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The overwhelming consensus is that online escorts are the  easiest way to find new love. So, if you are trying to avoid going on a date with your mum’s  colleague’s son who your mum ensures is ‘a lovely boy’, you’ve probably found yourself  scrolling the app store in an effort to work out which virtual platform is best for you. escorts apps such as xlamma have gained a notoriety for being the go-to apps for  people searching for casual sex, with individual profiles only requiring a handful of pictures  and a few words before you can enter the virtual escorts realm.  

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Apps such as the one previously mentioned show you very little about prospective dates other than their physical appearance, with the tactic of the app generally favouring quantity  over quality. These apps are inherently designed for people who aren’t desperate to meet their  soulmates but are interested in some casual fun. Apps such as Tinder, while remaining  incredibly popular, deploy a scattergun approach to love matching; hoping that users can  find at least some matches who seem bearable enough to talk to beyond the usual preliminary  small talk. 

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But not all apps are created with the same goals in mind. While Tinder is the biggest escorts app globally, and  simultaneously topping the escorts app charts in both Google Play and the Apple Store, people  looking for more than just casual dates or short term hook ups still have plenty of choices outside of Tinder if they hope to find the one. and in the same study eHarmony claims that 70% of relationships will be able to attribute their  first coming together to online escorts or communication by 2040. With escort sites growing year on year, the likelihood of hearing a best man at a wedding  embarrassingly recall a bride and groom's first meet up was facilitated through an online  escorts platform is only going to become more common.  

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So, with more and more people relying on apps and websites to help them find their long term partner, online escorts platforms have had to respond to be taken seriously. Luckily,  escorts sites have been taking note and there’s now so many to choose from – each with their  own niche – that after deciding which site is for you, you have already tacitly decided what type of partner you are hoping to attract before you have even created your profile. 

This means it has now become normalised to be looking for long term love via an escorts site  or app, as long as you are on the correct platform. If you mention marriage on certain sites  you may be met with a concerned stare, however, sites such as Hinge and eHarmony have chosen to opt for the quality over quantity approach to match-making – aiming to find you  the individual that makes you feel lighter than air, rather than many who make you fill with  existential dread. 

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With Hinge’s tagline even stating that it is ‘designed to be deleted’, an optional family  planning preference and a 10 like limit per day, the app encourages users to take their time  over prospective profiles, dissuading spam-liking hundreds of profiles in a day. While alternatively, eHarmony requires individuals to fill in a lengthy questionnaire of personal details in an effort to discover each user's hopes in life and love, aiming to ensure  they only match others with the same life goals as them. 

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escorts sites aren’t solely aimed at young adults either. As generations have progressed through life and older age groups have become more comfortable using the internet, people’s reliance on escort sites has increased too. And it isn’t stopping either, with further research  from eHarmony showing that theWith one in three relationships already beginning online, and that number only set to grow,  why are people no longer finding love the traditional way? Well, online escorts are simpler,  more direct and less painful.  When escorting someone you know from your circle, it can quickly become messy and  complicated and that’s if you can even find a suitable date to begin with. Our modern day  lives do not facilitate meeting new people as regularly as we might think and living the  same routine week after week provides little opportunity to strike up any casual enquiries into  a stranger's relationship status. The truth is, if you don’t find a suitable companion through  work, university or through a mutual friend, then after a while the escorts scene can become a  largely hopeless place.  

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This is where escorts sites come in. In addition to removing any chance of awkwardly being  declined by a work friend, escort sites broaden your horizon beyond your immediate circle  and allow you to meet people outside of your own town. And by using a site that favour a  more thoughtful match-making process, individuals can ensure they share the same core  values and beliefs with somebody before they even meet. escorts sites have become the new  norm because they present individuals with unknown opportunity, while also making it  incredibly easy.  

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What is the likelihood that you live in the same town or work in the same building as the  partner you wish to spend the whole of your life with? escorts apps present people the  opportunity to escape feeling they ‘know everyone in this town’ or that ‘there’s no one right  for me’, instead algorithmically breaking people’s ordinary social circles to find matches  beyond their ordinary horizons in the hope of finding two who truly belong together. 

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Music has always been and always will, as I have some to realise in more recent years, be a huge part of my life. As the fiancé of Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris, a part-time session singer and voice-over artist as well as a keen music lover (we have a room in our house specifically  devoted to playing vinyl) I am always one ear to the ground when it comes to seeking out local gigs and the vast array of musical talent that resides in our local community. Rob and I reside in our 1920's cottage in the village of Offord, near St Neots, a medium sized town around 30 minutes from Ipswich. On many an evening we have sat in the front room, vinyl on (something like Randy Crawford or Quincy will usually be heard at least once in a night) and I have been amazed to learn from Rob, who has lived in the area all his life (apart from a 7 year spell in the Middle East as a child) how many famous musicians come from this area! Don Airy from Deep Purple, Olivia Newton John (she was born in Ipswich, believe it or not),  David Gilmore from Pink Floyd and Andy Bell from Erasure… the list goes on and on. My other half is a mind of information and recites his musical knowledge like he's consumed a music encyclopaedia! 

