Ask An Escort; Ellie 26 is an Asian escort inNorth West London:


 Q; Do you offer erotic massage in Harrow?

A; I offer Nuru massage and erotic tantric. When I give a nuru massage to a client I will first shower with him and after rubbing Nuru gel over his body I will lay on top of him and gently rub my body all over his, allowing my full body, my tits and legs to arouse him. Lots of my friends are London escorts and they all offer nuru massage.


Q; Do all Asian escorts in London offer Nuru massage?

A; Not all girls know how to give Nuru massage correctly. This type of massage will help reduce stress and give the client the most erotic massage he will ever experience. Some men like prostate massage but I don’t really like to do this. The anal pleasure that men can get with prostate massage can bring a man to orgasm. There are many pleasure zones in the anus and the prostate is littered with nerve endings that produce pleasure. I will give a man prostate massage if the price is right, search for Asian escort prostate massage in North West London and there will be many results.


Q; What other services do you offer in North West London?

A; many Asian escorts like to role play with clients, dressing up as a nurse or schoolgirl is the favourite for my clients. If a Japanese escort in Harrow doesn’t offer sex services she wouldn’t get any business.


Charlotte 27 offers erotic massage in Harrow, North West London


 Q; Do escorts in Harrow offer all services?

A; We get a lot of clients passing through to Europe on business, so I offer all the services that men want, oral without, full sex and sometimes I will do anal sex. I’m on lots of websites, search escorts in Harrow and you will find me. I worked for an escort agency in Pinner when I was 18, I would visit local hotels and have sex with clients, I was very popular as a young escort. I thought I could probably earn more money in London so I applied the problem in London for a teen escort is getting past the doorman in the 5 star hotels, they would stop me and make the client aware that they don’t allow London prostitutes or indeed escorts to visit the hotel. This was the reason I came back to Harrow.


Q; Is there a Latin Brazilian girl in Harrow offering a sensual massage?

A; There are lots of escorts in Harrow who work in massage flats and there are also some brothels in Medway towns. I know of a place  where there are sometimes five girls working. There has been a lot of pop up brothels in Stanmore where lots of Romanian prostitutes are selling cheap sex to punters. Lots of Harrow escorts are now working as webcam models between clients, There are lots of ways an escort in Harrow can make extra money these days, Webcam models make £1000’s every month, escorts sell their used knickers to punters, escorts in porn videos is a big seller, escort picture sets, phone sex with an escort, there are lots of ways for an enterprising escort to make money.


Laura 34 is a sexy Brazilian escort in Harrow


Q; As a sexy Brazilian girl do all your clients want sex with you?

A; Brazilian girls are well known for there sexy bodies and all Brazilian escorts will offer sex to their clients. There are lots of very sexy  escorts in Harrow who offer all services to their clients. I would say that ninety percent of my punters are married. Most men like variety and when a married man starts to wander it is better that he visits an escort rather than have an affair. There are no street prostitutes in Harrow that I know of so visiting an escort or going to the girls that work from massage parlours and escort agencies in Harrow is the only option for a married man who wants quick sex with no strings attached.


Q; Do escorts like to have sex with French kissing when with their clients?

A; Most girls who work as call girls like to have sex, so having sex with punters and getting paid for it is a bonus. When you see girls on Brazilian beaches with big tits and big booty you understand that Brazilian girls are built for sex. You can find South American escorts in Harrow on websites like adultwork Vivastreet and xlamma. If you want a Brazilian girl in London to escort you there are lots of sexy girls from Rio. There are a lot of retired men in Harrow so a lot of my clients are mature men who like to have a sexy time with a younger girl.


Amanda is a 38 year old, blue eyed, soft blonde hair escort in Harrow with a big ass


 Q; Do you enjoy working as an escort, and do you give girlfriend experience?

A; I have good days and not so good days, on the whole I like my work especially when you get nice men who bring me presents. I started working when I was 18, in those days I was working the beat in the red light district of Kings Cross, working as an escort from my own flat is much safer. It really depends on the client and the girl, obviously if the man is skilled at giving oral sex and the escort likes to be licked out then she will have an orgasm. I’m sure many girls fake orgasms to make their punters feel good, it’s not such a bad thing really, most decent escorts want their clients to become regulars and if faking an orgasm makes the guy feel good about himself then everyone is happy. Personally I love sex and what better job is there if you like the thought of having sex with lots of men this is the job for you.


Q; Would you recommend this occupation to other young girls thinking of working in the sex industry?

A; Look, if a girl is going to sell herself for sex then she is going to do it whether I recommend it or not, the thing I would recommend to any girl wanting to become a prostitute is to work from the safety of a massage flat where there is a maid or receptionist and sometimes another escort. It’s funny that this question is really only ever asked by women, most women find it odd that married men can love their wives and yet visit a prostitute. The only answer I can give is that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men will always visit escorts, call girls, prostitutes or whatever you want to call them, it’s just in man's nature, but it’s also something the women will never understand. So the answer to your question is probably ninety percent of my clients are married.


Q; Do all the best escorts do anal sex, and do the deep throat and let clients cum in mouth?

A; Visiting an escort in Harrow and requesting anal sex is relatively new, when I first started as a street prostitute twenty years ago no girls would consider letting a man fuck them up the arse, things have changed a lot with the internet, you can see porn stars being fucked anally and so men want to experience this. With so many younger girls coming into the business they have grown up with the internet and to them it seems normal to let men have anal sex with them. Being an escort you get to know lots of other girls, if a trouble maker visits girl and gives her a hard time, which does happen, girls will usually phone other escorts in the area and warn them, so you do get to know the girls, it’s quite a small world being an escort in Harrow I give the best services.  On a good day I can see as many as twelve to fifteen men in a day, I suppose on average I would see eight punters a day. But as I said already I love sex so the more cock I get the more I like it. Basically you couldn’t do this job if you didn’t like men, or the best sex.


Xlamma does not promote human trafficking or any type of illegal sex work, nor is any content within this site an offer for adult contacts to advertise or sell sex in return for money. Harrow escorts are paid for their time as a companion only and any sexual encounters that may occur is by agreement with two consenting adults and in no way form part of the Harrow escort agency booking contract.

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