My life as a Fulham escort; Candice is a 22-year-old busty blonde female escort in Fulham:

How did you become a well-known pornstar escort in Fulham? I was dating a Premier League footballer for about 9 months. I appeared several times on his Instagram posts and he tagged me. My Instagram began to blow up with followers and messages from horny guys around the world and I got propositioned a lot. The relationship with the footballer finished and I didn't want to have to go find another rich guy to commit too. I wanted to remain single but still have lots of money - so I started working as an erotic massage girl and accepting offers from guys DM'ing me on Instagram.

Do you remember your first client? And did you have sex with him? Yes, because I didn't plan on ever working for an escort agency (I do now). When I first started, I was an independent escort. I accepted an offer from one of these guys on Instagram. He offered to fly me to Dubai in exchange for full-sex services. He was my first paying client. Oh yes, plenty. The guy wasn't going to fly me to Dubai and put me up in a 5-star hotel just for a peck on the cheek. I had to do many things. Depraved things. Things that are probably illegal in Fulham haha. I got paid five-figures for this though. I was scared of that particular client because it was rather a unique circumstance - being in Dubia and the extreme things he wanted. But...that experience has meant that anything I've done since seems very easy. Taking money from regular guys and then going home to my own bed at night, it's an easy life. I make incredible money. Mid-six figures last year. I know I'm an exception (because I do have that barbie girl look that guys like footballers want).

After being a Fulham escort, do you still enjoy sex? In my personal life, yes. I love it. I often go to party destinations like Marbella and Las Vegas and just have a good crack with my girl mates. We'll sleep with a bunch of guys - just like any other young girl on holiday does. Having sex with guys in my personal life is different from adultwork for sure. You don't have the same mindset. The transactional aspect is always in the back of your mind when you're with a client. Also to mention, with clients - I always use condoms. But when I'm sleeping with a guy in my personal life and I really like him, sometimes I won't use a condom. So it's very different.

What is the most requested service you get from clients at your Fulham escort agency? Full sex, girlfriend experience. Often in nice hotel rooms or at fancy houses. Rich guys will often book me and a couple of other girls at the same time and they'll want orgie-type parties. I have to do a lot of girl-on-girl. Which I don't mind. I don't do a lot of regular Fulham massage parlour work. I'm very lucky to have won the genetic-lottery and I'm making the most of it being a high-level escort girl. Hahaha yeah probably. Again, I tend to mix just with a group of girls that are of a similar level of looks to me and we'll get called into jobs together sometimes. That's really the only time I meet other erotic massage girls. I'm not working day-in-day-out in the Fulham massage parlours - so I don't really know about the shemale thing.

Do you regret this career choice at all? Hell no. What else would pay a 22-year-old with no education mid-six figures a year for basically partying? I wake up at lunchtime, go shopping, eat and party. I get flown about places and holidays whenever I want. In a couple more years I might feel like getting a boyfriend again and then maybe I'll do something else. But not for now. So if she's a cute girl-next-door type, I'd recommend she go online and look at the escort agency in Fulham. Find some contact details of the various websites in the city and then start making some calls. If you find a place you like, you can start working pretty much straight away. You don't need to be hot to work in most massage parlours, either. I'd say having a good personality is just as important. Most guys want to forget that they are paying you while they're with you. So it's an art to come across genuine and make them feel like the experience is real. I think that I'm pretty good at that. Some girls are very robotic and transactional. They never do so well - even if they're really hot.

What type of girls are suitable to work as Fulham escorts? I'd be horrified if I found out she was going to see a client in Dubai though haha. But otherwise, yeah it would be fine I suppose. I can't say no, I'd be a complete hypocrite. Again, there really is no other way that a young good looking girl can make this much money. It's such a short window of time that us girls have, we have to make the most of it too. 18-24 and then it's over. The downhill slope starts. As said, I'll probably do this for another couple of years while I can still mix it with the top girls and guys. I'll never settle for ''playing in the lower leagues''. Once I hit 25 I'll probably try to wife-up the guy I know with the best prospects (money). I do want a family one day too.

