Ask An Escort; Amanda 39 is a mature escort in Glasgow:

As a female escort in Glasgow are you working within the law? Absolutely, there are prostitutes in Glasgow who are street prostitutes but us escorts who work from private apartments are not breaking any laws. In fact, the police would rather a female Glasgow move off the streets and work from massage flats and with Glasgow escort agencies.

How long have you worked as a Glasgow escort? I’ve been an escort for nearly 20 years, I started when I was living in, I wanted to be a model at the time but it is a very difficult industry to get into, so the next best thing to make some decent money was becoming a Scottish escort. Yeah, I worked for lots of escort agencies in Glasgow, I worked in flats and all sorts of Massage parlours when I was a young escort. It was literally one punter after another, I would some days have sex with 20 men in an eight-hour shift. Sometimes there would be two guys waiting in the waiting area while I was having sex with a punter in the room, he would go and the doorbell would ring again, there were times when I couldn’t even stop for a cup of coffee. Soho flats were very busy in those days, it's different now because the old Soho as I knew it is no longer the same. It’s a lot calmer, more relaxed and I get to know my punters in Glasgow, in fact, lots of my clients are regular and they buy me presents and take me out for dinner and cocktails, which is a lot nicer than a ten minute fuck and then it’s next, please.


Ask An Escort; Priti is a sexy Indian escort in Glasgow:

Do you see yourself as a Glasgow escort or a prostitute? The question needs to be put to my clients, most men see me as an escort, but many Indian men call me a guti, which is Indian slang for a local Glasgow prostitute. There is a lot of competition between Glasgow escorts, if a girl doesn’t offer all the services, then punters will just go elsewhere. They all want oral without, owo, they all want to cum in my mouth cim, and lots of guys today want anal sex with an escort.

Do you know many Indian escorts in Glasgow? A few of my friends work now, a lot of work in Glasgow massage parlours. It depends on what the punter wants really, I get regulars that come to me and they also see Blonde girls as well. On the internet, search for Indian girls in Glasgow hopefully you will find me on a few escort directory sites. Hundreds, the Indian men that visit me start calling at 9 am, are becoming more and more. Indian girls that are becoming westernized are seeing that working in the sex industry is very profitable.

It is estimated that a high percentage of clients who visit escorts are married. So why do married men visit Glasgow escorts? Imagine eating the same sandwich for the rest of your life. So you ask for mayonnaise for a change but the waitress just stares back at you in disgust as if you’ve insulted the chef. From then on you’re mechanically masticating, staring out the window, fantasising about devouring that Croquet-Monsieur sold across the road. To put it in layman's terms the relationship has got stale and there’s hardly any communication between the couple. So what does any sensible man do in this predicament to make their wife happy again? That’s right they think about their own needs instead and pay for an escort! Can some men be that self-centred? Well yes according to Dr Drew from HLN TV show. He believes that some guys cheat because they are sociopaths, they have trouble with emotions and just think about their own drives and needs. Then there are sex addicts who were injured during childhood who act out in all kinds of ways which are hurtful to themselves and other people.

Before visiting an escort in Glasgow should men talk to their wives about the reasons they want sex without emotion? A sex worker from The Moonlite Bunny Ranch even appeared on Dr Drew’s show revealing that men are seeking something in her what they should be seeking in their relationships. Their wives are no longer catering to their egos anymore because they have had enough of listening to their husband’s same story 50 times. Either way, if the marriage of a couple is in trouble then it is up to both parties to admit that there is a problem and seek professional help. However, if it’s all about one person’s needs then they would have to question why they got married in the first place and go seek professional help. Being in a marriage is a 50/50 partnership which means communication is paramount for a happy married life.

Is the sex stale? Talk to each other. Dr Michael Bennett author of F*ck Feelings gives the best advice, “You want to know what gives her pleasure and she should know what works for you because of its good for the relationship”.

What can a Glasgow escort give to a married man that his wife can't? A marriage is like a business isn’t it? Thus a business is all about finding out what your buyers need and giving it to them. It’s that simple. So…Fellas, TALK TO YOUR WIFE! Express those thoughts and feelings. Find out what your wife needs and give it to her and give it to her hard! Women, find out what your husband needs and give it to him harder…Unless going to escorts is his fetish. Then it’s up to you whether you accept that or not. It is known that men can separate love from sex and so if you do accept it, then it is only considerate that he is wearing protection. If you don’t accept it, not many people do, seek advice from a trusted source or a professional. So married men, what are you waiting for? Go home now and treat your wife like how you treat an escort!

