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Should You Cheat On Your Partner? Well, We  Can’t Decide For You! But We Can Tell You How is visiting a Salford massage girl considered cheating? 

We know you’ve thought about it, maybe just once. Perhaps more than once? But don’t be ashamed! Nobody’s judging anyone here and it’s a question many have asked themselves.  Unfortunately, no one can make up your mind for you. But if you’re among the ’41 percent of men’ or ’28 percent of women’ who, according to, has given it more than a  little thought, then you might be in just the right hands with Salford massage parlours.

Thai massage parlours in Salford are the epitome of the site of the escort with a twist, proudly boasting its mission statement in the form of a very on-the-nose slogan, ‘Life is short. Have  an affair.’ And if its vast user base is anything to go by, it’s obvious that the site has overturned a sizable stone in the pool of the escorts. Having attracted staggering millions of members since its conception, it’s hard to argue massage parlours aren’t on to something.  Now, that isn’t to say it’s everyone’s cup of tea. It doesn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to understand why a site such as this has attracted its fair share of controversy. Some may argue that it is simply a way of enabling infidelity, and that’s certainly one way to look at it. But if you think about it, is that really such a bad thing?

Known for its discretion,  massage parlours are the only safe option out there when it comes to flying beneath your significant other’s radar. He went on to say that connections made using the site ‘start from an honest place’, which makes perfect sense. It’s no secret that cheating can, and often will be, an emotionally messy affair. And in a way, that is where massage parlours steps in. By pairing two people who have decided that an affair is what they desperately want, the ‘honest place’ Buell refers to appears and it is one of mutual understanding. Two people have stepped outside their relationship, cards on the table, said “here I am” to millions of potential partners, and ended up with each other. As with anything in life, it’s possible that may end up being a bad situation. But with the option of walking away and no one finding out, who could argue that it isn’t the best of one? And thanks to massage girls in Salford understanding that discretion matters’, they’re extremely easy to trust with no one finding out part!

Nowadays, we understand that cheating just isn’t as simple as it’s often made out to be.  Whether we want it to or not, it happens. But it needn’t be a shameful or meaningless  experience, and a site like massage parlours was exactly what was needed to alter the  definition of an “affair.” What we deeply desire is rarely under our control, and that desire might manifest itself as anything from an ongoing emotional bond with a good friend to a  one-night stand with a co-worker. And in the latter case, it’s even statistically likely. During  his conversation with Business Insider, Buell added that ‘massage parlours’s main competitor  isn’t another website, it’s the workplace.’ If you think about it, that speaks volumes of the site’s necessity. The pool of people actively considering cheating is not being torn between a myriad of escort sites, it just happens to be a huge pre-existing phenomenon that massage parlours have tapped into. It is important to understand that the site is not solely encouraging people to cheat, that much we can manage on our own. It is simply providing a  safer, more legitimised way of doing something that most of its sixty million users had already made up their mind about. You could say it provides the means for a more genuine affair. Despite being advertised as a platform for extramarital affairs, those looking to cheat are not Salford massage girls sole demographic. As its website states, it also caters to people  ‘seeking something polyamorous.’ And that might just be the cherry on top of an already fantastic idea. According to a survey conducted for Bustle of 2,000 UK individuals, ‘nearly one-fifth’ [9] counted as polyamorous (or “poly”), and thanks to massage parlours, they have somewhere to turn, even if is it advertised as the UK and US cheating site! The practice of conducting several relationships with a number of consenting parties is a lot more popular than you might think. Unfortunately, it is not usual for escort sites and apps to advertise their services as a way to engage in a polyamorous lifestyle. This can make the process extremely difficult, as those who identify in that way are still ultimately in the minority. As such, those living a polyamorous life are another slice of society that Ashley Madison helps to live the way they ought to and with complete freedom from judgment.

So, back to the question at hand: should you cheat on your partner by visiting a sexy Asian escort in Salford?

All we can tell you is you wouldn’t be the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last. But if you’re desperate for something more out of life and think you might find it outside your current relationship,  then massage parlours has you covered on all bases. From its huge list of users which grows daily, you can choose just the right person to scratch that itch and spend as little time as possible fretting about being caught. massage parlours certainly serve a niche purpose, but it’s a well-established player in the online escorts game. So really, what’s the harm in signing up? Maybe you’re thinking of opening your marriage to new experiences. Maybe you just want to find meaning in infidelity. Who knows? You might find it’s what you’ve secretly been looking for all along.