Is sugar baby a sanitised term for an escort in Fulham? Two terms that both describe a person who performs a service in a sexual context in return for money or gifts. You'd be forgiven for thinking this might just be another modern diversification of terminology, mere semantics, however they are both fundamentally different practices. In terms of definition, sugar baby is most often a younger person who receives financial or material rewards for spending time with a usually wealthier older person. The arrangement can include sex but does not have to. A teen escort in Earls Court is hired to spend time with another person as a companion and sex is usually involved. The first major difference is the frequency of meetings. A sugar baby will meet with their sugar daddy regularly and as such the arrangement bears more similarity to a conventional relationship. In part, this is why the practice has less of a stigma than escorting. Escorts convene with their clients for one-off meetings, be that to accompany them to a social event or just come to their hotel room. This is not to say that escorts do not have return clients or recurring meetings however it is not as regular as the sugar baby's arrangement.

w many clients does an escort see every day? Largely dictated by the aforementioned frequency of meetings, are the number of partners sugar babies and Fulham escorts will have.  S ar babies are expected to have fewer partners, if not just the one. This, however, will be dependent on the agreement which the sugar baby and daddy decide upon early on in their relationship. Escorts, however, can have multiple clients as timeframes are shorter and more clearly defined, allowing for multiple clients a week, sometimes even in an evening. A larger client book, however, does present greater potential dangers for escorts. Whereas sugar babies can more carefully vet their potential daddies before agreeing to anything concrete, escorts, by taking on more clients and with less time to vet them, put themselves at more risk of violence, rape and STI's.

Do escorts always have sex with clients? With greater risk comes great rewards, however, as escorts have the potential to earn much more than sugar babies by carrying out more transactions with more clients. The trade-off here is money vs comfort. Sugar babies, while earning less than an escort in Fulham per month, have the luxury of a more relationship-style arrangement with a daddy who they have taken care and consideration over choosing. The interesting difference between the two practices now becomes clearer, as to who is more dependent on whom. In a sugar baby relationship, the baby is financially reliant on the daddy.  They enjoy the lifestyle of a sugar baby, the gifts, the expenses and as such are materially reliant on the daddy. The escort, however, is not materially reliant on any one of their clients, by taking on a larger number of clients the escort becomes more financially secure and is able to cut off any of their clients should they start to abuse their agreement.

Where can I find a blonde escort in Fulham? Dependency or independence goes a long way in helping establish who has the power in the different arrangements. Sugar babies and daddies agree to a financial arrangement early on in order to establish what sort of material reward or payment is handed across for whatever service. This in itself demonstrates that there is power on both sides, the daddy is willing to hand over money in exchange for a commitment from the baby, and the baby is willing to commit to a regular set of meetings in exchange for the money.  They have met somewhere in the middle. A blonde escort, however, will have a set price, for a set time window. It is a take it or leaves it situation. Of course, escorts can facilitate practically any request a client has of them, as long as they are comfortable with it, but the price will be set by them. In this way, escorts possess a greater sense of independence and power within their dynamic. They are able to walk away from any transaction.

Are there mature Fulham escorts that give GFE? In light of these dynamics, it is perhaps easier to differentiate between the two by describing the act of being a sugar baby as a lifestyle and being an escort as more of a profession. The main driving force in becoming a sugar baby is the lifestyle itself, usually associated with holidays, designer gifts and fancy hotels and restaurants. A of which, for most young women, are largely out of financial reach.  Living that lifestyle is, of course, different to living it as a sugar baby, being financially tied to the daddy, but that independence is happily sacrificed by many. A discussed earlier the dynamic an escort has with a client fits in with it being a profession. They set rates and if customers are not willing to meet the rates then the escort can happily depend on the rest of her clientele who will. There is also less of an onus on emotional or personal interaction between an escort in Fulham and their clients than there is with a sugar baby and their daddy, due to the more relationship-style arrangement of the latter. Lastly whilst both practices are legal in the UK, there are more grey areas with escorting in terms of legality. For example, they are unable to solicit people for their services or have someone solicit on their behalf. Money must also be exchanged between parties inside of buildings. Whereas under the guise of the more relationship-Esque arrangements that sugar babies and daddies have, there is less legal scrutiny. The internet and social media have also become useful tools for both sugar babies and escorts to attract customers. By being able to independently source customers and potential daddies they are now afforded a greater degree of independence and security, as it is also possible to vet clients further before meeting.

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