Should sex workers be decriminalised? Prohibition in the 1920s was an interesting time. In an attempt to create a safer America, this amendment placed all the power, and all the money, into the hands of criminals and criminal gangs as alcohol production and consumption, continued unabated. This represents a powerful aspect of the debate around the criminalisation of sex workers, that by decriminalising we can move this job out of the shadows and into the light. The workers can feel safe, free from violence, free from prosecution, and free to choose. The reality seems less black and white. This article will seek to try and understand the current thinking, and, clumsily perhaps, attempt to reach some kind of compromise. The profession is, by its very nature, a dangerous one. A job that requires a Glasgow escort to be alone, and vulnerable with, a stranger, as well as a degree of submission skewing the balance of power in favour of the buyer. Decriminalisation offers some degree of protection, that is protected from prosecution, and so lessens (although does not remove) the fear of contacting the police, should the worker feel, or become, threatened. Some countries offer decriminalisation for the seller of sex, but not the buyer (the 'Nordic' model). This has some problems, as the majority of the work would be carried out in secret for the protection of the buyer, driving sex workers to operate in secrecy and seclusion, increasing the danger should anything go awry.

Are escort agency girls working legally? In the UK, it is currently legal to both sell, and buy, sex. Theoretically, this offers greater protection, yet escorts in Glasgow must still operate alone. Working together with other escorts, or operating out of a communal dwelling or shop, is deemed managing a brothel, which is still illegal. This appears incredibly short-sighted, as it would be an enormous step in protecting sex workers from violence from their clients. Massage parlours in Glasgow run as businesses, however, do open the door to trafficking and coercion, however implementing frequent inspection of premises, and perhaps even unionisation may provide further protection and support in this area. So far, so good? Decriminalisation protects sex workers from prosecution and then goes further to protect their place of work, keeping it safe. So they are now free and happy to charge for sex. Our government can even tax them on their earnings, so everyone wins! Right? If the law allows women to sell sex for money why not allow Glasgow escorts to work from a single premise for safety? In some counties of Nevada, where sex work is decriminalised, and brothels are legal, there is still much sex work going on illegally. In New Zealand, sex work is decriminalised for the seller and the buyer, but still illegal for those on short visas, and migrants- arguably those at highest risk from trafficking and coercion into the sex trade. Furthermore normalising sex work, by giving it the label of a 'regular' job potentially risks something more for our society. Will career advisors sit down with young people and tell them that sex work is a valid future option? Sex work brings with it connotations of victims. The entry route for many sex workers is financial hardship. Dig a little deeper and you will find the income and the flexible working hours allow some sex workers to make money around other commitments such as caring for others, or even substance abuse. Surely these people need to be helped? We constantly tell ourselves that they cannot enjoy doing this.  Would they do a different job if they could have similar flexibility in hours and receive a similar income? If Covid-19 has taught us anything just recently, it is that many more people are capable of doing many jobs very efficiently, from home.

Do Glasgow escorts and massage parlour girls provide an essential service to their clients? Studies that seek to ask sex workers these questions surprisingly uncover some sex workers who claim to enjoy their jobs. And who are we to remove the right to work? Workers sell their labour every day, so who decides that sex work is any different? And yet in the minds or the majority of society, it is different. Some people, at some time, will use sex to procreate, but the majority of sexual encounters we have will be actively attempting the opposite. Masturbation can provide physical reaction and release, so what do we need another person for? The answer is the human connection. Our lives mean something to us through the connections we make, and sexual connections are powerful. They (usually) involve just one other person, and so there is no danger of feeling invisible or being overlooked, or any of the usual anxieties that can accompany us as we make our way through our life. You are there, with another person, sharing an experience unique to the two of you. This encompasses the fantasy sex workers sell to their clients.

What type of men visits Glasgow massage parlours for sexual relief? But in the process of reducing this connection to a tradable commodity, there is a feeling, and some evidence, that they risk losing the ability to enjoy that connection themselves.  A report from Bristol University found that sex workers were unlikely to purchase sex themselves from other sex workers, very telling, as they perhaps appreciate the emotional difficulties they themselves have when selling sex. Perhaps, like prohibition, it is time for us to accept that sex work cannot, and should not be illegal, and instead of police man-hours and prosecutions, our tax money should be spent on making it a safe occupation as we are already starting to do, and perhaps in providing free education to sex workers, be that basic Maths and Language skills all the way up to degree-level and beyond, so that we as a society can be sure we are doing everything we possibly can place power, and more importantly, choices, into the hands of the workers themselves.