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Tania 24 is a party girl escort in Bournemouth and runs her own escort agency:

What is a party girl escort? I run an escort agency in Bournemouth where we have duo escorts who perform lesbian escort scenes for clients, we also have pornstar escorts who work as party girls for stag parties and clubs where guys pay a fee to have multiple sexes with two or three girls.

How many men will a Bournemouth escort have sex with at the party girl bookings? We once had a party girl booking where there were sixty men at a stag do and only me and two other girls were there to cater to all the men. That was probably the most sex any of us escorts had in a two hour period, I let at least sixteen I fuck me that evening, as did the other two girls, but it was good fun and the clients all enjoyed themselves.

How many bookings does your Bournemouth escort agency do in a day? The demand for escorts in Bournemouth is surprisingly high, with a lot of retired men in the town and lots of wealthy people, working as a Bournemouth escort is very profitable. On a good day, we will get around 200 phone calls of which around twenty-five per cent will result in bookings.

How much can a Bournemouth escort make in a day? Most of the girls that work for my agency will do three or four bookings a day and at an average of two hundred pounds a booking the girls are making around six hundred a day, when you think about it for a small town like Bournemouth which only has a population of 120,000 people it’s a very good town to work in as an escort.

Which escorts are the most popular with clients? It’s hard to give a definitive answer to that question. We have a couple of teen escorts who are constantly busy, our Oriental and Asian escorts in Bournemouth are very popular with the more mature clients who like the petite Thai girls, mainly because the Thai escorts in Bournemouth are very pretty young girls who know how to treat mature men.

You’re only 24, how did you start your own agency? I was working as an independent escort in Brighton and kept hearing from other girls how busy the escort business is in Bournemouth. I was advertising my escort services on and saw an ad for a business opportunity to run your own escort agency.

How easy was it to set up your escort agency in Bournemouth? There is a franchise opportunity from They provide everything for the budding entrepreneur to start a successful escort agency, from the domain name to the website, a booking system software, the communications and a business plan, that if you follow, you can make really good profits from the first month.

As a Bournemouth escort agency boss, do you still see clients? Oh yes, because when I started my escort agency in Bournemouth I was one of the escorts available, so I got lots of regular clients who still want to see me.

Do all your escorts have sex with clients? It’s expected that if you book an escort in Bournemouth from my agency the client will want to have some form of a sexual encounter with the guy. You may be surprised, but a lot of men like the girlfriend experience and only want a kiss and cuddle with a pretty young girl. Lots of my girls tell me that he only wanted the company, even though they go to the bedroom, they don’t always want sex.

Can any girl be an escort in Bournemouth? As long as you have a nice personality and get along with people, there’s no reason why any girl couldn’t work as a Bournemouth escort. It obviously helps if the girl is willing to have sex with the client.

Would you employ a girl who wouldn’t have sex with clients? Hmm, that situation has never occurred, any girl that applies to work as an escort usually knows that the clients expect to have sex. But to answer your question the answer would be no, there would be no point in promoting a girl that won't give erotic massage, oral sex or full sex with a punter in Bournemouth.

Why are so many students turning to Bournemouth escort agencies for part-time work? Kim gives me first–hand accounts into her experiences working as an escort in Bournemouth, an occupation I would normally shy away from, even if there were no stigmas attached. But let's be candid, what more and more students like Kim are doing is called prostitution and illegal in the UK. There are many persons and civil rights groups opposed to sex trafficking, child prostitution, child marriages, rape and violence against women, and they serve to educate men and women about the value of their bodies and their right to choose who they have sex with and when.  At the same time, there exists an industry that makes it socially acceptable for individuals of the legal age, the right to offer their bodies in exchange for money.

Are Bournemouth escort agencies recruiting students? For some students, transactional sex is a window out of a mountain of student debt and a means of supporting families back home.  For others, it's a doorway into a lifestyle of vacations, short trips and great adventures with friends that they can now afford from the money they earn as an escort. Students that choose to become escorts in Bournemouth because they have no other means to support themselves and their families versus those that want to earn more money, all have a belief about relationships, sex and their bodies – furthermore, they have a choice.  That belief may be rooted in previous trauma and abuse or a poverty mindset that threatens a better life. For others, it can be a standard of living that they are accustomed to and wish to maintain. Undeniably, if they choose to be so employed, women can earn £1,500 more money than men per day, by providing companionship and sex as a service. Kim meets her clients at classy hotels for drinks, sometimes dinner and then in a more private setting for sex, if that's part of the 'contract'.  Most of her customers are repeat clients so there's low client turnover. Between classes and assignments, I work as often as I can as an admin clerk. But even if I get longer duration contracts or a higher hourly rate, Kim earns way more money than I do.  Arguably, women and steady employment have always had a much tougher relationship than men do. Female salaries are still to catch up to their male counterparts despite calls for closing the gender pay gap for women within and outside STEM industries.

Could this be the reason so many students like Kim are turning to escort agencies for part-time work? Certainly, there are other professions, so why would a second-year law student, or any student want to earn money as an escort? Furthermore, is it safe? It's a fair question since the financial burden of a law degree has tripled in the last 5 years. In fact, obtaining any degree in the UK nowadays can range between £9,000 and £13,000 each year for UK resident students and more for international students wishing to study at the likes of Cambridge and Oxford universities according to the information on the university websites. Kim says her customers are gentle and mostly looking for the company of a beautiful, intelligent woman and of course sex, but what about the agencies? Is there any coercion, both in terms of recruitment and subsequent control of an escort's activities once a student expresses interest or comes on the payroll?

Where can I find teen escorts in Bournemouth? In the UK, sexual services are advertised openly online and considered perfectly legal according to the Crown Prosecution Office, however, the language used to describe their services is usually done euphemistically and never advertised in newspapers, tabloids or magazines. These Bournemouth escort agency girls offer company benefits, a wardrobe, maybe even jewellery – depending on how high-end their clients are. Naturally, discretion goes without saying.  These are all investments in the escorts for the services they provide.  It also goes without saying that in order to get high performance, customers and especially repeat ones will continue to contribute towards the upkeep and the expressions of various presentations of their escorts, in the form of quality gifts and experiences. Besides the obvious distinction in the hourly rate when compared  9 to 5 and part-time jobs, agencies pay their escorts upon completion of each meeting and not on a cyclical payroll schedule as with most jobs.  While more than half of current female university students in the medical and legal professions are expected to earn at a premium rate annually after graduation, working nights at nearby pubs, in retail stores and taking available shifts at supermarkets are still the go-to means for many students to cover their day to day expenses, but still may not be enough to reduce the student loan mountain.

Is working as a part-time escort better than working in Starbucks? Most university students (male and female) are young, exploratory and uninhibited by the allure of a world where membership reads like a gold card to the experiences and things that they want and to the men and women within a certain income bracket to afford them. Let's face it, what successful paying male or female, wouldn't be intrigued by the boldness of an attractive, intelligent and sexually satisfying Bournemouth escort who meets their needs in an arrangement that caters to their schedule, lifestyle and above all appetite? Likewise, students are acutely aware that a 9 to 5 job, family and paying bills will be their future norm and the money they can earn as escorts becomes a nest egg for those who want more cash in their pocket now and in future, at least for students who have a choice.

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