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The idea behind the site is discreet dating. Despite the ethical debacle behind the website, and whether it is aligned with the occidental society principles, it is ambitious to translate the secrecy of an affair to the internet, a place where everything is public. Now you are going to say, didn’t they have a data breach in 2015? They did. Facebook did too and you keep using it, don’t you? For people seeking an alternative to divorce, as well as an escape from routinary relationships, Ashley Madison is the name of the girl/boy of their dreams. And it will continue to be. Five years after the breach, the site has almost the same number of users as it had before. They trust their data in exchange for happiness (and to save some time and money dealing with a divorce attorney). 

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Polyamorous relationships, open marriages, or even the classical secret affair we are used to hearing about can be found on Ashley Madison. Everybody can find their place and, with a little help of the filters, embrace new adventures and if wanted, love. In a world full of discrimination, as we all have been able to see in the last few weeks, the site becomes a safe place for people to express themselves and their desires. Why should it be wrong to have an affair if your intention is not to stop? Why should you be ashamed of loving more than one person? Is it that bad having so much love to give? Why is monogamy the rule if we are capable of loving more than one person at a time? 

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If being married feels like being trapped in a cage, why not spread your wings and feel free for a few hours with somebody outside your household? Being with someone new and feeling an adrenaline rush flowing through your veins. Being with a different person outside your relationship doesn’t mean you don’t love the person you’re with. Our society has been built between opposites, in a binary form. But in-between black and white there’s a whole rainbow. Why are we so afraid to live that rainbow then? 

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The concept that Ashley Madison represents is not new. It’s not something that came with the internet and globalization. Just think about Don Draper in Mad Men and his endless affairs. We can even go back to early humans who maintained polyamorous relationships. Despite it’s in our nature not to be monogamous, there’s a social conscience that pressures us to be. It’s been in our society for centuries, as we can witness with Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. Being with more than one person at a time is punished even in literature. Why keep forcing us to be something we are not?

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Ashley Madison takes the prejudices out of relationships. It’s a community with a clear objective, where people find others with the same interests. It’s a place to feel safe in a society that punishes the ones that follow their instincts. It’s the key to free the bird out of the cage. 

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An affair can be the answer to a lot of problems, and not everybody has the same reason to look for satisfaction outside their partners. The fear of rejection, not trying to hurt the other person or even the fact that they still love the person they are with but can’t find everything they are looking for in them. Whatever the reason, people that sign into sites like Ashley Madison are looking for secrecy and discretion in their way of keeping alive their relationships. When a break-up is not an option, an affair presents itself as a way out. 

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So, if humans are not designed to be monogamous and an affair is usually started as a way of not hurting our partner, why do we, as a society, keep condemning it? The 60 million users of Ashley Madison prove that looking for what our relationships are lacking is not something uncommon. We are usually told that our half-orange is out there, but, why if we are more a slice than a half? Maybe we need more than one person to feel complete and Ashley Madison is the name of the rest of our pieces.

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Escort sites have been here long enough, actually since the internet’s baby steps. But the fact that they have been among us for decades does not mean they are completely accepted. Call me old fashioned but meeting people online still has some prejudices around it. If not, just think about how many of your friends’ couples are a little shy to admit they met on a dating site at first. Technology has shaped and changed a lot of aspects of our daily lives. In 2020, it is impossible to picture a world without cell phones, the internet, or even a fridge. Humans are embracing technology as part of their own being, almost like an extension of their body (like the wise Marshall McLuhan once said). Because of our strong attachment to it, is not unusual to let tech get in the way of how we relate to others and build bonds. So why is it still weird for some of us to meet people online? The answer is not in the technology per se, but in the way, dating and hookup sites and apps are built. Everything lies around pictures that you swipe to one side if you like what you are seeing or the other side if you do not. We as persons are reduced to pixels and a few quotes that should describe and define our personality, tastes, hobbies, and ways to get through life. We are simplified to mere bits. 

Although the problem does not just lie in how we have a few bits of the infinite internet space to describe ourselves but also in the way we meet others through it. The only thing we have to do to let the app know if we like a person or not it’s to swipe to one side or the other. Just a swipe. We are deciding who we want to be with by just moving a few of the 30 muscles of our hands. So are we actually trying hard enough to meet the other person or we are just judging a book by its (reduced, poorly, and simplified) cover? Another thing that I do not quite get about dating apps and sites, in general, is the paid functions. Are we actually paying a company to help us out in our relationships? The resemblance to job hunting through agencies is unbelievable. Are we really letting our connexions to be cataloged under a price? When we have become so addicted to screens that we need to pay someone to help us be what makes us humans (a.k.a being social and having relationships with others)? 

One of the positive points usually made about dating sites it’s the fact that allows you to meet people you would not probably meet outside of it. Maybe because you go around different circles, or because you are not as close to each other to just bump in the market while doing your grocery shopping. But, if you think about it, to really know the person you have to go outside the app and actually meet her because the pictures and limited characters of the bio are definitely not enough to deeply know somebody. We can have thousands of options to choose from in just one single screen. Our future partner/hookup can be shaped like a 5.5 inches rectangle and 500 characters. We can pay a capitalist cupid to help us in our love search. Despite some embrace the technology in the romantic aspect of their lives (57 million globally just in the case of Tinder), others do not fancy meeting and judging people through a screen. I was born with tech and I cannot imagine living without it in a lot of aspects of my life. Although, love is not one of them. So yeah, I’m a gen Z and I still cannot figure Tinder out.

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