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How did you get involved in the sex business? Ever since I turned 18 I wanted to be a glamour model or a webcam model. I was never interested in traditional jobs so as soon as I could I applied to adult webcam sites and became a model. I do but all guys wanted to date me or they would ask if I also worked as a local escort, some guys on the adult UK webcam sites would offer me lots of money to send them my phone number so they could call me and arrange a meet. Eventually, I thought, why not become an escort in Barnet as well as a webcam model.

What other ways can Barnet escorts make money? With the advent of the internet, the escorts in London can make lots more money than just having sex with clients, Making porn videos, taking video calls so that clients can see that you are genuine before they visit is a great way for escorts to make more money, phone sex and also now there is camcourts.com where I can be a Barnet escort on webcam as well.

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What services do you offer your punters? I am a bit of a cum slut I let guys cum in my mouth I do anal sex and any amount of pussy licking is my favourite. Because I am a young teen escort in Barnet I have a very tight pussy and that’s what men really like. Absolutely, I have an Amazon wish list on my profile and guys I have never even seen as a client send my underwear, shoes and anything really.


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How did you become an Edgware escort? I originally come from Romania, working as a prostitute in Romania is not so good, men want to have sex for very little money. I first came to work in Barnet escort agency, in the summer the escorts would do very good business with the tourists who come to the area. I don’t think there are many girls in red light areas in Edgware. There are lots of Romanian escorts in London working in massage parlours and working flats, all European prostitutes want to work as London escorts because the money is great. In London, escorts can make more money in one day than they make in a month in Romania.

How old were you when you started working as an escort? I came to London when I was 19, I worked for an escort agency in Barnet where there were lots of European prostitutes in London working in massage parlours. Online escorts or webcam models working as escorts is a good way of attracting punters, guys can have a webcam session with a girl and then visit her. I know that they have escorts on webcams.

Should Barnet escort agency girls have the same rights as any other worker? The path toward the decriminalisation of sex work has been a long and complicated one. As I’m sure most people can imagine, there are as many fighting against it as there are fighting for it. Even within the “for it” camp, some fight for legalisation over decriminalisation; some fight for the difference between the options to be more widely understood and many fiercely support one without realising they are technically supporting the other. There are very few political or ideological issues that can inspire such passion and division today. Whichever side or faction or position any activist takes all paths can essentially be traced back to the same two questions – is sex work a legitimate job and if so, what rights should its practitioners be afforded?

If the problem with sex workers is street prostitution then why not let more than one escort in Barnet work from a single dwelling? When considering the role of sex work in modern society, it is vital to understand exactly what is being asked for by those within the industry. What do they consider best for their own needs? The most important difference between legalisation and decriminalisation concerns the level in which the state is involved with the operation. While both options remove the criminal sanctions that currently exist in many places for engaging in the work itself, decriminalisation provides complete freedom of operation to sex workers, provided the business is otherwise law-abiding. Legalisation, however, means that sex workers can only operate under often-draconian conditions handed down by the government, including being dictated to trading times, Barnets, and even appropriate activities, which could mean the workers themselves all but relinquishing control of their livelihoods to the state. Molly Smith, sex worker and author of Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight For Sex Workers’ Rights, has this to say of legalisation:  It is hard to ignore that most arguments against sex work and Edgware escorts or massage parlours in Colindale in as a legitimate profession are couched in emotion and personal sentiment bordering on (or often explicitly borne of) religiosity.

Why does the legalized model still criminalize those sex workers who cannot or will not fulfil various bureaucratic responsibilities, and therefore retains some of the worst harms of criminalization? Governments on the Impact of the Act Regulating the Legal Situation of Prostitutes (Prostitution Act), an official document that is in theory concerned wholly and only with the law, mentions “morality” a whopping 41 times. Can this modern-day insistence that sex is a sacred possession that one should be punished for trading be considered anything other than a tradition passed down from our more puritanical ancestors and never re-evaluated? This is not to say that there aren’t arguments being made not solely centred around positioning sex as communion-not-commodity.  Rachael formerly worked as a teen escort in Golders Green and has been devoted to combating domestic sex trafficking since 1997. She argues that sex work is inherently exploitative and that even when operating within a legal framework, It is important to note, however, that sex work was not legalised until several years after Lloyd’s sex work career ended and that the Barnet webcam model is one of legalisation rather than decriminalisation; it has been reported that many sex workers within the UK still feel pressure to lead a double life.

If the police turn a blind eye to girls working in Barnet massage parlours why not just legalise brothels? As to what rights sex workers should be afforded, this is an area in which practically all sides involved (barring those entirely fighting against sex work’s existence under any circumstances) tend to largely agree. Sex work advocates stand united by the idea that punitive measures against sex workers should be eliminated, whether or not they agree the same should be said of their customers; united by the idea that health, safety and consent should all be considered utmost priorities by all parties involved. Amnesty International holds the position that the decriminalisation of sex work is a matter of human rights and that continuing not to do so would be a violation of these. In 2016 they published their policy on protecting sex workers from violations and abuses and the decriminalisation of consensual sex work became their official recommendation. Escorts in London would have increased feelings of safety, more able to report abuse to police and that police attitudes towards sex workers would be vastly improved. There can be no possible excuse offered for forcing escorts in Barnet to live in the shadows when we all know how much warmer, and safer, it is here in the light.

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