Ask An Escort; Gigi is a 23yo Romanian girl now working as an escort in Hammersmith:

How did you start as an escort? I was a camgirl working in Bucharest before I came to the UK. I'd also done a little bit of escort work in Constanta - which is a Romanian beach holiday place in the summertime and it attracts wealthy men. So when I came to the UK, I knew I'd probably end up working in an erotic massage parlour in Hammersmith because the money is good.

Do you remember the first time you had sex with a client for money? As a Hammersmith massage girl? Yes, sure. It was an Indian guy in his 60's who runs a shop not too far away from where I live. He came into the massage parlour on my first day and it was a little awkward for a moment or two - because we recognised each other. But we soon got over that. I still see him every-now-and-then even today. Yes, with the Indian guy. He did not want a full-service because he is married. But he did want some oral and I provided. I think he was very nervous. It might have been his first experience with a Shepherds Bush escort too. It was on my third booking as a Hammersmith escort that I think I had real sex and broke my escort cherry. It's hard to remember because it was about 3 years ago now. It must've been an okay experience because I can't remember it. That's another point - in the 3 years I've been working as a call girl & escort girl, I've had barely any bad experiences. This industry really isn't anything like the media portrays it to be. The guys are generally warm and loving and just missing a bit of intimacy at home.

How did it feel the first time having sex for money? The Hammersmith escort agency where I started asked me if I was comfortable having sex for money. I said 'yes' no problem. Again, I've done it before in Constanta, Romania, so it wasn't an issue for me. The first time I ever had sex for money did feel a little strange. It was actually at the end of a night out in a bar. I'd had a lot to drink, entertaining the client. But I knew he'd want to finish the night with sex, so I prepared for it. We did it on a sun lounger on the beach at night. I returned home afterwards and it was like I'd just been out on a regular night out with my friends, only I had a nice amount of money in my bag the next morning. Some days yes, some days no. It's like any other job. I'm generally a happy person and when I'm happy - I enjoy my job. All my clients are lovely people, so even when I'm not in the mood for whatever reason, I always do my best to entertain them right. As stated, I've been working at an erotic massage parlour in Chiswick for 3 years and sporadically worked as a call girl in Romania. During this time, I've had maybe a dozen really good encounters with clients where I was almost embarrassed to take the money for it - because I had just as much fun, if not more than the client. I still do some camgirl work too because it's easy and fast money and I can do it from home. When I do that, I orgasm nearly every session. It's not bad!

What is the most requested service you get from clients at your escort agency? I think most escorts in Hammersmith will agree that the most requested service is the girlfriend experience. Most guys just want some increased intimacy and to feel special. I list the girlfriend experience as my first service on my escort directory profile. I know it's what will catch their eye the fastest. The girlfriend experience means that they want lots of kissing and cuddling. It's - what it sounds like. They want to feel like they are being intimate with someone rather than just f*cking. I will say that I've become quite close with some of my regulars because of these experiences. It's difficult not to when you're sharing such an intimate time together.

Why do you think happily married men visit Hammersmith escorts? As above. Most are just lacking intimacy. Some have been married for decades and they are in sexless marriages. They're wives no longer give them any attention. They're lonely and just want to feel loved for a few hours. It's quite sad actually. That's why I really do my best to give a good service to my clients. These are not bad guys. Everyone wants to feel desired - it's healthy. The byproduct of providing a good service is that I get paid better too. It's a win-win. Haha, a strange question to ask me. But, yeah, there is a shemale escort in Hammersmith. I think there are a couple more that I've heard about too. They are always busy and make very good money. I don't think they work quite as much as regular girls because of the risks involved but... yes, there are shemale escorts in Shepherds Bush. I love being a Hammersmith escort. I would do something else if I wasn't happy. I'm a smart girl, I know. I choose to do this for now. I can make lots of money and send it home to my parents in Romania so that they can live a better life. We've purchased a second house in Bucharest, thanks to my money as an escort. I don't regret it for a minute. No. I will probably become an independent escort very soon. I've been working for the same escort agency in Hammersmith for quite some time so it's time for a change. But other than that, I will stay in the industry.

Are London escort agencies targeting hard-up students to work as escorts selling sex for money? We live in hard times, cost living is gradually increasing every year. The education sector is one of the most affected ones. In the last years, the Government has applied student support cuts creating a debt management pressure in the students. The secondary school became a costly issue for families and the universities have increased the charge tuition fees up to 9.000 a year since 2012. For that reason, London students are trying to find different ways to subsidize their studies, the latest is to work as a Hammersmith escort. Their last aim is to get an accredited university degree that could increase the possibility to find a competitive job in the future. But it is not an easy task. Jobs in retail or hospitality are not well paid and they include long shift hours that are not suitable to combine with high studies. But they don't lose hope. Students are creative minds with strong skills to use technology and resources on their behalf, especially if they are in a vulnerable position. Word of mouth and easy access to online information gives them the power to discover another type of business where they can get a quick income through a different path: The attractive and lucrative escort business.

What type of student is drawn to a life as an escort in Shepherds Bush? A short description of the job could be a public relations position that implies giving some company and entertainment in corporate,  leisure, public events or dinners to wealthy clients. At first glance, it looks like an alluring job, but it could be considered a bit controversial. Nowadays escort business is more related to the sex industry sector than the entertainment one. Studies from different universities as Swansea University or Kingston University in London shows that more than a fifth of students could be interested or felt curiosity about the sex industry, or for example, more than one on 10 female students had friends that have been involved in different types of jobs related with the sex industry. Actually is growing exponentially every year. You can find websites offering students scholarships of up to £15,000 or even online escort platforms with easy access for sexual workers all over Europe.

Are London Universities aware that their students are embarking on a career as London escorts? Rectors from different universities are showing their concerns about that. They consider an important issue that is affecting directly to the professionalism and reputation of their faculties. UK universities have student codes of conduct that everyone has to follow. At the same time, students are experiencing the stigma of being judged by their colleagues and professors. Difficult matter. On the other hand, it is curious to discover that Hammersmith escort agency owners declare that they are inundated with hundreds of applications every day from intelligent and capable young students. They always defend themselves with the argument that an escort in Hammersmith is a job of choice, as many others we can find in the job market. It looks that a good solution could come from University institutions. Education is one of the key factors in long term economic growth for the country, so the increase of funds for high education is a good way to kill two birds in one stone. They have the power to reduce tuition fees, support grants and interest-free loans for students. In this way, Universities would not have to worry about their reputation and morals and they would keep students safe and covered.