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How did you start as a Croydon escort? I first started as an escort working in a massage parlour, there were six other girls working in shifts and the clients would come in to choose one of the girls to take upstairs to the VIP rooms. The problem was that whenever I was working the men would pick me so the other girls got really jealous and it got to be rather awkward. I decided to be an independent escort in Croydon working from my own Croydon massage flat.

Is there a lot of business in Croydon? I cover most areas around Croydon I escort in Crystal Palace, Purley and Mitcham as well. Some men will book me for 4 hours, which is nice if the guy is a gentleman. Most guys who book Croydon escorts expect to have an erotic massage which in turn leads to having sex with the client. Absolutely, if a client takes his time with me then I usually enjoy having sex with him.

What’s the most requested service that you offer your Croydon punters? They all want oral, lots of guys like role play, escorts in school uniform is a popular one. I have many pairs of shoes and stockings and suspenders is an escorts main workwear. I know that webcam escorts make a lot of money, I have thought about it and I know that on yesbook they have the facility for an escort to webcam between clients, which sounds pretty cool. I have a friend who is an escort in Sutton Surrey who webcams and she makes around £3000 per month on top of her escort earnings. I can’t speak for all escorts or for all the Croydon escorts but I always have an orgasm if a man licks my pussy for long enough.


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As a Brazilian escort in Croydon do all your clients want sex? Brazilian girls are well known for their sexy bodies and all Brazilian escorts will offer sex to their clients. There are lots of good looking escorts, I would say that ninety per cent of my punters are married.

Why do married men visit escorts? Most men like variety and when a married man starts to wander it is better that he visits an escort in Croydon rather than have an affair. Most girls who work as call girls like to have sex so having sex with punters and getting paid for it is a bonus. When you see girls on Brazilian beaches with big tits and big booty you understand that Brazilian girls are built for sex.

Where can I find sexy escorts in Croydon? You can find lots of massage parlour girls on websites like adultwork escorts, Vivastreet and Xlamma. If you want a Brazilian girl to escort you there are lots of Brazilian girls who offer sexual services around South London. There are a lot of retired men in Croydon so a lot of my clients are mature men who like to have a sexy time with a younger girl.

If a married man visits a Croydon escort is it cheating? How many of you looked at the title of the article and thought – “Yes!” or “Absolutely”. More than a few I would say. Well, here’s the thing, I’d say “It depends”. An escort isn’t a prostitute, they are people that get paid for their time; not for sex and not all escorts have sex with their clients. Some escorts get paid just to be a pretend date for a family dinner, or to have coffee or go for walks or just do some random, non-sexual stuff. If I go to have a coffee with my sister, am I cheating? Nope. If I go to have a coffee with my platonic, female friend, am I cheating? Still nope. If I go to have a coffee with a woman who I paid to have coffee with me, am I cheating? That’s still a no. Let’s break it down a little, did you know that there are Male and Female escorts? When we think of escorts we almost always think of women as the escort. Men are escorts too and just like the women, they don’t always have sex with their clients too. When we think of escorts we also seem to think of a married man stepping out on his wife, it’s not just the men who can step out ladies; keep an open mind here.

Do married men who visit Croydon escorts feel guilty? But let’s keep going with married men and escorts for now. Why would a man pay to spend time with a woman if not to have sex with her? He’s a man, he just wants to get laid, sow his oats blah, blah, blah. It’s the same trite stuff that we hear where men get put into a box and labelled. “My man went to see an escort!” – oh the shame on him cheating, that’s what your friends will all think. Instant judgement without knowing the facts. So let’s get real – why would a man pay? Have you ever watched a T.V. series that you loved? Of course – who hasn’t these days? Imagine if the only thing you could ever watch was the same series over and over, that’s it. Nothing else to watch except that series. When you watch it the first time, it’s new, exciting and ooh what a cliff-hanger I can’t wait to see the next episode. Well, that’s how your relationship was with your spouse – new, exciting and you can’t wait to see them again. After a few years, however, you know what they like and don’t. Things get stale, when your day consists of a 9-5 then home for dinner, TV and bed with the weekend to look forward to so you can mow the lawn. When you’re with someone new, even a Croydon escort that you pay, well that’s new. It’s different like how it was when your relationship first began. C’mon ladies, when was the last time you did something fun as a couple? A day out shopping for new clothes is not it – men are so not into that.

Is it because men get bored having sex with the same woman? When the excitement goes away, men will look to get that back again, in whatever way they can. When you really think about it, spending money for companionship isn’t that bad. Some might even argue that men have paid for you to be with them; dinner, flowers, theatre tickets, romantic getaways all cost money. Could it be that the escorts in Croydon are just more upfront with it? Pay this much money and I will be there for this much time for this activity. Sure, the obvious statement will arise “But, that’s because he was wooing me”, yup he was and with the intention of you between the sheets too. So what if there is more than just companionship from the escort or the Croydon massage girls, what if they have sex – surely that’s cheating – right? You remember that analogy about the TV series earlier – if we were to use that to describe your sex life when you start out together everything is new, fresh and super exciting much like the TV series. But after a while the oral sex becomes a “birthday treat”, the number of sexual positions dwindle down into missionary only – you might as well just watch the same episode of the same series over and over again it’s gonna last longer because that sex life just got really boring.

Is it the fault of the wife when her husband visits a Croydon escort? As a society we have evolved – hundreds of years ago there were very little distractions. Electricity came along, we invented the T.V. then along comes the internet and tablets, smartphones. We went from a time where we were content with more mundane things but as the world got faster and more connected we’re always on, there’s always something interesting us, keeping us engrossed. That should apply to relationships too, we grew up in the throwaway age of single-use plastic and it’s a part of who we’ve evolved into and unfortunately, we start to throw away relationships too when they become dull and boring. You know about the white lie, the one where we tell ourselves “No that extra slice of cake will be fine.” Should that apply to escort sex too? It’s not done by men who just wanna cheat on their wives, it’s also done by those who desperately want to stay with them but need the excitement too. Some women have open relationships and allow their husbands to have sex with other women – “You can have sex with them but you come home and love me!” So permission seems to be the thing we are looking at but does the white lie to keep the marriage together and not end in a divorce due to a series rerun constitute cheating or not? That’s something that only you should decide based on your relationship.