Why are young men 25 - 35 visiting massage girls in Bolton and jeopardising their relationship with their girlfriends and wives for a quick sexual encounter?

  The growth of escorts online services has witnessed a remarkable transformation in how couples meet and form relationships of various kinds.  For example, it is estimated that two-thirds of relationships in the UK have their roots in some form of internet interaction. Is this being so it is very easy to make major claims about the development of new norms in relationship forming but is it plausible to argue that this is indeed the case and that face-to-face meetings are now redundant for how one is likely to meet a new partner?

Is it the wife's fault that so many men visit Bolton escorts and massage parlours?

The case for online escorts is not unpersuasive. The explosion of new apps such as Tinder and the recent social boundaries imposed by circumstance do seem to have created a new space into which online linking up between potential partners has prospered and grown. A plethora of statistics seems to give credence to these claims. Whilst 20 years meeting someone through a mutual friend or at a party would have been the dominant means of meeting today online escorts is the core method for this kind of social hooking up.  It also comes with distinct advantages which we would do well not to underplay.

How can a marriage remain monogamous with so many sexy Bolton escorts offering girlfriend experience?

What are these?  Firstly, they open a greater range of choices. Not being imprisoned in a small local area or the limited connections of family or friends.  Moreover, filtering someone through an app-based form of communication allows one to remove those who might for whatever reasons be incompatible with your needs and interests. There is also a strong safety element built into such interactions that can be useful when such concerns potentially arise and that can make users of such services alert to the need for a cautionary approach when dealing with those might be for whatever reason might be dangerous to them. This could include figures who are sexually aggressive or might even be of a criminal nature seeking to exploit online platforms and vulnerable people.

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There are other benefits from an online escorts platform approach.  For example, it allows one to evaluate the merits of partners and manage time issues, especially the case for those who lead professionally demanding jobs and lives. Linked to that online escorts may well help those not seeking long term relationships but shorter and more intimate physical connections. Against this though lies a compelling counter-narrative for online escorts as an emerging norm in forging long-term relationships.

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There are several of these. 1; human interaction carries with it a host of advantages that online is not able to provide, many of which are essential if long term partnerships are to be made. No matter how sophisticated a tech app is it can never replace the value of body language or the importance of social cues. It might be the case that your partner on the opposite end of an escorts app ticks all the boxes of gender, interests, race, or sexuality but if they violate invaluable social cues or the ‘feel’ simply is not there on an eventual meeting its possible that any expectations for a more productive long term connection will evaporate quickly.

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A second issue is that simply you may also be confronted by people who have exaggerated themselves in their profiles.  This might be in terms of income, physical features (height), or even hair colour!  In short, what you read is not what you get.  This is of course the risk with any kind of online business or interaction but it applies to the escorts sphere as well and those who use it need to be just as aware of the pitfalls of seeking love or sex through this channel as they would with the purchase of a book or house furniture.

What are the downsides of visiting sexy massage girls in Bolton?

Another downside of trying to use online escorts is to build long term relations with a potential partner is the exposure to criminality.  We have seen how online can help us avoid that but it can conversely also give opportunities especially among an older age cohort possibly with greater sources of wealth and income but also seeking permanent love or relationships of some type can be exploited by scamming criminal exploitation, and blackmail. Older people may also feel less able to stand up to such attempts or fail to see that they are being used for that purpose.

When I go to visit an escort in Bolton I go just for sex, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my wife as much, am I wrong?

Yet possibly the biggest argument against online escorts as a form of building relationships is that it does not build from what could be interpreted as your own expectations. That is, they are always somewhat unrealistic or below expectations. This is not unique to online since you can meet someone and have beliefs about this person which do not correlate with a sensible view. It may be the case that you don’t want someone who ‘is like you at all’, you’re looking for the opposite. Yet a recurring complaint among those who use escort facilities online is that it throws up partners whom they could never even consider a relationship with, long or short term and consequently they find the system, not at all to their liking, disillusionment sets in, and then rejection. Naturally, it does not have to be like that, you might meet someone who runs a self-made business locking horns with a university academic!

Will visiting a massage girl in Bolton enhance the sex that I have with my wife?

Escorts online is a huge business. Yet whether it can be seen to be the new norm for long term ties emotionally and personally is a deeply contentious one. We have seen arguments both for and against this proposition. In the end, claims that technology can replace human contact as a viable substitute will always be suspect because we're social creatures above all else and that capacity to meet someone in the flesh can never be effectively replaced by an online reality no matter what the soaring demand indicates. Nonetheless, fostering new networks such as that of interracial relationships does indicate the potential for the online escorts platform.

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