Oliver, Rob's 18 year old son caught the guitarist bug at 14, a little later than Rob, who at 4 picked up his first guitar and at 14 was already playing local gigs! Just after the death of David Bowie, Oli became obsessed with his music and hasn't put his guitar down since. He's now looking to study music tech at Herts Uni and as a brand-new driver who has just been given that first sweet taste of freedom, he couldn't be more hungry to sample the delights of a local gig! Luckily for us all (we range in age from 18 to 48), there is no end to the possibilities not only in and around St Neots, but the whole of the Ipswich area!

Our local Café, Art & Soul hosts local music acts every Friday night and you can go along and sample not only the wonderful home-made menu, consisting of hearty main meals to lighter bites, cakes and sandwiches, have a glass of wine (or two) but can then head up to the huge expanse of the upper level (it used to be a department store years ago) to hear music of all kinds and all genres, whilst browsing some fantastic painted, carved and sculpted works. Framed pictures, pretty pots and colourful ceramics adorn the walls and are squeezed on to various shelves and window ledges around the place, all again created by the local artists who reside in the area. Art & Soul have definitely brought some culture back to the town and we wholeheartedly support and applaud their efforts.

If you fancy visiting the historic city of Ipswich and really get in amongst the culture of this glorious city, you're in luck when it comes to some fantastic musicians that frequent venues such as The Corn Exchange and The Junction. Rob and I had one of our first dates at the former, watching James Morrison and his band (Rob is friends with the bass player). It was a fantastic and hilarious night and we never will forget it, as in between tracks we would smooch and snuggle as much as we could before we had to politely 'settle down' to enjoy the next tune. 

Frequently you'll be able to see some famously high-calibre and well-respected artists at these venues such as Rick Wakeman, Paul Weller, Rufus Wainwright and one of our own local bands, who we have a slight connection with due to 'friends of friends'. You can even sample covers bands such as Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac if that's your thing. If you're wondering the streets of Ipswich you might even catch a glimpse of the bespectacled Hank Marvin from The Shadows, who regularly visits his son, Ben, who lives in the area.

Then of course there are the many local pubs where a heady mix of local talent will get your juices going for a real Ipswich knees up! Oli doesn't partake in alcohol much yet, so it's great to have our very own taxi driver to tell us the sexiest teen escorts in Ipswich to and from these haunts. Who knew it would be he that drives us and not the other way around! I guess Rob has done his time on plenty of occasions, so it's payback in our favour! Look out for open mic nights and local songsters at The Portland Arms, The Corner House, The Royal Oak in Hail Weston (a small village near St Neots where I used to reside) and if you like it loud and very rocky, The Pig in our very own St Neots town (conveniently directly opposite the aforementioned Art & Soul!).

You may be thinking, what about Rob? Well, as well as playing in Jamiroquai and being a seasoned session musician for bands artists such as Sister Sledge, Jimmy Somerville, Kylie Minogue, The Lighthouse Family and Leo Sayer, Rob has a couple of bands of his own. Groovesonix is a funk covers band that re-works well known covers in to quirky creations and head-bobbing medleys. Local vocalist Shaun Williams leads the group and with the bass player from Jamiroquai, Paul Turner they make a force to be reckoned with. As well as playing corporate gigs as far afield as Dubai, Groovesonix can regularly be seen at La Raza in Ipswich. A basement-level, dimly-lit music haunt and eatery which has more atmosphere than you can shake a stick at. When these guys played there the last time, it came alive and the audience were seen standing on chairs, tables and bouncing in unison to some seriously funky tunes! 

Trioniq is Rob's  latest project, which consists of Paul and Shaun once more and one of the most talented keyboard and trumpet players I have ever seen (he sometimes even plays them together) Iwan Van Hetten. Trioniq is an originals project and songs are available on Apple Music and videos on YouTube. Check them out! 

Possibly the most exciting of all is that our very own local pub ,The Horseshoe, in Offord Darcy are planning a jam night with Rob and whichever local music fans and performers fancy coming along. We have a superb drummer to hand in St Neots, John Finnigan who's game for any night of music and fun, a local lass Lea Gray who has one of the most soulful voices I have heard in a long time and yours truly may even get up and give a rendition of 'Brass In Pocket'. Tom Peel, James Bay's bass player who interestingly also works at Music Street Guitars, a fabulous hub of hammers just down the road in Huntingdon, is also up for a jam. Interestingly, Music Street often hold local masterclasses with exemplary musicians from all over the world. Players such as Albert Lee (Eric Clapton), Bernie Marsden (White Snake) and Phil Palmer (George Michael and Elton John) have all appeared and it just goes to show what a thriving area this is for music and musicians alike. However, I digress…..

So, whether you're 18 or 80, you can be sure that the sex scene, escorts, massage girls and adults contacts in Ipswich is most definitely here to stay – live, fascinating and soul-liftingly good! Whenever you want some kick-back time in a beautiful part of the world, look us up!

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