Ask An Escort; Alice 22 is a pornstar escort in Brighton:

As a pornstar Brighton escort do you still make porn films? 

Oh yes, I am the new breed of escort or working girl in the sex industry. I not only make porn films such as Fake Taxi, Ben Dover, plus I work on adult TV channels like Babylon blue, British porn babes and Television X.

Do you meet clients when you are working on adult webcam sites? 

On most of the sites such as Live Jasmin and Chaturbate, it’s not allowed to escort clients and make a booking for an erotic massage or to have sex for money. But on a new site called Brighton adultwork escorts, it is allowed for users to have a webcam session with a girl and then to go and visit her, which is great for business. I know that thousands of users who regularly have private cam sessions with cam models who would like to visit the cam model as well.

What else do you do to make money in the sex business? 

I sell my own escort porn videos that I make with some of my escort clients, porn films that are not available anywhere else, I also sell my dirty knickers, lots of guys want those, in fact, I buy knickers just for that business, I wear them all day and then sell them.

Do lots of Brighton escorts work as webcam models as well? 

I don’t think that many escorts in Brighton know about this service yet if they did they would all use it. I think that one day this will be the first point of contact that punters will use to book an escort, it makes so much sense to have a video call with an escort before you travel to her Brighton massage flat or she visits you because as a client you are sure that the girl is nice and friendly, you can discuss the service that you want before she arrives and you know that she is genuine.

How much money can an escort in Brighton make? 

I get around a hundred calls every day if just twenty per cent of those calls are video calls I can make an extra £200 a day. It just makes a lot of sense for escorts to accept video calls. The other thing that is good for is security, I can see the client before he comes to my flat. If I don’t like the look of him for any reason I can refuse the booking, it’s a great system and the future of escorts in the UK.

Do escorts in Brighton know each other? 

Some girls are friendly and some are not so friendly. I know a few Brighton escorts, we often phone each other to ask how’s business, talk about clients we’ve seen and so on.

Do you have many regular clients?

 I would say that fifty per cent of the punters I see every week would be considered a regular. Most escorts in Brighton have regulars and sometimes they will swap, for example, I have a friend who is a Thai escort in Eastbourne, she told me about this client she had been seeing for a year, he visits her every week on a Friday morning and stays all day, he never wanted sex he just sat on the floor and licked her feet in between other clients, after she had sex with other clients she would let him lick out her pussy. This guy now visits my massage flat in Brighton.

Where can I find a Brighton escort? 

Search for Escorts in Brighton on any search engine and the results will be there. You will certainly find Brighton massage girls and Massage parlours in Brighton that will do all adult services.

What’s the most popular service for an escort in Brighton? 

Most clients like an escort who gives a good girlfriend experience GFE. That is the most popular service that guys ask for but obviously that leads to oral sex and full sex. Lots of guys like kissing escorts before they start. Another thing that I get a lot is men like to lick my pussy, which I enjoy, I mean, what girl doesn’t like her pussy being sucked and licked.

Do escorts get many strange requests from clients? 

Oh my god, where do I start? I had a guy once pay me a thousand pounds to stick a butt plug up his ass and keep it there for a whole week, he wanted me to call him twice a day at his office, he had to go to the loo to take a picture on his phone and send it to me. If the butt plug wasn’t up his arse he agreed to pay me to double next time. That’s just one, another guy wanted me to slap him around the face and spit in his mouth and call him names like you piece of shit, you worthless cocksucker. I had a client who brought me pictures of his wife, together with a pair of her knickers and one of her dresses, he then wanted to wait in the kitchen while I saw another client wearing his wives clothes and let the client fuck me wearing the clothes of his wife, I think that is pretty strange.

What is the difference between an escort in Brighton and a sugar baby? 

What we have here is an interesting emphasis on the social component: an escort is a social companion, by whom you get escorted to a party, to a ball, to a social event. Usually, sex comes with the package, but not necessarily. Escort agency girls are treated as a pure transaction, the escort gets paid to perform a service that has a specific deadline (a dinner, a party, etc). It’s a defined amount of time and company in exchange for a defined amount of money, no feelings, truthful or pretended, are meant to be involved, when the agreed time is over, it’s like “goodbye and thank you for your service”. The Brighton escort has clients: plural, professional detachment, basically it has the same rules of a job. I would like to go deeper on the “especially a woman” definition, but it would open a pandora’s box that will lead me off track, so let’s put it aside for the next episodes, and let’s focus on our primary question: finding differences.

The keyword here is “relationship”. A sugar baby has an intimate relationship with somebody, their link is somehow exclusive. While the Escort has clients, the sugar baby has partners. Emotional attachment to an escort is considered inappropriate and unrespectful of agreed boundaries, but in sugaring this line is less clear to me, as the sugar baby receives gifts and/or payments in exchange for building intimacy: so here the familiarity and the affection are expected. There is something that vaguely reminds me of a friends-with-benefits companionship, where the so-called benefits here are given in exchange for financial support. So, even if it’s blurrier than the escort kind of contract, there is an explicit give-and-take expectation both ways.

Do all escorts in Brighton offer sexual services? 

Escorts know exactly how much they are gonna charge their client per-hour or per-service. Compared to sugaring, the escort defines clear bounds about the client requests, he/she has more control and probably more money. This is what makes it more comparable to a real business. Sugaring is a do ut des pact, more similar to trade: the sugar babies offer their beauty, personality, time, soft skills, sex, affection, etc. in exchange for rent pay, tips, gifts, money, luxury items and lifestyle. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: both parts offer something that the other one is in need of. Wasn’t it once just called marriage? Ok, going too far, just kidding. 


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