Isn’t it preferable for a married man to visit Worthing escorts rather than embark on an illicit affair with a woman from a site like Ashley Madison?

If you believe in liberating individuals, then it’s a no brainer that Ashley Madison helps secure liberation. Ashley Madison is a Canadian website that promotes extramarital affairs. The website gained notoriety when it was hacked in 2015, exposing millions of couples to the secret profiles their significant others had on it. Conventionally, the ethos of the website is frowned upon because marriage is unquestionably equated with monogamy. But as pointed out by Forbes in 2019, since the hacking scandal occurred, rather than losing their clientele, the website gained 32 million new users. How can this be explained? The answer lies in new options for married individuals. Chief strategy officer Paul Keables explains that clients on the website who lack intimacy in their marriage are, “told live without it or get a divorce—we offer a third path." Rather than suffering the damaging process of long-term neglect, abuse within a marriage or unpleasant divorce proceedings, the Ashely Madison USP lies in catering to traditional marriage structures while internally satisfying members in their personal lives. As an institution, marriage is complicated because while the daily interactions are personal- when things go south, the consequences are both public and private.

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Therefore, all married individuals deserve choices – particularly in a world that uses marriage as a structure to empower cis-het men while ignoring the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. In 2020, we don’t have time for the outdated version of what makes a successful marriage. If we are serious about creating a society that shares power and works for all, the traditional concept of marriage must be questioned. Who is it serving? Who is it hurting? The website has helped those who are trying to break out of toxic situations created through their marriage- such as an anonymous female New Yorker who shared her experiences with The Cut, stating that she decided to have an affair after being slapped with a business lawsuit which was meant for her husband and dragged her in too because as a married couple they had merged their finances.

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The woman admits that using the website made her anxious about cheating, which is not a counterargument for liberation. It is the fact that when she felt outraged for suffering the consequences of the irresponsible business choices her husband made, Ashley Madison was the website that gave her the freedom to pursue alternative paths to satisfy herself. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the fact that we must question all structures that serve us. As pointed out by Aparna from the viral Netflix show ’Indian Matchmaking’,” I’d love a partner, but I want to partner on my terms.” In a time when we can customise everything in our environment, why not our marriages too? Of course, there will always be those who believe that a marriage is a monogamous arrangement between a man and a woman. In 2020, I beg to differ.