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Just as it has in countless areas of modern life, the internet has caused a dating revolution. Once considered a poor substitute for meeting a partner in real life, internet dating has now been widely normalised across the world. Meeting online is now the most common way to find a new partner, closely followed by being introduced by a friend, meeting at school, meeting at work, etc. Far from just being an arena to find ‘hook-ups’, it has been predicted by Imperial College Business School that half of all long-term relationships with female escorts in Colchester will begin online by the year 2035. Taking this trend one stage further, the same study predicts that half of the babies will be born to couples who met on the internet just two years later in 2037!

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However, the study was conducted before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which is thought will further accelerate the trend towards online Colchester dating being the number one fancy for men under the age of thirty. It’s easy to see why. With social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future, many settings where singles would usually meet such as bars and clubs are now closed. Dating apps give users the freedom to choose where they would like to meet – or try an increasingly popular Zoom or Skype date!

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Way back in 1995, the World Wide Web was launched. Online dating started in a text-based format, before progressing to include images as picture quality and search options improved. Still, the rise was slow and steady. It was the launch of the smartphone in the 2010s that changed all that. People no longer had to be logged onto their computer to date online – they were now carrying around a supercomputer in their pockets. Apps like Tinder made the whole process even easier, allowing you to swipe through a seemingly endless stream of potential partners in a short space of time without the need for the kind of extended profiles that previously dominated the dating arena. Now, hundreds of dating apps have sprung up, causing exponential growth and a market worth billions of dollars.

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For around 48% of users, online dating is for fun. While it is a common cliché that many people use online dating for sex, this is only estimated to be around 13% of users. So, we can reasonably assume that a decent proportion is on the lookout for a long-term relationship. There are plenty of obvious advantages to online dating. Firstly, you have access to many more potential partners than you could possibly meet in real life. Plus, there are matching systems that allow you to connect with people based on similar personality traits. The chat function allows you to ‘get to know’ your potential partner before you decide to meet up in person. For many people who suffer from anxiety or social shyness, internet dating provides a welcome way to meet people without much of the stress that used to come along with it. People who would once have struggled for months or years to get a date can do so at the touch of a button – or near enough!

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Of course, online dating also has its fair share of dangers. Many people share personal details about themselves too readily with people they don’t know. Then there is the obvious risk that the person you think you are speaking to isn’t who they say they are. Scammers use dating apps to prey on potential victims, not to mention the modern phenomenon of ‘catfishing’. However, despite the inherent risks of online dating, more and more people are still turning to it as a way of meeting their next partner. As internet privacy becomes more important, it is hoped that platforms will continue to adapt to keep their users as safe as possible.

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Internet dating has become so normalised that it’s hard to remember a time when it was once considered something slightly shameful. Years of romcoms had ingrained in us that people needed to meet in a spectacular and romantic way for their relationship to mean something. Ever thought about meeting dogging housewives in Colchester? Fast forward just a decade from 2010 to 2020, and most people would simply shrug their shoulders to find out their friend met a new partner online. While safety and privacy concerns are ongoing, there is no doubt that the removal of stigma from online dating has knocked down one of the major obstacles in its way.

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At the moment, more people are still forming relationships in real life than online, but it certainly looks like this will change in the near future. On top of many older people turning to online dating, the next generation of kids and young adults are growing up in a world that is dominated by the internet. Any stigmas that once existed about the supposed shortcoming of online dating are quickly drifting away. Plus, we have the accelerating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic which we mentioned at the start, which has caused even more reliance on the online world. Years of development have happened over the course of a few short months.

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While people use online dating for a host of different purposes, it certainly seems that it is rapidly becoming the new norm to form permanent long-term relationships. It’s hard to see society putting the genie back in the bottle with regards to dating sites, and the world will undoubtedly change as relationships form between people who previously would never have had the chance to meet.

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The golfing hole can be found in West Colchester located in The Spectrum building which was formerly the Renault distribution centre. It is an interactive 18-hole indoor golf course that keeps its ties to the building's original nature with a wide variety of industrial-themed holes to master. Although this is not strictly just for adults it does stay open until 10 pm which lends itself well to some adult shenanigans in the evenings, which can make it a fun change from the norm.

Roller Disco

A monthly event in the town centre is Mecca's monthly 18+ roller disco. This is a great throwback to the '70s when this was a common form of adult entertainment. All the equipment is supplied, and you even get a drink of your choice included with the entry price. It lasts for two hours and is another fun and active way to spend an evening out with friends. As it's located by the town hall there are various bus routes stopping opposite and a range of pubs, restaurants, and clubs all within walking distance. This is a great way to start a night out as it begins at 8:30 and lasts for 2 hours which allows for a natural progression to other venues around the town.

Speed Dating

If you're single and want to mingle then there are regular speed dating events held in the town. These need to be booked in advance and will cover a specific age range such as the '20s & '30s, 30's & 40's or 36-55. These are usually held in the Old Town area and the company running it offers a guarantee that if you don't meet someone you want to see again at an event you can come to the next one for free. The format for these evenings includes an informal meet-up at the venue followed by a brief rundown of how the evening will unfold. During the evening you will get to speak to every single lady or gentlemen privately for around 4 minutes and there is a brief downtime between dates to make notes on the dating tickets you are given.


Old Town is one of the more popular nightclubs in Colchester and is a firm favourite of those seeking a good time in a lush environment. You can even book VIP tables and have event waitresses look after your needs throughout the evening. Fridays at Tree offers free entry and all drinks are £1 before 12:30 with VIP booths costing just £60. There are regular events held at the venue with a range of DJs and music styles to suit all tastes. These are just a small sample of entertainment that can be found in Colchester for 18-35-year olds. There are other events held throughout the year such as the cinema under the stars that is held in the Town Gardens Bowl and offers a cult classic film and allows watchers to bring some food and drink to enjoy the film in the open air of the summer evenings. The Colchester and Wiltshire Pride and The Mela, both of which transition from family day events to more adult events in the evenings. For a town that many may not have heard of Colchester does have a wide range of entertainment on hand for those living here. Due to its continued expansion, more and more young people move to the town for jobs and thus more venues aimed at adult entertainment spring into life.