aren't comfortable with is when it becomes a slippery slope. So, yes, I'd strongly encourage my daughter to do it and I'd coach her how to get the most cash possible out of her time.

What's next for you? How long will you continue doing this? No sign of me stopping. I'm still horny and my husband and I still have relatively young children to look after. Car payments need to be made and the mortgage won't pay itself. I'll keep going for as long as there are men willing to pay for the privilege of touching my body, basically. That's how I see it. Why stop? What else am I going to do that pays so well?

Should universities do more to stop young students becoming Essex escorts to help fund their studies? When embarking on a University career there are many elements to consider and more and more these days the affordability weighs heavily on students’ minds. Students have to judge whether progressing academically is really worth the debt that will have to pay off for the majority of their working career. We are all aware that a number of students work whilst studying to help with living costs, but were you aware that some students look to sex work as a source of income? Sex work, to some, is seen a preference compared to other forms of employment as the money is better and hours can be tailored around their studies. It is worrying to consider that students, at such a young age, are turning to this work but should Universities do more to stop this becoming a real source of funding for students? Universities are not unaware of this happening among the student population but very few seem to address the issue in an open and upfront manner. Students in this line of work are scared to come forward for fear of the repercussions they may face by the University. It is important that Universities create an environment which is open, honest and supportive in these instances. Students need to feel free to speak up, which would require a change to the institution.

Are university fees too high for most students, is that why they are turning to Essex escort agency websites? By providing outreach and counselling services with their choice of income could be addressed. Openly discuss hardship funds and other help could help students explore their options. This is a dangerous line of work for students to feel isolated and alone. Without services that offer legal advice, keeping safe, and options to speak in a non-judgemental environment, students could be victims of assault, harassment and other crimes that would go unreported. Universities should do more to raise awareness of sex work, highlight campaigns and provide a better understanding of the rights of escorts in Essex. There should be advice made readily available to all students on sex worker support networks, with an aim to reduce the stigma around this type of work. This open and honest approach would help keep students safe and protected but may prevent some from pursuing altogether.

Where can I find a porn star escort in Southend-on-Sea?In a world where the online pornography industry is booming and growing by the day, questions keep popping up surrounding the relationship between hardcore pornography and violent attitudes towards women. And how could they not? In our MeToo era where we call for the closing of the gender gap and the end of sexual assault and physical violence towards women, should we really be accepting of the message some pornography is sending out? Can violent pornography really shape attitudes towards women and more importantly, lead to real sexual, emotional or physical violence? There is no denying that a huge percentage of pornography out there features incredibly violent behaviour, where women are, in most cases the victims.

What do pornstars do when they are not making videos? After analyzing the content of the most popular pornography videos available online, studies have shown that the vast majority (some report almost 90%) of scenes show violence towards women. The violence is not only physical of course. In these scenes, women are degraded in numerous ways, including being verbally and emotionally abused. An equally worrying find in many studies is the response of the victims to the many different violent episodes. Most girls who work in the adultwork business do become pornstar escorts in Essex and have a very neutral reaction to what is happening to them, some even showing pleasure at being abused. With this in mind, the thought that there is a link between hardcore pornography and violent attitudes towards women doesn't sound very surprising. After all, our brain is programmed to react to the things that we watch or see people doing. If a consumer of porn increasingly watches violent scenes, they slowly become desensitized to violence and the message is being reinforced that acting aggressively is normal behaviour and worse still, that the recipients of this behaviour, seem to enjoy it.

Where can I buy videos of pornstar escorts? Furthermore, to have a negative effect on people's attitudes, pornography doesn't necessarily have to feature physical violence. As mentioned, many examples of hardcore pornography feature verbal and physical abuse, disrespect, or coercion. It's important to remember that most pornography not only is produced by men, but it's predominantly aimed at the male market too, so featuring men in a position of power over submissive women is the most common dynamic to see in hardcore pornography. Consumed en masse, how can the normalization of these scenes not begin to shape our attitudes towards women and our tolerance of violent behaviour? It seems that young men are most susceptible to buying explicit videos from escorts in Essex or rather, their perceptions and future sexual behaviour will depend on what age they began consuming pornography. But the negative effect of violent pornographic scenes does not only influence men's conquest for power, young girls too are at risk of accepting aggressive behaviour and even abuse.

What type of girl becomes a Southend escort? Naturally, not every consumer of pornography has a violent attitude towards women or is destined to become a rapist. There are even some studies that come up with a very low percentage of violent scenes in porn, some as low as 2%. Of course, this does boil down to what different people consider to be examples of violence or not. Other research shows that consuming pornography increases the activity in the brain for sex addicts, similar to how drugs and alcohol might affect the brain of a person who suffers from substance abuse. So perhaps the people who are most susceptible to aggressive attitudes and behaviour are those who are already predisposed to it. Even so, the constant consumption from young girls wanting to work in the adult entertainment industry and hardcore pornography where women are subject to all kinds of abusive acts clearly reinforces dangerous ideas, normalizing scenes of intense violence against submissive victims. If our young generations are being brought up to believe these behaviours are normal and natural elements of a sexual relationship, it's no wonder that they have the capacity to shape our attitudes towards how we treat women in real life. And it begs the question, in the world, we are trying to create, is there really any surprise that teenage girls are attracted to this type of entertainment?