Is it possible for a man to stay faithful with so many beautiful Eastbourne escorts online and waiting for just a phone call to have a sexual encounter? 

Founded in 2002, and available in over 20 languages, the Canadian-based online dating service Ashley Madison gets a bad rap; between their own advertising - life’s short, have an affair - to the massive privacy leak they had in 2015 and the ‘fake female bots’ scandal, they have gained a reputation now as a fairly disreputable company. But is that reputation fair? 

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First, let’s run through a hypothetical situation. You’re a man in your late 50s, you’re married to your wife you no longer have steamy hot fun and you’ve been CFO of your company for the last ten. You have no children - you both had demanding careers you chose to put first - and quite frankly, you’re bored. There’s no career progression, you’re starting to feel old and your sex life has become routine (date night on Wednesdays, holidays and the occasional Saturday morning treat). You could buy a flash car, of course, but it’s not really what you want. What you want is to jump into the sack with a younger woman. You want to feel young and sexy again. Is that so unreasonable? 

Do a lot of married men use the services of Eastbourne escorts?

Here’s where an Ashley Madison basher comes in. Even if you are consenting adults they assume your next step is to download the app, arrange a date, cheat on your wife - a decision you made due to the app’s marketing and an apparent lack of ability for you to take responsibility for your own actions. But honestly, if you wanted to do that you could twice as easily have an affair with your secretary, and God knows married men have been doing that since well before the internet. So instead, let’s change the narrative.

If a man wants to try something new sexually with a passionate lady, isn’t it better to try with a Eastbourne escort before trying with his wife?

Armed with as much confidence as you can muster, you cook your wife her favourite and you sit down with her over a bottle of wine. You explain how you’re feeling, and what you want. You ask her to think it over, and most importantly, you agree that if she’s not comfortable with it you would be happy to discuss some possible compromises (you’ve been researching threesomes and sex clubs as some alternatives she might be happy with). You reassure her that you love her, and while you want to have an affair, you will never cheat on her. The difference, you explain, is in the consent. She sleeps on it, and then, much to your surprise, she agrees. Turns out, she’s been feeling much the same way, and would also like to feel young again. She lays out some shockingly reasonable ground rules: no one you know in real life, it cannot interfere with your standard Wednesday date night, you must wear protection and - the best part - you have to keep it a secret. She doesn’t want her friends and family judging your relationship, and she does not want you banging Janet from HR. Seems fair.  

Are Eastbourne escort agency girls becoming the new way for single guys to have sexual encounters without the preamble of taking dates out to dinner first?

Now you have a dilemma; you’ve never online dated and sensual girl before and you don’t actually know the rules. You could download tinder, of course, but your niece and her friends are on there and you don’t want her to discover you’re online dating (not to mention that while you want younger, you’re not actually looking for young - late twenties/early thirties, not teenagers). Ashley Madison, now that they’ve already been hacked, has great security and promises to be discrete. It’s the perfect choice. You download it, and within three months you’re regularly meeting a sexy blonde bombshell in her thirties who enjoys the luxuries you can give her and makes you feel like a stallion in bed. 

Does modern Love include being unfaithful with Eastbourne escorts and massage parlour girls? 

Even better, your wife is screwing someone else too and you’re both bringing new tricks to the bedroom. Last week you came home to find her in new, very revealing Ann Summers lingerie wanting to skip dinner and jump straight into dessert. You’re falling in love with her again, you’re buying each other gifts and treating each other to spontaneous nights out. She’s talking about bringing another woman in for a threesome, and on Friday she woke you up with a blowjob for no reason at all - the last time she gave you a blow job you weren’t even married yet. 

Can a marriage remain monogamous with so many Eastbourne sexy escorts on offer?

Monogamy as a cornerstone of a healthy marriage - often the only cornerstone - is now an outdated concept. Many people are in polyamorous situations, with multiple partners, many couples enjoy threesomes or ‘open’ relationships, and there are now several shows on Netflix that feature ‘thruples’ (‘monogamous’ relationships of three people). People exist on a spectrum, and we all have different needs that change over time. What is important for a relationship is trust, communication and compromise. Ashley Madison, like all other internet services, is just that - a service. If you or your partner is willing to break the relationship’s trust, fail to communicate or compromise - shutting down Ashley Madison (or indeed, all dating sites) will do nothing to prevent that. 

Is it the fault of the wife, who still has a very nice body, that so many married men are visiting massage girls in Eastbourne?

Like ‘blaming the other woman’ people love to blame Ashley Madison for the actions of an unfaithful spouse. It’s time that stops. Ashley Madison is but a tool, and how people choose to use the tool is entirely up to them.  Instead, let’s look at the potential for sites like Ashley Madison to be used by people in healthy relationships to expand their definition of what a relationship means, in a way that works for all the people involved. 

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